NOVEMBER 17, 2011 2:51AM

Of 100-Good-Wishes Quilts, Blankets and Broomstick Horses

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My mum is a keen knitter and I grew up surrounded and dressed in handmade stuff: jumpers, blankets, socks, you name it. In teenagehood it was a mixed blessing, but for the rest of my life it has truly been a wonderful thing. Ever since we adopted our son, he has become the main recipient of mum’s creative output and wrapping our son in the blanket that mum made for him never fails to warm my heart.



Mum's Blanket 

So when I read of Ordinary Miracles & the Crazy 9’s call for 100 squares of fabric and 100 good wishes for the daughter that Nancy and her husband are in the process of adopting from China, I was immediately keen to participate. Nancy’s mum will stitch the fabric into a quilt and the wishes will be recorded and kept; isn’t that a wonderful idea for welcoming a child into one’s family?


  Image courtesy of Ordinary Miracles & the Crazy 9

 Furthermore, having once bought way too much fabric for Luisa’s ears (Luisa being my son’s broomstick horse), I knew exactly what to send…

Luisa with Souky 
 Zen with Luisa

Please click on the link above and visit Nancy’s blog; she is a gifted photographer and her posts are a feast for the eye. Her 100-good-wishes quilt project is too good an opportunity to miss!


Kind regards


Maurizio Viani


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