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Prozac On Paws: The Tale of Three Spayed Females
jewish writer/former screenwriter/recovering accountant from Boston now moldering in the rain in Portland, OR. and, yes, of course i should move but I battle with Agoraphobia and have trouble even leaving my apartment. but i'm blessed to have a fabulous 9 year old service dog Cocoa Chanel. Ella Fitgerald was my Official SD. she was 11 years old and so perky and such a trooper but she passed away in July. Cocoa has been stepping up and taking her job very seriously, which is so moving. so we now have a kitten. he drives us crazy and then he conks out wrapped around cocoa and we forgive him. we thought he was a girl. i named "her" Gloria Steinem and she was a feminist and a feline-est. but it turned out that Gloria's Balls had dropped. so his name is Gary Cooper or G-Coop. as annoying as he is much of the time -- apparently he's a Teenager now -- he takes our focus off of losing Ella, which was my intent when we adopted him.

OCTOBER 29, 2011 8:40AM

Plz check out Maron's WTF podcast if you haven't already.

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no, i'm not back. still anxious, still unable to concentrate enough to read everyone's writing. can't read anything long online, can't read magazines in person. whatever. still don't feel safe on here emotionally and clearly never will. whatever. life goes on. and i'm lucky enough to have my stupid Special Needs Trust so i won't lose my teeth and could get a flat screen tv if i wanted to, if i didn't already watch waaaay too much tv as most agoraphobic people do. but i do listen to NPR, a shitload of it, and i do read constantly, just not online. still crazy and not blessed with many in person friends. but i still have the cutest and sweetest Canine-Americans in the western world, as i'm told when i do leave the house. 

 no, i get nothing for referring people to this site/cast. i just love comedy and this is a fantastic thing that this hugely under-rated guy is doing. he's always been kind of a mess emotionally and pretty much sabotaged himself so he never had the kind of career that he could and should have had.

but this is excellent excellent work. he interviews comics of all kinds. performers, writers, whatever. lately it was Carrot Top. yes, i know, but it was interesting and moving and the guy has thoughts and feelings and Maron got it all out and about. everyone from Jimmy Fallon to Lisa Lampanelli -- a foul-mouthed favorite of mine -- to live shows with multiple artists. some of it is funny, of course, but a lot of it is pretty freaking soulful and existential. shit, i need to email and ask him to do Kathy Griffin. well, not "do" her exactly, but talk to her.

and i'm sure all you hipsters already know about Stitcher. com, but wtf, right? you download it to your phone, well, at least to an Android one -- i'm sure that the Iphone makes you breakfast while you listen to podcasts from all over the world and beyond  and i of course should have gotten one instead because this fucking Droid drives me nuts -- and you can listen to a huge variety of crap/carp. NPR stuff, WTF, Adam Carolla, all kinds of comedy and news and whatever. 

so that's that. hope everyone is doing well and thriving and i send love love love and gratitude, as always.

oh, and the Wonderpups send licks and kisses too. 









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just checking in to say hello to you and the wonder pups. :)
thank you, "delores"! this site continues to be the worst designed piece of shit possible. :) made me sign in three times. and had to click on publish like 3 times. but it's good to hear from people like you, kiddo. take good care.
hey, holly. i'll glance at your post, but you know me and how unsafe i feel on here. love love love