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The Songbird

The Songbird
Ohio, USA
August 22
I am a mechanical bird. I fly, dive, and flutter about things, curious, ... yet -- I am but a machine. I am the product of the times I came into. All is mechanical. My clockwork works - exactly. You can see by the meter of my words that something is precise about me. I know not why; I am not the Originator of these things. They only come to me. They tick, or they whirr, or they may, by chance, chime. No matter - I hear, and respond to them. I myself am quite delighted by these Missives that come my way, and my dearest love is the language I came in with, English. It isn't the words themselves; more - it is the very capability of being able to iterate what I have been given to feel.


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DECEMBER 8, 2014 7:20PM


Ribbon Tower

hoariness abounds; it surrounds us.
Exaltation is hard to find.

unless and until you can envision it,
it will not emerge, or even come to mind.

news, fashion, flashed out with encumbrance
are the actions depicted in time and place.

so usual, hence accepted, like a li/… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 29, 2014 9:45AM


The Somnambulist-Mia Araujo

i think that we iterate that which we hear --
all of the things that spill into our ears
the portal to balance, it lies in our heads
the vibrations inform us, let us know where we’re led

our very bones and sinew resound
with reaction to the space we/… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 19, 2014 1:41PM


The Ephemeral Eternity of Emergence

if you don’t know what a female body looks like
by the time you’re about 5,
well then, god help ya.

and help will indeed be needed, later on,
if the embodiment of your own Creation
becomes the object of your hell yeah.

the Wellspring of life is called Mot/… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 18, 2014 10:30PM


Bequeathment So Dear

i am not an Against;
i am a With.
at least in thought, and action,
therein i do my best.

the clattering clamour for placement
is displacement to me.
the constant cacophony of hoary images
is not News,
just the same old Repeat.

what to skirt is obvious;
what to embrace/… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 14, 2014 1:37AM


(--> stepstep)
the Circle of living
lives as the circle of Life.

in and out, just as breath,
over which We preside.

one part of an All,
joining and releasing, together;

separately dependent,
earth, air, fire, water, forever.

your wish is your Command,
as a Genie or Sa/… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 2, 2014 1:29AM


Who's The Skirt

skirt the trouble and skip the lipstick
for untoward comments
you have nothing to do with.

disengage, stay away,
when your feelings’ alarm
says another lays in wait.

askance, even a glance,
at what chances to come by
informs your Spirit to stay, or step aside.

interp/… Read full post »
OCTOBER 28, 2014 10:46PM


Imagination's Ritual

for i must be the Snake,
of the Eve,
of the Bite.
the impetus, the image,
proceeded, and succeeded,
upon that Belief
in my life.

evil. eeeevile, the enemy,
the .. Spar?
the open gate,
that leaves Living ajar.

come in, come in,
there is much here to explore.
find/… Read full post »
OCTOBER 11, 2014 12:00AM


Aim the Assumption

aim is the direction
of what you’d like to envision,
and aim is learning to purport that perception
into the lifeblood you conceive,
and by which connection, you receive,
and therein  - echoing back
your own Refined directions.

purpose is in the stalwart embodi/… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 24, 2014 4:08AM


Awash in Waving Wonders
(Mi Kian)

and still,
waters run deep.
they are
our very underneath.
we cannot live without them,
but they will surely be fine without me.

what lies in the layers below us
are more important than what we see,
for without her in there,
taking the granted for care,
we could/… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 22, 2014 12:03AM


  Spirit Only Echos The Known

i can’t imagine anything other than what i got.
the guidance, aplomb, and comradrie given was more than i sought.
in Life, as all the Others left,
it was all left to me, instead,

and my Lot is sorting and purporting every voice that made the Me/… Read full post »
Knowing The Unknown

once you become a blank canvas,
you can never go back to being wrought.
verbage makes little matter;
the blather does not lead to thought.

for the words are only there to sway you,
to opine you, or make you believe.
it matters not, once you’ve left there;
it matters/… Read full post »
SEPTEMBER 8, 2014 9:22AM


Can You See Me Now

maybe the place in life i’m finding
is an Oasis,
as the property envelops, and surrounds me.

the friends remain, the refrain changes over time,
but this is old,
same as ever, as we grow, and grow up, together.

we all entertwine, as we ente/… Read full post »
AUGUST 23, 2014 12:02AM


STANCE--To See, Is To Be

I am not really sure that I have one,
a Stance to stand for,
or reject.

I am not sure of any Thing I believe,
In, or About, or askance,
to accept.

I don’t have clear lines any longer
of what I believe In.

I am not sure I have any Lines,
at all.

I/… Read full post »
AUGUST 20, 2014 11:44PM


The Flight Of The Soul

All beautiful things are thusly winged,

And from thence, their flight is known.

Each thought, a feather, each word, a tether,

Cherished forever, from whence they’ve flown.







 Graphic: Great Egret, by Paul Robert Brown.
In loving… Read full post »
JULY 28, 2014 12:20AM


Gustav Klimt-The Liaison Of The Femme

I think of you dearly, and often.
I think of you nearly, then as now.
You are such a huge force within my life,
I still wish I could reciprocate, somehow.

I seem to know little of the crippling that felled you,
even though you led me though what crippled my/… Read full post »
JUNE 5, 2014 9:19AM


The Ephemeral Escape

i am no stranger to Death.
perhaps, that is what has given me my Life’s breadth.

arriving into such a large family,
people come and go.

a casket and a ritual were commonstance,
from all i know.

there were lovely nuances and paid respects,
in my Religion, called Gra/… Read full post »
MAY 22, 2014 1:26AM


Closer Still

imaginary logic keys the lock to the morals
that create, and permutate
the dictates of normals.

pictures and words, separate, and together,
are but statements, held true,
only by the depictions upon which they tether.

opinion is thought; merely reaction.
impetus,/… Read full post »
MAY 17, 2014 11:29PM



no One can lay your bones out,
like a Lover.
no One can internalize you to your own Self,
more than your Other.

all your facets, like bracelets,
locks and chains,
unleashed, and released,
can grant the Freedoms
that One can unfold, from what you hold,
underneath/… Read full post »
MAY 14, 2014 1:24AM


In The Finite

Infinite infinity is only finite,
after all;
Imagination is at play.
And aiding and abetting the Deception
is the very creation of Thrall.

The denial of Life ends is the mystery;
but also the one that cannot be denied.
There is no one left to tell the tale
of what th… Read full post »
MAY 3, 2014 9:57PM



i do get tired of making goodbyes,
but then, how else will i get new Hello!’s?
when an impasse comes, do you go around it?
or do you turn around, and go back Home?

they say Home Is Where The Heart Is,
because therein is our only Information.
all we know,/… Read full post »
APRIL 22, 2014 2:46PM



They’re more a hindrance than a help now;
my eyes keep getting better.
I keep having to change them,
the ones I use,
so I can see, or not see, my Letters.

My last pair of Prescriptions
are so strong they’re of no use;
but I do still like the disguise of them.
Som/… Read full post »
APRIL 20, 2014 12:00AM

Our Lady


I will not hinder my kindred kind,
but I will protect
All that is Mine.

And try to evoke the same ~

but, really?

That is not mine. 

The sour expression, or tart comment made,
cannot displace me
from this Nest,

I’ve made.

And when it seems Disturbed,
I will not come un/… Read full post »
APRIL 16, 2014 3:25AM



there is nothing here for you.

i cannot give you my astute.

i know you think that there are things that i know,
but they are only your own conjurations;
the things you hope are so.

i am also not your Credence.

i cannot be your Voice.

you do what/… Read full post »
APRIL 10, 2014 12:13PM

Ahead or Behind

A Brief Glimpse-Luciole

Every thing in life unfolds;
you couldn’t stop it if you tried.
Besides, it would only be a moot point,
and the unfolding itself is what you’d deny.

Process, both linear and staccato,
resounds and abounds in every move.
Pace, either quickened or sl/… Read full post »

Whisperings of Alightenment



i find the world an abrasive place,
so that is why i so love now
being Displaced.
allowed such Plenty;
the space to observe
and goings,
of clouds,
and their birds.

twiglight so late,
Geese, V’d, overhead;
cawing, worried,
the tempera/… Read full post »