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APRIL 12, 2010 8:00AM

I Will Kill You

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I will kill you, my enemy, my nemesis.

I'll make you wish you never had genesis.

I can't seem to end you, as hard as I try to,

but this time will be different, this I assure you.

I will tear out your throat, slice open your belly,

I will rip out your guts, make you eat them like jelly.

I will crush you and maim you, I will twist you and wrench you.

You will beg me to stop, and I will only continue.

'emasculate, 'eviscerate', 'humiliate', 'exsanguinate'

can't begin to describe your eventual fate.

I cannot show mercy to you or your kind,

I will do this to as many of you as I find.

And just when you think there's a lull in the action,

You'll woefully find it just a delayed reaction.

I'll start anew and your pain will renew,

I'll go for the bones, and maybe sinew.

Once your thoughts turn toward Perdition,

I'll have you in the proper position,

and I'll make a quite brutal incision,

enough for you to announce your religion.

And just when you think At last it has ended,

I'll play with your corpse, make you truly offended.

I'll pretend that it lives, make it dance little jigs,

make it say 'You win', then take all that it gives.

Only then will I be completely assured,

Your weasely voice will never be heard,

Your genes will never be spread,

For you will at last be quite dead.

I will kill you, my enemy, my nemesis,

oh yes, I will kill you, you pitiful presence.


I Will Kill You

photo ©2010 Damion Chaplin



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Thanks, Muse. I think this will be my new friendship test. If you can make it all the way through to the punchline, you can be my friend. ;-)
Well, thank GOODness for the twist at the end! I was beginning to get worried.

Cute post. Cute (but scary) kitty.
Oh yes, I have seen these terrible things. Thank you.
So does that include us narcotic addicted old geezers who utilize the forum to complain?

This would be PERFECT for a girl's soccer t-shirt. :)


That was wild!
lol. Good morning to you, too, O Mighty Hunter.
You forgot the best part, after killing, leaving on the doorstep for you to find!
the toy ones aren't so bad!
“Love to eat them mousies, Mousies what I love to eat. Bite they little heads off… Nibble on they tiny feet.” -
-- Kliban
-- and my 4 furry children
This is too funny!
Cool! Too bad Boris Karloff is dead. I'd like to hear him read it.
And I thought these were words uttered on the floor of the US Senate.
I was worried at first.. so evil... then I understood, a cat. Yes -- they love evil-making. Very dear. r.
This was quite... jarring. Very effective little twist at the end.
hilarious, witty, artful phrases, teeters but never falls, and the punchline photo is PERFECTAMUNDO!