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JUNE 7, 2012 6:40AM

Twenty Places to Get Your Hair Cut

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Unlike the names in this McSweeney’s list, all of the below exist.


  1. Headz Ain’t Ready, Jackson Heights, New York
  2. Bushwacker, Houston, Texas
  3. The Hairy Elephant, Ballwin, Missouri
  4. Haffner’s Vacuums, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  5. Rusty Razor, Billings, Montana
  6. New Heads on the Block, Salem, Massachusetts
  7. Headonizm, London, England
  8. The Hair Force, Box Elder, South Dakota
  9. Chainsaw Massacre Salon, Victoria, Australia
  10. Hair We Are, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
  11. Curl Up and Dye, Las Vegas, Nevada
  12. Hirsute, Rochester, New York
  13. Cut the Crap, Amsterdam, Netherlands
  14. Scissors of Oz, Millville, New Jersey
  15. Bouffant Daddy, St. Louis, Missouri
  16. Anita Barber, Abilene, Texas
  17. Sunny & Shears, Warwick, Rhode Island
  18. Best Head, Rolling Meadows, Illinois
  19. 911 Hair Salon, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  20. Blood, Sweat & Shears, West Palm Beach, Florida

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And the coveted Editor's Pick for stellar writing goes to...
Editors Picks aren't always given for writing. In my time here, I've known them to be given for photographs. And, occasionally but rarely, lists. It does happen.
Jesus. If I post my grocery list, will that get an EP too?
I was thinking: The Head; The Arm Pits (2); the nose; the ears (2); the eye brows (2); and the pubic area.

I cannot come up with number 10 for the life of me.
There are three kinds of people in this world: The kind who can count--and the kind who cannot.
Frank - haha, a good one! (For some guys, there's the back.)
I'm more impressed with the five posts on the same day. You write faster than I read.
@ Dandylion:

Nope. They cut & paste faster than you read. Big difference!
21st best haircut - Buy SalonKorp Penny stock and watch the management try to be hip and lose more money.
I have been inspired by this to write my own post!!

Thank you very much!! Don't listen to the Haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RATED!!!
Hello. Hello. Is anyone there?
Just to verify, this post was not written by this blogger. I read it yesterday on Autumn's blog, and am the only commenter:

Please attribute it to Autumn Whitefield-Madrano!!
Good catch, greenheron. I checked and Autumn's post - which is exactly the same, including photo - was posted 3 hours before this one. Does OS management know they have a plagiarized piece on the front page? Do they care?
Apparently, the New Inquiry is an e-zine that sometimes cross-posts to this OS blog. I misunderstood that. However, that doesn't change the fact that none of these pieces here, even when they appear on the OS front page, are properly attributed to its original author. I find that offensive.
It's an aggregate blog, and Autumn is a contributor to The New Inquiry. It doesn't need further attribution. And, none of that is that difficult to check.
What the he--?????!!!!!
But, if OS is going to give EPs for this piece, it should go to the original author of said piece not the E-Zine reposting it!!

But then, what the hell do I know!!!!
AUTUMN SHOULD GET THE EP!!! NOT THE E-ZINE!! Or put a BY SO AND SO in the piece!!!

AUTUMN!! AUTUMN!! ~burns the site down with lots of error~

Besides, they forgot Shear Madness, The Unkindest Cut of All, Who Cut One, Hair Today and Gone Tomorrow, Shear-N-Dippity, Combing Attractions, and Now Hair This.
Somewhere In extreme southeast Tennessee between Murphy, NC and Chattanooga, TN: "Running with Scissors"
Nice collection. R
Frank: the toes.

And, yes, the real author should get the EP. That's just lazy.

And I once got my hair cut at Scissor Wizards and I've never forgotten their almost-rhyming name.
Frank: the toes.

And, yes, the real author should get the EP. That's just lazy.

And I once got my hair cut at Scissor Wizards and I've never forgotten their almost-rhyming name.
Lemon Tree Port Jefferson Station. They do lots of heads and do them well.