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FEBRUARY 4, 2012 11:10PM

Innovative designs for the fashion-forward crotch

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 EXCITING NEWS!  I found a GREAT product that will draw men's eyes back up to our breasts where they belong:

"Women can rejoice – our very last wardrobe malfunction has now been addressed!"

Interesting device  

"SmoothGroove is the safe and effective way to alleviate the crudely termed Camel toe.

The SmoothGroove camel toe solution –

  • Is made from a medical grade polymer which molds itself to the contours of the body, so it is extremely comfortable
  • Contains an antibacterial agent, so it is safe
  • Is washable
  • Comes with a satin pouch to store it discreetly in your wardrobe
  • Is available in White, Black and Clear

If you can’t decide which colour you like or want to treat someone to their own SmoothGroove, why not buy more than one and get a discount! Buy a SmoothGroove Camel Toe Solution online and receive free delivery!"......www.smoothgroovedesigns.com
But if you're not having front-wedgie issues and still want to impress your friends with your in-the-curve fashion finds, here's a magnificent refinement of the now-boring and pick-worthy thong:

c-string panty 

This sleek undergarment assures you'll have no embarrassing panty lines.  PLEASE NOTE:   Do not attempt to attach a winged sanitary pad to this panty.  Doing so might result in embarrassing drippage.  (See recent Christina Aguilera photos.)
Another adaptation of the C-thong is as a bikini bottom; it smartly provides necessary coverage while allowing the wearer to frolic worry-free in the most churning of waves.
And lest the gentlemen feel excluded, they have coverage options as well:

mens probalicious 

"The Probalicious"

slant long pouch 

"The Slant Long Pouch" for those who need...well, you know who you are.

As long as I was looking around, I selected one for TinkererTink69.  I hope I wasn't too forward, Tink, in having this shipped to your house.

cow for tink 



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Plus somewhat uncomfortable looking...
Spring loaded plastics? I don't know- how do they keep from sliding off?
Myriad, yes indeed. Phyllis' eyes--how about you try them out and let me know. :-)
I can sense crotch rash with that hahaha
WTF? That's all I can think of right now.
Call me crazy, but if blessed, why hide a camel toe? R
What do you say when you give someone one of these camel toe correctors? Do you get a bunch of people to chip in on one for a friend who wears pants too small?

Well it looks like all the important inventions are over, these are the next exciting market bubble. Fun post, I'll be laughing over it for days.
I am squirming uncomfortably in my chair.
Thanks, but I'll pass. I can't even keep a headband in place. Imagine wearing a skirt and that thing slides out the bottom. Eek.
Showed this to my wife and she said they have been out for a while and said she doesn't have any but get this my 16 year old has 3. Of course I asked why my 16 yr old would have one she said it is for cheer leading and she wears them with their short (hot pants) outfits so the young hormonally imbalanced boys sitting in the bleachers won't rate the girls on CAMEL TOE. Why did I not want to hear that explanation? I said it would be cheaper to hand out blindfold to the little perverts. My wife said I'm an idiot. Good Sunday morning wake up now I have something ELSE to worry me. Great post fun read..........o/e my best, be safe

(*Runs off to thorn bushes to see if Tink's heard about this.*)
What Jeanette said.
Yow. Ow.
Janie, I know. So much cheaper than buying more fat pants.
Linda, don't you trust "an antibacterial agent"?
Jeanette/onislandtime--that acronym was simply made for these products.
Thoth, it's a pubic--oops, PUBlic--safety issue. People should watch where they're going!
l'Heure Bleue--HAHAHAHAHA! Camel toe intervention! Best reality show ever.
Margaret, is crossing one's legs possible?
Phyllis--and a headband's on right side up! and if it slipped off, discretely kick it off to the side and keep walking!
o/e--oh, gosh, who knew??? I'm sorry you had to find out this way. But hey! your daughter knows how to beat the pervs at their own game, so you probably don't need to worry so much about her. :-)
skypixieo--hope you didn't interrupt him trying on his present. Or maybe I hope you did!
QUESTION: Is this considered a prosthetic device for insurance purposes?

......and: What is the purpose of wearing clothing that fits like it was sprayed on then altering that which such tight clothing reveals?

(*Don't answer the last question; as a man, I'm certain that I wouldn't understand the answer anyway*)
sky--I'm sure it would be covered here in Virginia, not as a prosthetic, but as a chastity-belt-lite.
Smoothgroove to turn your two hump to a onesie. Wondering Brittney Spears didn't helped develop this, or at the very least has a drawer full.

Personal opinion, YIKES!

Women may rejoice, but I like the camel toe. Not more than the breasts, no. A draw I'd say.
Going to a moooovie? LMAO
This is just wrong. Got camel toe? Wear looser britches! As for the "male" products--what about an "anti skid-mark" "rear bumper"?
Ouch. If you know you've got toe, wouldn't it just make sense to get pants that fit you?
Now I have to google, " embarrassing drippage mini pad Aguilerra"
Thanks a lot, GD. But, seriously... if one can be serious about such innovations: WTF. OMG. And, they can't cure cancer!!???
Damn you GD... and FERNSY

For Fernsy...

Thanks Fernsy...

"Is crossing one's legs possible" you ask. Absolutely! Especially if those things vibrate when you cross them.
OMG, I'm laughing so hard I had to do my inhaler!
zanelle--or ow ow.
asia--now I'll snicker anytime I see a baby in a onesie!
tr ig--why am I not surprised? In fact, you sort of have one on your face there! ha ha
Walter! Brilliant! I'm getting my drawing board out now! Call the patent office!
Oryoki--it does fit in with the world today, though--nothing makes sense.
Sorry about that, Ferns. I never could figure out how we put a man on the moon and still have all these diseases. But there was just a MAJOR breakthrough on Alzheimer's last week. :-)
Excellent point, Margaret, you devil, you. ~sneaks off to order a dozen~

thx Fernsy
I'd bet I could make $millions if I combined it with a vibrator. Then all women could walk around with a silly smile on their faces while not appearing to even have a silly-smile-maker......


Tink and I accidently "bummed" on the feed.

I never saw this sorta dress. If you visit? Wear?

Never pickpocket the crotch area. Ask for check.

If you are a mugger? You can check farmer's girth.

If you ever sit on my porch? We tell mugger stories.

inept mugger
accepts checks
from her victim
Never enter a Waynesboro, PA bank.
CEO's arrest folk who wear bikini suit.
Bankers milk Moo Cow in courtrooms.

This needs to be emailed to Madonna.
Eric Holder may enjoy this wild post.
Never pickpocket lawyers or judges.

In one day I lost $10,000 - K.Doan.
I tried to stall-off the bank-Mugger.
Chambersburg PA's trial records?
Arthur James v PA commonwealth.
Itch . . .
'Bag Balm' soothes since 1899. Use.
Itch cease
never do
cease or
desist to
Rob Folk!

Kim Doan had homes stolen - Sigh.
Bankers pickpocket her laundromat.
Sonny is still investigating for - FBI.
I can't believe I'm commenting on this. Camel Toe, hah!
sky, you can make millions only if you are in cahoots with Margaret, who has been testing the product for a couple days now.
Tink, let us know how sexed up the barnyard animals are by your new apparel.

Art, I'll wear one on your porch if you will. No mugger here, but mugger stories, yes. Not 10K, but 3 with blasphemy. Make that four Rangers each. Please install rocker on porch, or swing, or glider? Waynesboro sounds scary--just five minutes ago my neighbor told me about creepy basements there in her childhood. But a greater darkness lurks, you say--heading there with my helmet-light to ninja Eric Holder--my sister's reprehensitive. (She a bitch; show no mercy. Hits meanies with plastic baseball bat.)

Scanner--political commentary my next post--you can show your face again then. :-)
Oh Tink! A photo, please, or an apt description.