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JANUARY 1, 2012 7:16PM

A Year Outside Myself

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This year, I'd like to be more aware and appreciative of the miracles that occur around me each day.

This morning I was leaving to have a late Christmas with a friend when a neighbor stopped me to tell me something crazy.  She was walking her dog in the park at the end of our culdesac, down by the edge of the lake, when she saw a big, belly-up fish floating really close to shore.  Wanting to see what kind of fish it was, she poked it with a stick until it spun around to reveal itself.  It was a bass, probably 18 inches long.  Something was odd about the fish's mouth, so she maneuvered it up onto the bank.  A bream was caught in the bass's throat and partly hanging out its mouth!  Well, I was late already and had to get a move on, but when I returned at sunset, I got my camera and flashlight and scoped out the bank until I found it.  Sho'nuf:



First lesson of the new year:  Don't bite off more than you can chew.  All things in moderation.

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Yeesh, I think.
I might be wrong, but Yeesh.
Yeesh, Freaky, and EEK!!!

But damn good lesson!

Happy New Year!
I'll make it a point to use yeesh, whoa, freaky, and eek in conversation this week! This is sick, but I hope a dog doesn't drag it off---I want to watch it decompose.
Hey! Come on, I like Bass. R
Save the Bass bones?
Use for toothpicks.
No EP? Gripe? No.
Maybe send to ed.?
He use green jade.
He pick broke tooth.
He need jelly fishes.
Ho hoe heehaw ay!
Cook and serve too.
Kook Kerry chowder.
He may kiss fish lips.
He smooch 18-in bass.
It never fails - every time Kim gets to a post before me, he says EXACTLY what I wanted to say. I swear he must be psychic.
That's a good lesson to remember, although the reminding image be not so pleasant to some.

So it is a little fish inside a big fish? What an ending for them both!!!
You're going to go back each day & watch this ... thing decompose, & you're wondering if there might something a bit ... different, about that ?
Amazing really !!! Cheers and HNY 2 U.
Kim--I tried being normal; I didn't like it.
I had to chuckle at this one, although I'm not sure it's funny. Good lesson though.
yikes! i'll have to show you my vulture pictures sometime soon.