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DECEMBER 8, 2010 7:43PM

The rest of my body: Little dancer at fourteen years

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When I went to Paris two years ago, I finally saw this Degas bronze.


He made many little models of dancers in various positions, but this pose is the sweetest.  I love that she really is dressed!


This one's a bit fuzzy, but there's my wonderful fellow traveler, too.


I read that another version of this dancer (because it is cast bronze, there are more than one) had wool hair.  Not sure I would like that.  The bow is enough realness for me.


 This next picture practically moves me to tears; it's just so damn pretty.


Such strength in her face and her stance!




Glorious.  Thank you, Degas!

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There is a wonderful children's book about Degas and this sculpture. I read it to my kids for a few years running. The ending always chokes me up.

And darn it, I was going to ASK you if your avatar came from this statue.
They have one of these at The Clark museum near my house. R
Funny that I should see this piece today, right now. Couldn't come for me at a better time. It has been one of my favorite pieces since the first time I saw it. So many thanks for sharing this. And Bard, where are you, a children's book of him and of this sculpture? Do you know the name? Lovely, lovely this.
I asked you about your avatar last post. Thanks for answering. It's a great piece.
Lovely! Thank you for sharing.
Thank you, Daughter! So damn pretty...
Could the book Bard refers to be: Degas and the Little Dancer?
Ah beautiful! thank you for this, I have never seen these..
think it is a beautiful statue. however... feeling bad as I write this.... maybe I shouldnt!
I was just reading a funky book talking about informed speculation that the model may have been a prostitute. yow.