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January 01
We (Steve and Helen) irresponsibly gave up our promising careers in aviation and bookselling over ten years ago. Now books seem to have taken over our lives. We frequent libraries, bookstores, and thrift shops in search of interesting books. We buy/swap/sell, but mainly, we read. We both wear glasses and have been mistaken for librarians.


OCTOBER 31, 2008 1:19AM

A New OS Wordle (Update #2)

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Inspired by Skeptic Turtle's OS Collage (and not at all sensitive about having been left off the collage), and by ePriddy's variations on the theme, I've come up with another wordle word cloud. A previous wordle celebrated our leap from small-town beta status to the opening of Open Salon. Visit wordle to create your own word clouds. Click here to see a larger and MUCH clearer image.


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design, open salon, wordle

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Thanks, Lainey. And thanks to Julie Delio for reminding me of how much fun we had with wordle a few months ago. Here's her wordle.And here's Skeptic Turtle's wordle.
Fun! Like being in the same party room.
that is so cool. I found myself right away, but was alarmed at the proximity to zyskandar. I hope it was a random generation.
Thanks for the update, BF!
Randomly generated by, Barry. I confess I haven't read Zyskandar's posts yet, only his eye-catching titles, but I was assuming they were kind of a put-on.
Karen, You could print the image on a transfer and have a DIY t-shirt!
Ooh, I like Karin's t-shirt idea! Very cool.
I found myself right away, but was alarmed at the proximity to zyskandar.

This made me laugh, for the obvious reason (I'd share that alarm), but also because I wonder if everybody, like me, says, "Okay, where am I on this?"
Thank you,....that's alot of WORK!

Now comes the "link phase".....?
Just kidding.......really.
I don't know if a t-shirt would come out very well. Maybe I'll order a sample t-shirt and coffee mug from Cafe Press and see how they look. Meanwhile, I'm periodically updating the wordle to add more names.
Stellaa, I want to see that! We're pretty attached to our avatar, but that sounds very tempting.
Reminds me a bit of jellyfish, separate organisms making a whole. Thanks, BF.
this is so fun. thanks for sharing. I too would love at least a coffee mug, if not a T-shirt or apron.
I can't believe how pretty that looks! You did a great job. I'm so impressed with everyone who is taking the time to create these fun OS community images. Thank you biblios!
What a difference a few months make. I just looked at your earlier Wordle and the difference is striking.
I like words on screens as much as the next person, but I think these posters, coffee cups, and stuff are designed to make the lesser profiles press their noses to the window of the cool kids club.

*Whistles Harlem Globetrotters theme song sadly*
Not the intention, but I can see how it could appear that way. Point taken.
Yeah -- I wondered if this would happen. Now I want a t-shirt! If someone can do the ugly Sarah Palin one (you know the one) we should have a lovely community OS shirt? Biblio?!
It is not a conspiracy.

There are over 3000 members.
All of them cannot fit on any t-shirt, no matter how small the font...

Look at it as a random sample, a moment in time....a ripple, even.
Love it, love it, love it!

If you go to Office Depot...they have an iron-on kit for t-shirts. You can take that larger it and make it an iron transfer.
I just realized you cant save the shot to your computer you need to do a screen capture. If you don't have the software to do that you can get a great free on at (go to system under software and get "Capture") or I did most of the work for you and you can just get the larger image here: