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SEPTEMBER 16, 2009 12:40AM


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Flailing to Delegitimize a President. 

I believe deep down inside there are those on the right who are attempting to deliberately delegitimize our President. These folks can hardly see straight since there is a black man who was legitimately elected President. Our President's mother of course was Caucasian, but even so our President has been accused of being a racist and hating white people. America is seems has progressed little from antebellum America.  Just what does that mean you ask? Well that means one drop of blood in your ancestry that happens to be from a black person, in antebellum America meant as an individual you would be classified as black therefore not to be treated equally.  Of course during antebellum times this was a given.    It was ingrained in the nation, people with darker skin, considered inferior and that was somehow supported by twisting bible passages and in one very famous supreme court case (Dred Scott) twisting our constitution.  I didn't realize we have progressed very little from those days.  Our President is being treated more than shabbily by some very loud people in this country.  I am not sure we can afford to allow them to continue in their crazy attempt to somehow overturn the last election.  It is a pretty out of control this time.  Tons of vitriol and hatred towards each other but my god so much hatred toward our President, and all the blame he must carry for mistakes of the previous administration. Let's discuss what is really going on here, because what is going on is racism in its lowest form.  I find teabaggers, birthers, tenthers, Joe "I am an immigration attorney if by immigration you mean a real estate attorney" Wilson, even Howie "the Presidents home country is Kenya" Kurtz, and all the rest despicable miserable excuses for human beings who have somehow convinced their pea brains this isn't about our Presidents race it is about policy differences, you know his socialist, Marxist, communist, fascist, batman/joker policies that are wrecking the nation!  I am sick to death of the crazy lunatics bullying the nation into untenable positions, whether it is one on health reform, bailouts, economic policies, how un-Presidential it is to call Kanye West a Jackass, how un-Presidential it was to weigh in on what happened to Esteemed Harvard Professor Henry Louis Gates Jr, and all the rest. What is the real problem with Rush, Hannity, Beck, O'Reilly and their ilk? Well they know what plays in the cornfields and what plays in the cornfields happens to be fear.

For the cornfielders, (and by cornfielders I mean some of the denizens who inhabit that great fly-over area where the corn grows as high as an elephant's eye. The Great Plains. The Bread Basket, which, incidentally is also a part of the blighted region known as the Bible Belt). You remember, where there are real Americans! They believe it certainly is just fine for a black man to be on a basketball team and finally it is accepted that black men can be quarterbacks and professional football and major league baseball coaches. Not so long ago there was a contingent of folks who believed these were positions black men could not hold, for some reason they didn't measure up in the eyes of the fat-fuck lounge chair social Darwinist. It is an old never changing story. Never ending, on an on.

But now these same people seem to be attempting to start some sort of revolt, they don't believe Barack Obama should be our President and that is because he is black.  They are attempting to overturn an election, a legal election; the President got 52% of the vote or so. He is legitimate!  And yet the signs their minions carry say it all, "Kenyan, illegal immigrant, wrecking America, I want my America back, socialist, fascist, Marxist, secret Muslim; or if you head some crazy assed teabagging 9-12 group our President is a  Muslim Welfare thug from Indonesia, HUH?  How can we continue to allow them to get away with this? The President is legitimate and this nutty crap needs to end.

I am also happy to know Former President Carter agrees with me. Racism is at the core of the vitriol and hatred about our President. Where does this amount of hatred end?  People carry guns to public meetings now, I've never seen so many folks come to a meeting by a congressman and now they come but are incoherent with anger about having a black President, but scream they don't want socialist health run by the government and yet they are on medicare.  OMG, One Pastor prays for the death of our President, and yet he still has parishioners! Some schools won't show the President talking to school children about staying in school! WTF does this all mean? But the larger question is, where does this end, because it does not appear to be going toward a pleasant ending.

I shall leave you with a song. Because aren't we just burning down our own cornfield.

Randy Newman: Let's Burn Down the Cornfield

Let's burn down the cornfield

Let's burn down the cornfield

And we can listen to it burn

You hide behind the oak tree

You hide behind the oak tree

Stay out of danger 'till I return

Oh, it's so good

On a cold night

To have a fire

Burnin' warm and bright

You hide behind the oak tree

You hide behind the oak tree

Stay out of danger 'till I return

Let's burn down the cornfield

Let's burn down the cornfield

And I'll make love to you while it's burning

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Tracing our genetic information reveals that we are all from ancient Africa. Racisim is not only illogical it is a waste of time. The poltical movements you speak of may very well be motivated by racisim, but more than likely have more to do with careful corporate manipulations than racisim. Accusations of racsim these days is an excellent way to divert ones attention from the true motivating force behind the opposition to our current president.
Well I guess I think your comment exemplifies the very problem. Everyone says it isn't about race, but WTF are all those signs about? What does it mean when someone claims the President wasn't born here, what about all those folks showing up with guns, why is that okay, that ain't about policy. You'll never convince me of that.
Yes Teresa it is about race. Andy is right too, it's also corporate manipulation and Christian fundamentalist organizations stoking and riling up these people in order to foment what they call "the second revolution."

It's very hard for anyone to see what's happening unless you are on the outside. It's an emotional reaction based in fear and lies - propogated on national tv by unconsionable irresponsible jerks.

Frank Schaeffer wrote a piece "Glenn Beck and The 9/12 Marchers: Subversives From Within" in Huffington Post -

Thank you for your post.
When all else fails the shadow rulers - facts, elections, economics, environment > faith, race, and gender divisions can be solidified to distract the great unwashed from solidarity.
So in fact "it" - is not about race at all - race is simply a tool employed to achieve an economic goal. In order to make race divisions "work", the people must be pre programmed with misinformation about "others". In order to do that they must be undereducated by design.

When we fail to educate our great unwashed masses they will be misinformed and managed by the shadow government that depends on them to vote and die.
Teresa: I think you may need to take a good glass of wine, sit down and relax a bit! First of all, I live in the Bible Belt and I like the President. I didn't vote for him, and I don't like his policies, but I like him and have said nary a word about him. I have a list of 10 things to pray for him about and I do.

I am a conservative and I have placed Rush; Glenn and Sean firmly in my rearview mirror. So not all of us are after the President and certainly not because he is black. To be honest, that would be the least reason I could find to criticize him.

Lastly let me just say this, I grew up in Indiana and lived amongst the corn fields of eastern Indiana (Richmond) and I am not a racist and don't support anything that resembles racism. But I can also say this. I smoked more than a few cigarettes hiding in those cornfields and (from what I can remember) smoked a few other things there in college. Cornfields help feed the country, but they are also quite fun at times. There is nothing like a good romp in the cornfield (or was that a hay field????)

Love ya!

Also let me add that Christians aren't the problem here!

It's just poetic license spear nothing more. we always get called latte sipping liberals!
PS I am not saying we don't have our own cornfielders out here too, it isn't necessarily related to region but to small town-ville. We have tons of cornfields in eastern Washington, but I like to come up with good slogans. I know they are offensive, but they are kind of funny too. Just like Latte sipping liberals, it is kind of funny cause it is kind of true.
Teresa: Lets come up with good Harry Trumanesque type slogan for the bozo's in congress. We ought to have a contest!

I'll work on it and lets keep in touch!

Rated for the amount of thought that went into this - however - for me - I think the truth lies more towards the middle.