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May 28
Adolescent medicine physician, egalitarian feminist, free thinker, veteran of the infertility wars & geriatric mom to the best (& most photogenic) kidlet ever. I plan to be a photographer, writer and knitting store owner when I grow up, whenever that might be. I've got a little something to say about everything. Mine are the musings of an eclectic mind. Enjoy your visit.


AUGUST 6, 2009 5:57PM

Thursday Picture Play Display!

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I feel like I've got to do a little seriousness recovery after my last post. Phew, every time I go talking about Mumzie, I've got to get a little air and decompress. So here I present to you the latest fruits of my labors: my Photoshop Picture Plays! (In other words, you take a photo, add a texture, an overlay, word art, or some other major coolness and create fun art.)

Relax and enjoy! 

Veil6 China Day 10 RecolorWed

Oooh oooh! And here's the picture play I ended up creating with that Zara in the Woods picture I posted previously: Little Girl Final Web

Last, but certainly not least, a photo I took of my friends Chet & Leslie beautifilized by moi:

Go Liana! Yay Liana! bis


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Gorgeous and fun! You are creating your own art - beautiful.
Your skilz are really improving, TD! I just got a new refurbed Canon and I love it. It's not in your camera's league, but it does some great things. Now you make me want to take a photoshop class.
I like this! I may try my hand at it too. Rated
These are so delightful! What a gift you’ve discovered. So glad you’re making time to pursue your passions.

I love all of these, but I’m a sucker for antiquing, so the “Explore / Discover” and “Life is Beautiful & Fragile” are especially sumptuous. I, too, have been having fun playing with Photoshop over at The Yellow Starlings. I’m having so much fun, in fact, that every time I sit down to write my next post, I get sidetracked playing with photos, colors, and type! (Speaking of, I love your typography on these pieces, as well.)

Your photographs are gorgeous! You are getting very skilled and creative at your art!