Opposition is mounting to the "Burn a Koran Day" scheduled for September 11th in Florida. President Obama today condemned the event, urging Pastor Terry Jones to cancel. General David Petraeus said it could harm our troops, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called it unrepresentative of Americans. ARead full post »

Editor’s Pick
AUGUST 27, 2010 11:50AM

A Time for Tolerance

“America treasures the relationship we have with our many Muslim friends, and we respect the vibrant faith of Islam which inspires countless individuals to lead lives of honesty, integrity, and morality. This year, may Eid also be a time in which we recognize the values of progress, pluralism,Read full post »

Pakistani authorities recently announced they will ban 17 websites and scrutinize seven additional websites for content considered offensive, or "blasphemous," to Muslims. The targeted sites are not your garden variety hate-filled pages. Rather, the list includes mainstream portals such as Google, YaRead full post »