Walk With Me.

APRIL 6, 2010 5:14AM

And Still We Sit

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Minutes turn to hours, and still we sit.

          Old times,

               New times

                    Move between us two.

 The light dies, the wine is gone, and still we sit.

          Faces move,

               Tears flow,

                    And the world melts away.

Our lives till now - so different, and yet still we sit.

          The stories,

               The jokes,

                    Bind us together.

Chance introduced us, and still we sit.

          The news,

               The gossip,

                     How long has it been?

We glance at the clock, past midnight, and still we sit.

          TV, films

               And music.

                    We like little the same.

With each word the relationship grows, and still we sit.

          Best friends,

               By chance.

                    And still we sit.


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Good thought, well expressed, the form, with its repetition, echoing the sense. Good craft here.
Interesting structure here. R.
I love this, Kirsty. Beautiful expression of how a real friendship develops, evolves and lasts as it becomes a part of the fabric of our lives. Well done
Visually beautiful and fresh look at old friends.
I identify, Kirsty. Like waves that splash at different shores then recede and meet at some unknown destiny at unexpected sign, I have friendships that may span your life time. Very well done in diction and form. Rated.
Some of the best things in life can happen to us when we're just sitting with friends
So beautiful, and so true!
I have a friend I've had for over 40 years. He knows more about me than my wife. Great Poem!
Great analysis of friendships.
I loved this! I have found some of my best friendships while sitting....here....at this computer....on OS.
Got to love good friends, even when you're far apart, you're still close!! ~nodding~

So beautiful, well told.
I love to hang out with my best friends ,and now I have a poem about it .Cooool.Well done.