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APRIL 2, 2010 6:29AM

What Torman has to put up with...

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I read Torman’s blog today and was immediately reminded of a site my niece introduced me to whilst I was in Canada over Christmas (hi Tara and thanks for the mental scarring...), peopleofwalmart.com. This site is made up of pictures of people who shop at Walmart stores across the length and breadth of the United States of America, and they are usually accompanied by painfully honest and brutal comments.

For your enjoyment, and to show to you all exactly what Torman is talking about, here are some of peopleofwalmart.com’s best from Missouri (captions also taken from the site)...



Really? You look like you’re starting to transform into some sort of uninteresting Hulk.

Strawberry Shortcake 

So she lives in Barbie’s Dream House, uses an Easy Bake Oven and drives around in her Power Wheel; You grew up, have a miserable job and pay taxes. Who’s the goofy one?


It looks like one of those Bratz dolls came to life!

Bad Hair! 

AAAAAGHHH! Oh man, that thing scared the sh*t out of me! Are you serious with that that?! Holy…I don’t even…with that tank top…are you kidding me? And it’s all wavy! Oh man….wow.


I can neither confirm nor deny that she is Storm from X-Men.


Hahahahaha. I’m laughing because you can’t stop looking! You don’t want to, but you just can’t stop! Hahahahahah….gross.


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On my way out the door to "That Place" but had to say THANK YOU! If you look closely in the background of one of those shots you will see me holding out a wooden cross and sprinkling holy water at the lady to ward off Stupid Spirits!
Good luck with the rabble today, and don't forget to take your HOly Water and Crucifix! We'll be thinking of you!
Glad you liked the post though.
Yegads! I have some shopping to do this morning, but not I'm afraid to go to Wally World. Very afraid. (r)
Bwahahaha! I have people send these to me all the time with the frequent updates. The scary thing is, is that all of these people are allowed to vote. Can you say, "Teabaggers?" Heaven help us.
It's worth that 97 cent delivery fee to shop walmart from the web.
I don't live anywhere near a WalMart, but I am sure going to find one now. _r
There outta be a law...that says people with enormous bums cannot wear tights, at least tights with no cover, and little token rags don't count.

Actually, looking at that purple outfit, the law should maybe be applied to 99% of the bums, enormous or not. I hope these people were at Walmarts shopping for mirrors...

MICHAEL RODGERS - just dropping in? Great to see you again.

Now I need to go wash my eyeballs.
I didn't want to look but I did. I really did.
Walmart is simply a place where the border between this world and the world of Faerie is very thin. That's is why you see so many Faerie Tale Creatures there. FTC's need somewhere to shop too. Be kind.
See I think these folks are in some sort of secret club that we don't know about, like the Freemasons or the Skulls. They have secret meetings at secret places at secret times with secret handshakes and secret songs, where they rule on appropriate Walmart shopping costumes, mysterious magical purchases, and the secrets of the color pink.
Tor doesn't have long left before he can retire and tell those people to kiss his ...,
Hmmmm....you went easy on us...these are rather tame.

Where's the Larry The Cable Guy and his 400lb sister who's covered in moles, carrying a 5 year old, holding a baby bottle full of soda and a popsicle?
Man oh man oh man oh MAN!
The funny thing is if theses "people" saw themselves I bet they wouldn't even recognize themselves!
I admit, I do shop at Walmart because their prices are lower than all the frocery stores. I put on my proverbial blinders and "drone" face, and walk through the store like a zombie (except without the jerky-shuffling motion & head tilted to one side). ;-)

Stupid zombie fingers.
I don't recall signing a release for that photo of me!
ClarkK - Yegads, what a great word! You just don't hear that enough these days. Very suitable in this case though!

Michael Rogers - Very scary Michael, very! Great to see you back around btw.

geezerchick - 97 cent well spent if you ask me!

Joan H - Rather you than me!

Myriad - I'm with you! Lets start a petition!

Pilgrim - I can recommend a nice strong brand of bleach if you require.

Brown Eyed Girl - It's like watching a train crash huh?

Maureenow - That explains everything! I don't know why I didn't realise that, genius.

greenheron - Also a valid reason. I often think when I look around the site that people must know exactly what they look like and are doing it to wind people up!

Scanner - I bet he's counting down the days!

Placebostudman - these are just folk from Missouri, in honour of Torman. These are very mild compared to some other states!

Akopsa - Oh man indeed!

Buffy - I doubt they would either, especially the girl at the end. Gotta make you wonder if she even felt a draft though!

Elisa Aka Wah - i don't think I blame you!

Sheila - Thank you for stopping buy and the rate.

Spotted - sometimes you just have to suck it up and deal with the stupity eh?

Monsier - Tehe. Someone was very sneaky then!
Somehow, in some sick perverse way, I miss Wal-Mart.
Ha! That was funny. Thank you for directing me here.
Excellent post, rated.
Oh man, just scary shit... So sorry Torman..
Thoth - You're more than welcome! We all need a laugh!

Lunchlady2 - Tor really does suffer doesn't he?
Hey, wait, I shop at Walmart!!!!


Torman's one lucky bastard to be exposed to such, uh, cool people!! ;)