Austin, Texas, U.S. A.
January 27
I'm a freelance writer living a quiet life on the outskirts of Austin.


MAY 30, 2009 5:36PM

My 2nd cartoon ...ever

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Very funny and at the same time, I could totally see someone doing this!
HA!!! I LOVE this!!
:) LOL . . . .Awesome job!

I'm having alot of fun in a new creative area... I've written/sold jokes for years, but I'm gonna try to get my drawing quality up.I am having fun,though...
Okay. You are really getting good at this in a hurry.
Very funny. Love this.

Gotta buy those Hummers quick . . . they shut down the factory ;0) Probably still make them for military purposes somewhere though.
Yeah, well, my car is blue ...

This is dead on. About the level of smarts that it would take to buy one of those gas hogs!
Are you sure you haven't done this before?
You should enter this one in a contest. Great!
Found a way to make the type legible...least for the talk/thought boxes...also,found a way to erase smudges...still learning shadow stufff....shoulda put a shadow under hummer...these single framers are lots harder that strips..no set up...,but It's a fun challenge.Trying to fined a signature style is tough ,too...onward!
Very good stuff here T.
You should do much more of this sort.
It is just funny as can be.
ROTF....I see an excuse waiting to happen!
Hey, a blond joke!
You got a knack for this. LOVE it!
Nice play on words.
I like it T. Looks as if social commentary is going to be your thread. Impressive.
T-bucket is back!!!! Yeah!!!
Okay, I laughed out loud!
#2 is also a winner.
As someone who used to be an art student and do a lot of drawing, it's not bad at all. You could probably be a cartoonist. Maybe you should start submitting your stuff to papers. Too much is now the defeatist, slacker Gen X bummed out about something or other. Like a lot of different people essentially making the same cartoons. One of the guys here actually is a cartoonist whos done work for The New Yorker. You should talk to him. Writers that can illustrate bring a new angle to the field.
That's awesome, T-Bucket :).
The only sign people are sure to follow is "Reserved for Assholes."
You're on your way, T!
After reading up on cartooon stuff...I determined that the thought box was not required and I removed it...
T-Bucket! Well done and poetically astute as usual!
Love it! Doesn't it just say something about the attitude of the type of people who drive around in Hummers though? Keep on coming up with good stuff like this :)
Good work! I always like to leave comments whenever I see something unusual or impressive. I think we must appreciate those who do something especial. Keep it up, thanks