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January 27
I'm a freelance writer living a quiet life on the outskirts of Austin.


MAY 29, 2009 11:10AM

My 1st Cartoon ( I cannot draw,but whatever...)

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my first toon 

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I drew this masterpiece at about 4 this morning..This makes you appreciate a guy like Bob's phenomenal skills. I will get better ( how could I get worse).
Hey T, it's look great to me. I'm limited to stick figures. Later...
Rated & Cheers!
Not bad at all "T", before you know it you'll be syndicated.
Oh, this is good. You have cartoon skills. I kind of like the smudges, too. No I don't. Do you have a kneadable eraser? They really pick up that graphite.
I've always thought it would be great fun to be a cartoonist but I can't draw worth a darn....
HAH! You draw just fine and damn if you are not funny. But only 200 friends on Facebook? How many twitter followers?
A good start. I note with pleasure the nice touch of the inverted "NASA" in the window of the office door.
The 'toon is fine....Nice thing about cartooning is you can attribute violations of perspective to "style," and make a legitimate point. The action is easily understood in this picture, so, mission accomplished. The line is funny in the witty sense, and a nice chuckle. Thanks.

That text, however....looks like the last prescription my doctor wrote. Don't consult an artist as to style, talk to an architect about block lettering.
Until then...can ya whup me up a 'script for Valium?
Funny! But 200 friends on Facebook is nuthin'.
I just got on FB ,and have maybe 25 friends, so i didn't have a barometer...haha...the writing is uneraseble due to being drawn on tissue....just off the cuff stuff.When I get syndicated,I'll have a staff to correct all the erasings, misspellings,smudges,shading,shadows,and I'll also have a team of writers.This cartoonist gig will be on auto-pilot in no time!
Pretty good. Looks like you have a new career to me!
Love it!
Yet another one of your talents emerges.
This is great! You did this at 4 am? If you can throw this done THAT early, you have talent.

Pawed and enjoyed!
Thanks for all y'alls comments and insults :) .I am now going to sit down today, and try and draw this better for my own entertainment ,and will repost when I've done the best an ol boy can do.Peace.t
T - you are headed for The New Yorker, or at least The New Porker (it's a swine trade rag, I think).

Seriously, I enjoyed this and I totally admire your courage too. Let me know when you post a cleaned up version.
excellent! keep practicing - it's all about practice.
with only 25 FB friends you should have more time for OS mister.... keep 'em coming
You made me laugh. And as Norm the New Yankee Workshop guy might say, I love the way you drawered those draws. (And the punch line.)
I love it. I wish I could draw even a little.
Looks good T! give us more :D
Wow...you drew this?? Pretty good! Glad to see you back at OS!!
You're a much better artist than I
Hey T-man, I'm so glad you're back in the mix with us! I love the cartoon commentary and I'd almost forgotten about your quick wit!...almost!
over 200 friends?? Oh my!! I only have, uh, me....crap!! :(


This is as good as anything I've seen in the New Yorker. You do have a style and style is everything. Very very good, in my humble opinion. And the caption is great too!
"... and 20-30 people comment on my pieces on OS regularly and say I am great!"

Count me as one. loved this. Perhaps next time try your left hand, tho. You're great, T-bucket!
You're having too much fun T! Looking forward to some more of these.
T-Bucket... it's always the first step and I like your sense of humor!
Way to go!
Pretty good for a first effort.
Good work! I always like to leave comments whenever I see something unusual or impressive. I think we must appreciate those who do something especial. Keep it up, thanks