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DECEMBER 28, 2008 1:25PM

T-Bucket's Wacky Tips to Survive Being Broke in a Recession

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1. Put an egg in your Ramen

2. Have sex ,alot. It's free and it feels really good if you do it right. Heck, it even feels good when you do it 'wrong'. Also, you won't need the heat as high, afterwards. 

3. Don't pout, make survival an adventure

4. Get rid of cable . It's a rip-off, and there's nothing on it worth a shit ,anyways. A good antenna will get you 15 -20 stations once we go HD in February. ($80 savings per month)

5. Oatmeal,instead of boxed cereals. Better for you and one/tenth the price  ($4 per box savings x 2 per month)

6. Get a "Magic Jack", and never pay a phone bill ,again . I know you have a computer.($60 savings per month)

7. If it's not at a Redbox for a $1, don't go to Blockbuster. ( $4 per movie savings x 4 times a month)

8. Mark West Pinot Noir ,$8.99 per bottle 

9. You only have two feet, how many pairs of shoes do you really need?

10. Buy regular unleaded.Your car needs to make sacrifices ,too.I guarantee it will still run fine.

11. Chunky Soup got me through college,pretend you're 18 again, and eat some Chunky Sirloin Burger

12. Dump the Gym membership. Last time my membership expired , they had to give me directions to the gym , so I could renew. 

13. It's a great time to diet, and no one will know you're really just plain ol' starving

14. Invite friends over to play cards. You'll reconnect , realize what's most important, and all have a great evening

15. Beanie Weenies

16. Time to be a 'coupon weirdo'

17. Invite friends to your house. You don't have to spend the gas to drive, and you can get as drunk as you want , since you're already home.

18. If you can't pay cash, you can't afford it. Cut up the cards.

19. Announce that your "going to let your hair grow out", and save on haircuts for a few months ($20 x 3 months)

20. Do you really need a Caramel Machiatto? ($4 savings x 8 x per month)

21. Check out the dollar menus or kid's menus and your fast food place. Hell, it's more than likely a more proper portion.

22. Read, it's cheap and you can escape the current realities

23. Remember,whoever stays with you won't be doing it for your money.

24. Turn up the music and dance like no one is watching

25. Volunteer at a shelter, you'll know what poor is.

26. Beans are more than just a "musical fruit". Beans /rice  have been helping poor people survive worldwide for centuries

27. Keep your sense of humor

28. Always remember that we'll all survive

29. The job you said you' d never lower yourself to do ,is the job someone else wishes and prays they had.

30. Suicide is not painless. It hurts all those who love  you

31. Shower together,hubba,hubba

32. I always remember a quote from my momma ,when I was feeling down and realized we were  dirt poor,
" Baby, look outside.Them birds is still singin', and they got no coat, no job, no roof over they head, no guarantee uh'duh next meal. They's jus' happy they's breathin'."

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Funny and inspiring. Love your mother's quote. rated
Great tips! Oatmeal and beans indeed- cheap and healthy.
Thanks generously for the tips but I must add my two cents to your #9: A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes, that is, in moderate consumption, compared to Imelda Marcos, Kimora Lee Simmons or Mariah Carey (yeah, I know, one's dead and the others aren't exactly experiencing my middle class foot pain). In support of my fetish, Reuters reported last year that most women own 19 pairs of shoes.

Strapped, I can't afford to indulge.
Oatmeal, sex, beans, Chunky Sirloin, pinot noir, singing in the shower - it's a wonderful life!
excellent post... #32 is my fave and one I will be repeating to myself daily:)
This is an excellent list, it will not only save money but build relationships. There are many things you can do to beans and rice to make them taste great - interestingly, many endurance athletes eat oatmeal, beans and rice as preferred foods as they are natural, healthy and great sources of protein, fiber and healthy carbs.

My mom was a coupon clipper, so it has never seemed weird to me. In fact, on reflection, it's weird NOT to redeem a coupon. We wouldn't pass up money laying on the street, but we sneer at coupons, why is this?
T, Your mother sounds like a wise woman. I've cut expenses to the bone and I'm OK with it. OS has really helped me cope in the last couple of months. I've incorporated many things on your list to my current situation. Noodles, beans and spice the rice are regular menu items. My red meat of choice has become baloney. I still need me some more money from somewhere though.
These are great, T, and I'm very sure that I love your momma.
I love the list. Also, start a garden, raise some chickens and a pig. Put some corn down in a field next to the woods, venison is free. Finally, sell the Porsche.
I'm gonna go stand on a street corner and read this out loud all day. It will be my act of community service.
Fabulous. love lists. love this one. good advice, humor, and solid common sense, too... can we have coffee? no lattes or carmel macchioca.. just a plain ole cuppa?

Your mom was very wise ;0)
T-Bucket, I love you man!

5. Oatmeal,instead of boxed cereals. Better for you and one/tenth the price ($4 per box savings x 2 per month)

Wonderful and uplifting. Thank you; I needed that.
I am loving it! A down home man with some home-spun wisdom. Plus I haven't heard the phrase "HubbaHubba" since my daddy died. He loved to let momma know she was hot when she put that Revlon Red lipstick on for their nights out.!

Thanks for taking me home with you and the common sense list that I will share with my daughters.
yes, on #3 and #32. Priceless advice...
Also, go to church a lot. Use that old raggedy suit instead of the nice one. And eat all you can eat at their potlucks. Thats how I survived!
This is priceless and GREAT advice to boot!
T-bucket-- your post is amazing: simple, beautiful and true.

This reminds me of a time I went to stay with a friend on the lower east side in NYC-- pre-gentrification. His mom made dinner: it was grilled pork, home-made tortillas, fried plantain, slow-cooked pinto beans. fried yucca. etc, etc, etc.

Just as we're sitting down to eat, she breaks in and say something... Something. I can't remember exactly. She's crying a little. Man, they were so poor, and she thought I wasn't going to like the food, and I'm just salivating. Seriously, it's not like you can get homemade tortillas just anywhere, or beans cooked with real lard. So , you know, it's all a matter of perspective.

And later I'm eating and loving every bite. That is still one of the most awesome home-cooked meals I have ever had.

I spent three days with their family. I wanted to give them something, but there was no way to do it. But I have never taken for granted how much I have been given by chance of fate in my life ever again. I may not be making any sense any more, but it wasn't the food, it was the love, you know?
I feel ya'. When you can't exude what your feelin', that's when your speaking loudest,to me.
Another fond memory just arose:
Our 'dessert' ,when I was a boy, was a dixie cup of dry oats with sugar in it. Damned if I don't still do that ,now. Don't dump too much in your mouth at once, or you might just choke to death...
Ramen beef soup is pretty damn good. And McDonald's double hamburgers are only $1.06. I get two and ask for Barbeque sauce. as for alcohol, Everclear and ice tea, though Orange juice and peach snapps is nice. Ice Tea mix has saved me a lot in the economy size. And spaghetti with salt. Or Soy sauce. Net Flix is probably not too expensive. But it still comes down to rent. That is the killer. I need to downgrade for lean times. Great post.
Is it OK if I add a little of that $13/pint maple syrple to my oatmeal? ;>)

Michael sez he gotta have more moolah. What I did is, I started looking over whatever books I found at yard sales and offering them on Amazon. Got one coffee-table book, "The History of Horseracing" for $12, sold it for $84. That's 700% profit. Course you have to select books carefully, but you'll learn what sells in no time.

Also, just check out yard sales whenever you see them and have a buck or two. I bought some high quality menswear (shirts, sweaters and shorts) for a buck a piece. I was about to buy two items for $2 each, when the lady said "Buy five for $5", so I got three more for a buck.

Love #31. Save hot water - shower with a friend. He/she can reach all those hard-to-get-to places.
Love the list, Bucket T.
I would add rabbits. One buck and a couple does will give you plenty of protein rich low-fat meat. (Apologies to the bunnie lovers!)
Also, I am invading my front lawn this spring for some big raised beds. Here in the PNWest, we can grow some things all year.
And sticking together and helping each other sure helps.
I'm a Fresca and vodka man , myself. No carbs,no lime required.
T-Bucket, this is such a terrifically terrific post! Thanks for the grins!

p.s. I think that was a perfectly fine use of the word "fuck". I'd have done the same. :D

p.p.s. and I kinda like regular ole Chunky Beef, myself, though I seeeeeriously miss Chunky Chili Beef.
another great post!!!:) i added you as a friend so i can keep up with you.:)
I'm surprised "become a non-profit and stand out front of Wal-Mart in a nurse hat thingy was not on this list."
Ok, I really enjoyed this post. I could relate to quite a few of them. I like #31, but I don't have anyone to shower with.
touche', rijaxn. I do not find a cornette flattering on a man.
12. Dump the Gym membership. Last time my membership expired , they had to give me directions to the gym , so I could renew.

What a great post. Love your mother's quote. Sounds much like my mother.
Great post T.
It all makes sense and the humor will help sustain......
I agree with Lonnie, sounds like a pretty good life :). Thanks for the list.
I have printed this list and will follow.
I could also add a "19B" ..... Buy a pair of electric hair clippers. It has always worked for us punk rockers... Never pay for another haircut again AND, maybe charge a buck or two to buzz everyone else's hair for them.

Gabba Gabba Hey !!!
To close:
stevando: not a church-goer,sorry

o'stephanie: possum is free & tastier.All have to do is put a little cat chow in a trap whenever you get a possum stew hankering. Seriously delicious. Note, a possum is completely disease -free,I mean it can't catch a cold,so it's very safe to eat

olga: I'm available for 'therapuetic' showering

AskaPunk: not as simple with 'bro-hair'

jimgalt: note that the $1 double cheeseburger was recently re-named the McDouble. Same burger minus one slice of the stuff they call'cheese'. How much you figure Mickey D's saves by cutting out one piece of cheese? It's enormous to their bottom line.

Wayne:I was raised to put buttermilk and salt on my oatmeal.We didn't even call it 'oatmeal', it was 'porridge' to us.Whatever floats your boat :)

Karin: years ago,before things went wrong,I worked with a fella named Warren Skaaren on several. He coined the "I have a need for speed" phrase from Top Gun.He passed from cancer , but years ago,that was my goal

I believe this topic is closed

Here are some other tips:

Ham hocks and ham shanks are real cheap and make great soup.
At 3.00 a loaf, it's cheaper to make your own bread. And spiritual.
Generic Xanax is pretty cheap. Ask your Dr. to call in a prescription.
A chicken on sale can go a long way. Save the carcass to make soup.
Love it! Very wise, my friend.
This post is priceless!

A big bag of frozen collards goes to you! You don't have to clean 'em, either!
I like this list a lot and I like your attitude. Will you be blogging about your DNA story?
this was wonderful. thank you!
You are one amazing man with incredible wisdom and humorous insight. Rated.
You are one amazing, funny and wise man..... I love your attitude and your suggestions! Rated.
I agree with Suede....hard to give up the shoe habit....that's why God invented Payless for the broke and stylish.

I would have to add Jiffy cornbread mix to the list of deliciously cheap staples that one should incorporate with the ham hocks/shanks suggestion. Amazingly, they make cornbread stuffing so good, you'd want to slap your mama. Yum!

Never underestimate the power of two slices of bread that can make a meal out of practically any staple in your fridge like peanut butter/jelly or tuna/mayonnaise or a fried egg.

Great post, T! Rated!
One more suggestion: hustle on down to the public library, check out some simple cookbooks and learn to cook if you don't already know how. Beanie Weanies, balony and Chunky Soup are barely food, much less money-saving foodstuffs. The price per pound of this sort of convenience foods is pretty spendy. Save up for a slow cooker and while that cheap cut of meat is turning into beef stew with garlic and rosemary, you'll have lots of time for Step 2. (And with better nutrition, you'll have the energy for it.)
Great post! A question--what is a Redbox? As far as movies, renting them from the library is free! And showering together is always best no matter if you're broke or rich or somewhere in between.
beautiful and helps keep everything in perspective.
Wow. Makes me jus' happy I'm breathing! Thanks.
T, very entertaining and insightful list.

My addition is to remember that poverty is the best insurance against lawsuits

keep 'em coming.
I was noddin' and laughin'...noddin' yeah man and laughin'.

Rated - good list!
Well Done! Thank you. Also, you can get movies from your local library also! Keep the Faith!
Lots of common sense here and common sense will allow you to get through lots of hard times.
Got another: recycle.

I and a friend recycle aluminum in a big way, and I'm appalled at how much we find on the street. The market has put a dent in the price, but it's still worth doing.

Also--sell your unwanted clothing on consignment.

It may not be much, but it's free $$ for the taking.
Great advice, including some I'd not thought of. Thanks!
I enjoyed...
No I loved all of this. Especially your mother's quote at the end. Beautiful.
NEVER close this list! Just keep it going. If anybody has a Trader Joe's near them---I'd say---go with any wine called Moon---$4.99 and drinkable. They have also started selling six packs of really good beer for $3.99.

And Chunky Sirloin Burger. It just doesn't get any better than that!
Awesome list T-Bucket! Oatmeal, wine,beans, chunky soup and then sex. Hmmmm.........I must try that out
Thanks for a great post and so true.
Great post, T-Bucket. Your mother was a very wise woman.

I already do eat oatmeal, and I even like it. On a cold morning, it puts heart into me with a bit of milk and maple syrup, it's lovely. It has staying power and it gives you staying power. I'm also tapering way off on the fancy coffees. I make myself a cup of tea at home in my traveling mug and take it to work with me. Sorry, Starbucks, but fancy coffee is an industry that relies on overindulgence.

Buy chicken thighs rather than chicken breasts.

I've always given my car regular unleaded. When possible, I ride my bike.

But I have to admit, times will have to get more dire before I do beans. I just can't stand the things, and they give me gas.
I got a buzz-clipper five years ago. Conservatively, at $25 per haircut per month, I have saved $300 per year for five years, $1,500. And my hair looks better. Really great post.
Beans don't give you gas. How you cook beans gives you gas. Never ,ever let'em boil and you'll be alright.

bean jokE: i don't trust beans , they talk behind your back
Another idea for lists....how to survive.

You're very intertaining. I like your way with words.

#9 reminds me of my dad. That's something he would've said. In fact, whenever I complained, he would say "I complained about not having any shoes, until I say a man without any feet".
Egg in Ramen is plain yummy!
Hard to say much but Amen. Was a poor college student who had to eat Wyler's dry chicken soup [10cents a bag] and peanut butter. Couldn't afford any chunky. Still one of my faves, only now it's Ramen. And you can add things. Will write on my blog about the night i made killer ramen gaspacho. We may all want to create a cookbook.

Your momma was paraphrasing Jesus, who had his priorities dead on right.

Dylan: "When you ain't got nothin/you got nothin to lose."

One more this reminded me of from Jesus: the one about the rich man, the eye of a needle and the kingdom of heaven.
Ever hear of Michelle Singleterry? Syndicated financial columnist who dispenses the wisdom of Big Momma, her grandmother?
Another classic from the sixties: herb will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no herb [and if ur livin right, it's free]
Thank you Mr. Bucket for keeping things in perspective.

My wife and I ditched the cell phones and the second car. The bike ride to work is cheap, good exercise and it helps me to hear the birds singing.
You have some great ideas there, great post, I was in stitches and agreeing with you.

I eat Oatmeal most mornings, but although it's cheaper than boxed cereal, it's not if you buy those little packets - often you need 2 for a decent meal - especially if you are going to be headed up to bed for a workout after :) I always buy the full size drum (42oz) which is much cheaper. It's great eaten with applesauce and/or honey too.

Beans are a good cheap healthy filling food, however combining beans with sex could be rather dangerous, depending on your position. So reader beware :)

Definitely keep your snes of humor. Sometimes it's only my ability to see the funny side of something that stops me from going crazy.

And finally, realize that no matter how bad things get, there is always someone worse off than you.
Absolutely hilarious and very very true! Thanks for the light-hearted survival guide, think the only thing that might be different up here in The Great White North is that instead of Chunky Soup it's Kraft Dinner, Heck if I was a multi-millionaire I would still have my occasional Kraft dinner...just to keep me grounded.. :-)
Two, five, seventeen, twenty, and twenty-two describe my life as a law student.

Add twenty-nine and sixteen and you have me as an undergrad. Any job, any time. As long as I didn't have to miss class.

And twenty seven, thirty and thirty two should be tattooed on the inside of my eyelids. Especially on days like today.
You're posting actually made me register to this site to leave a comment. Love your choice of words man, it brought me some comfort since the company I work in is down sizing and we've already recieved a 5% cut on our checks. It could've been worse, however, I survived struggled at a young age living in the Lower East Side, Manhattan when it was very dangerous to live in. My mother always made sure me and brothers ate. From hot dogs and spheghetti mix, to fried eggs with rice & beans for dinner (and that's a MEAL). I am going to save this blog as a reminder and understand that I will surive... Doesn't matter if we are BLACK, WHITE, BROWN; we are all in this together...

Sending my blessings from NYC, L.E.S.

"Beans don't give you gas. How you cook beans gives you gas. Never ,ever let'em boil and you'll be alright."

Eat 'em often enough and the dog stops barking. Or just add a bit of baking soda ... shuts the mutt just fine.

Investigate Haitian cooking. Those folks are pretty much always broke ... but they keep on eating, making babies and so on. They get more mileage out of a chicken foot than most of us do out of the rest of the bird.

Like tortilla chips? The stuff is $4 a bag where I live. So I've got some masa harina and I'm waiting for my tortilla press to arrive. AINT AINT AINT paying $4 for 10 oz of pre-made chips ($6.40 a lb. puts field corn in the same ballpark as a good steak.)

Ethnic foods of all stripes have some really cheap combos that taste good and are good for ya'. Up until recently the Irish were always broke, too. When my wife and I cook "Mick" or "Mex", we eat big for little.
i just registered to leave a comment.

Love the list!
Thanks for a nice pick-me-up on a gloomy day....so funny and true.
I love it! # 32. Your momma's quote reminded me of the old hymn "His eye is on the Sparrow, and I know He watches me."
Ramen with just about any kind of vegetable; now that's good. Also, on the topic of food. Many churches as part of their midweek services, serve a wholesome meal between their children's "after school activities" and the midweek evening service. When I was a single Mom it was only $1.00.
Since my husband's layoff, we have been buying food (once a month) from AngelFoodMinistries.com. It has been a blessing for us. I think it is a nationwide ministry because I checked to see if they had one in Colorado for my stepdaughter. Their price is a fraction of what it would cost at a grocery store. Anyone can get food from them.
No apology for using the f-word necessary -- it was exactly the right word.
You sound like a very wise man Mr. Bucket.
Catching up on my reading. Saw #1 and I HAVE BEEN DOING THIS! I thought I invented it. That freaked me out. 12) I used to go to a gym in Austin that had a big flexed arm sticking out of the front- can't remember the name. That was where I learned proper free weight form. 19) already been cutting my own bangs.
Great list!
I, too, registered just because I wanted to add praise for these timely ideas you so cheerfully presented. Attitude makes all the difference. The well-off kid who cries 'cause the parents won't buy $200 sneakers may be poorer than some who live on beans, affection and good guidance.

Re: no. 2, without excellent birth control, it could be your costliest mistake ever. Rubbers are not reliable, and both partners should share the cost and responsibility of prevention.

Some additional ideas: Turn the heat down and wear extra clothes and wrap a blanket over you while reading. Find and fix drafts. We lived without AC when I was growing up in Kansas where it gets HOT, so at very least anyone with a need to save or concern about the environment could certainly tolerate warmer settings on the thermostat in summer and leave it off as often as you can stand. It's probably the biggest chunk of your budget after housing and transportation. The clothes dryer is another big energy user, and not always necessary if there's a place to hang things out.

For those for whom a buzz cut is too extreme, Robocut (or such) might be a worthwhile alternative. It's especially good and easy for short, all the same length hair.

Another simple food staple that works is making mac and cheese from a box but adding a can of chili. No need for the milk and butter called for in the directions. It's not the healthiest, but improves the taste of both items, imo.

Microwave cooking is cheaper than stove burners.

Even if the economy recovers, the environment would be better off if we cut energy consumption and a lot of other unnecessary spending. Reduce, reuse, recycle!
Follow these suggestions and you will think you live up on the hill instead of across the tracks! Great article! Rated
Great post. I'd like to chime in especially on #4 and #22.


Like the one about getting drunk at home. Works for me. And you momma's saying, precious!
You are not truly broke if you are still arguing for an extra pair of shoes. My feet have hurt so badly that I had to crawl around my house but I did not buy more shoes. I bought my son 2 pairs of long pants for winter instead. He wears a special size that cannot be purchased off the rack anywhere.
I have had the same 2 pairs of shoes for 4 years.

T bucket thanks for your inspiring tips. I have bookmarked your page!
Cable was the first thing to go after I got laid off. Anything you really want to watch can be found online anyway. And I made some kick-ass beans yesterday. Cook in the oven for about 6 hours at about 200 degrees with a little nori or wakame seaweed and that supposedly helps eliminate the "toot" factor.

I have to add that if you are getting the right veggies, they will fill you up a lot more and a lot healthier than anything from Mc-They-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Mentioned.
Cheers on #4. Not owning a TV is pretty much the only smart thing I've done for the last four years. You're right about there not being shit on; you'd have to pay me to sit in the backwash of some cable exec's imagination.
Had a date come over on Friday night. She got dizzy turning around in circles looking for the TV. Told her I didn't have one because "It gives me more time to think about weird shit."
Nice, T. First time I've smiled all day. Thanks. Good Stuff.
I am currently a university student and I practically live on Ramen. A few staples I keep in my pantry are canned tuna (I always pick it up on special, add a little bit of cream cheese and stick it on toast!), spitz (I chew them while I study, and always buy in bulk), and rice cakes.

One thing my mama did while we were growing up in a low class neighborhood was using leftovers like crazy. She'd always keep leftover pasta after a meal and fry it up the next day with butter for lunch. Fried noodles are still one of my favs. She'd keep leftover pizza too and add fresh toppings the next day, then throw it back in the oven for a few minutes. Brown bananas got baked into banana loaf, hard bread got cut up and baked for croutons in a salad.

Nothing going to waste saves the most money!
Time to start recycling. There are many things you can collect from family and neighbors that they would otherwise throw away. Some you can find a new use for to fill your own needs. Others you can fix up or make something new with to sell (ebay, craigslist, ...). Did you know you can also collect plastic or paper or metal and get paid to take it to the recycling centers? Good for your pocket book and for the environment.
"13. It's a great time to diet, and no one will no you're really just plain ol' starving"

This one is the truth. I've lost some weight, and folks have been asking me, 'Tink, how do you lose it?' I assume they were talking about the weight and not my mind, so I answer, "I stopped eating!" :)

Great post. Rated.
Your Mother's quote was exactly what I was thinking as I looked out this morning and was watching the birds.
Your advice is how we all need to live and I already love Mark West wine!
I enjoyed reading this. Great post.
Rated darling
I love your attitude! I think this is a great list for more than just a recession. I think it could be a list of ways and tips to save money at any time, which is great. It is also a list of important things. Things like “You only have two feet, how many pairs of shoes do you really need?” I think that is a good way to look at life. People have a tendency to overspend and indulge on things that they do not always need. It is defiantly a good list to help remember the little things in life and be thankful for what and whom we have.
Love it! Well said and most inspiring! Thank you. =)

Why aren't you on the president's cabinet. What wisdom! What communication skill!
Thank-you. What a perfectly delightful read that was spiritually delicious. Tommie50
Homeboy, you just brought me back home to Texas! Are you by chance channeling my grandmother? Her name is Joanna Jefferson and she has a face like an old Cherokee woman and silver hair and a gold tooth in the front...never mind. Anyway, I just read your list on the phone to my sister (who was born in Oklahoma, so she's a neighbor, too) and she said to tell you that you are all up in her grill talking about having too many shoes! That girl has one shoe of every style in every color, I swear. You had me until you said give up cable...Then what would I watch when I wake up at 1:22 in the morning like I did today and need background noise while I'm on the computer in the dead of night when it's quiet but creepy. Hope you don't mind being my friend, because I'm adding you as my first one on Salon.com. Hey, I've never been to Austin, but my mother's father was from Georgetown and I almost married my high school sweetheart eleven years after we broke off our engagement so I could move to Austin, but couldn't go through with it. My dream is to retire there some day when I'm independently wealthy!
This is such a wonderful post, and such great advice. You're a nice guy! Keep on posting, I hope you'll get through this recession with the same upbeat atitude. :)
Great list.
I'd add:
Bake your own bread - it's 50c a loaf v $3.00 in store
Make your own alcohol - sugar, water and yeast $10- makes 5 gallons of STRONG wine.
Grow your own herb- free grown outdoors or $20 in electricity a month for a closet- more than you can smoke.
Chunky soup goes further if you add equal amount of rice , noodle or beans.
Instead of AC, use fan in the room where you spend most of time.If its still hot ,just take a cold shower.
I had to join OS just to point this out my friends. The library isnt just for reading. All your current videos are there for free, as well as your magazines, newspapers, audio tapes(yes I said tapes), cds even free internet access labs. Hey it's even a place to keep warm in the winter.
As the cable, if you have internet access you have all the cable programs, hulu.com, the network websites, heck play poker on-line for free...it keeps you sharp.
Beans and rice --rice and beans. Great post. New favorite!
don't know why this is popping up now but I love it. His eye is Indeed on the sparrow. R.
It enrages me that these spambots are infecting T-Bucket's post. I miss T-Bucket and I wish he'd come back.
Probably the best thing I've read on surviving this crappy economy! Great post T-Bucket. You can out cheap the Cheap Bastid and have an even better time doing it.
Remember this tip guys and gals and you'll make it through these tough times. You're not broke until you have to knock on a neighbors door with a zipper in hand and ask them to stitch a pair of pants on.
Remember this tip guys and gals and you'll make it through these tough times. You're not broke until you have to knock on a neighbors door with a zipper in hand and ask them to stitch a pair of pants on.
Sorry guys hit the post button twice.Cursed with fat fingers
I loved the humor in this. Of course there is a lot of good information too. Last month I think we ate our weight in potatoes; the kids whined a little about potatoes and eggs four nights a week for dinner, but they lived. I grew a box of kitchen herbs outside our apartment this summer and they added a little color and extra flavoring.

Here in Portland they have a last chance Goodwill where all the things that did not sell at the regular store go before they donate them overseas. They sell clothes/blankets by the pound; the kids are warm if not exactly high fashion.
This is now officially "a classic"! rated ~
LOVE this :) just make sure that's protected sex you're having, otherwise it could turn very pricey! Thanks for the tips.
Thank you for this:D

We already do most of these.
Instead of eating out, I try and make our favorite restaurant meals at home:)

What a wonderful quote from your mother........
You've got some good suggestions here and clearly still have your sense of humor.

I agree with everything except dropping the gym membership. I get depressed when I don't get enough exercise. My recommendation: Find a cheaper gym or take up a form of exercise (walking, running, biking, pilates or yoga exercise videos) that doesn't require gym membership. I think it helps to actually INCREASE your exercise level if your unemployed. Don't wanna look too pudgy for those job interviews, after all. Then NOBODY will hire you.

I'd like to add another suggestion to your list. You mentioned taking up reading. My recommendation: instead of spending money at Amazon.com or used book stores, join www.paperbackswap.com, where you can post your gently used paperbacks and get other paperbacks mailed to you for FREE. You pay only the cost of media mail.

Some good suggestions here. Thanks for sharing.
I'm now in love with you. Best damn post I've read in ages. I might add, if you really need something, check the internet and see if you can get it cheaper online. I'm disabled, and so all my shopping online. The shipping doesn't cost anymore than the gas, parking and bridge tolls I used to pay, and lots of places give you free shipping. I just bought an oil radiator for a lot less than I could get it locally.

I do volunteer work giving legal advice to renters in my area. I work online, of course. The saddest questions I get are, is there any program that can help me pay my rent, now that I lost my job? And I have to say, no, there is very little help out there to keep you in your apartment and what there is, is swamped. I don't know the answer to that one. I guess, just go back to when you were a 20-something and live with roommates or move in with family. Housing is the second toughest problem to solve in a bad economy. Healthcare is the toughest.
I hate to see this post being cannibalized.
putting an egg in my ramen is by far the best thing i learn from this post
LOVE YOUR Wacky Tips!!! A lot of them really made me laugh but they are so TRUE!!

Get rid of cable, the Gym, Caramel Machiatto.. right on.

Yeah and I've learned the hard way about storecards like macys etc. I was amazed last year during christmas how i was completely broke and yet i walk out of macys with $300 worth of stuff!! thats insane, it just puts you in a prison of debt!

Other ways i save money is instead of spending over $150 for a cut and color ( i have long hair) i go to a beauty school where its like 15$ a cut and 30 for color, cause the profession hair dye is better for your hair than the stuff you can do yourself.

Instead of adding on another room for my craftroom I just got 2 summer houses and they are cute and saved me a few grand.
I also water down fabric softeners, hand soaps and cleaners, when they are halfway gone, and they are still just as good when you add some water, they are usually to strong anyway.

Thanks for the great information and laughs!! :)
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