Noodle Soup for the bowl

Amanda Gulledge

Amanda Gulledge
April 27


SEPTEMBER 4, 2010 6:09PM

Lick my click

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bend me over


pull my hair


 open my salon


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yeah, this won't stay up long
... and insert a bot streaming sports... Oh baby, oh baby!
This is HOT, KEEP IT UP! :)

This is hilarious. Yes!
Don't you dare remove this, it's awesome! Short and sweet. I'm still mad that I can't find your Ima be right post. I wrote a post a couple of days ago about evolution and I was going to use that as a reference. Is it too personal to ask why you deleted it? Or maybe I just didn't look hard enough and I will feel mighty stupid if it's right there won't I :)

Have a great holiday weekend!

Don't delete it chicken!

Open my salon. Oh My!
It seems the ones we like the most, never stay "up" long...
this is brilliant stuff because salon means=
1. a large (ha) room for recieving and entertaining
and 2.a gallery for works of are...

am i imagining things, or are the os women getting
awfully erotic these days? what happened to girl-isssues
like the glass ceiling, the pigginess of men, etc
this is brilliant stuff because salon means=
1. a large (ha) room for recieving and entertaining
and 2.a gallery for works of are...

am i imagining things, or are the os women getting
awfully erotic these days? what happened to girl-isssues
like the glass ceiling, the pigginess of men, etc
ok, I'll keep it up.
noirville - naughty
safe bet - I can think of better things to insert
miko - for you, ok
fet - ty:)
bb - I'll send it to you if I can find it
trig - man cured? ;)
kate - thank you, maam
o'really - too funny
works of ART not are...tho...fits
man cured was pure genius! Admit it!!
mr s: who moved my ceiling
trig: it was, actually
romantic: thank you
joan - thank you
cross - ok sexy
Short and sexy. Like a midget stripping. New Cure has been posted. This won't stay up long is a bad omen for this poem. I think it might stay up for awhile.
I almost wish they had an "X" rated button, so I could rate this again!
Sheesh! Hot or what?! Now THAT made me lick my eyebrows…..
Double-jointed? If so, where?

: )

pant, pant ,pant

Jim K (Buffy is away today)
V: Here kitty kitty
Cindy: stoke my keys?
col: ty, I think ;)
O'really: lol
skypixie0: mmm, licking eyebrows :D ty
CC: I can put my legs behind my head and scoot on my rear. but my mom would make me stop when company was over.
When Buffy is away - Jim will play?
You naughty THANG!!!!! What a hoot!!!!
Jim is always playful:) I have to keep an eye on him

Buffy (just got back)
jack: lies
kit: me? >
buffy: Welcome back - don't read this.
kit there was a dynamic and mind-blowing graphic included in my comment back. I think it involved symbols that cause the comment to delete itself. So, now it looks like I just said, "me?>" so yeah.
I was more interested in what you might be reading now. That sort of thing.
Why the hair pulling?
too funny...and with such wit and economy! :}
Whoooya!!! Ain't nothing better than opening a salon
Uh, excuse me! What is your favorite color? That is my opening line. How am I doing? R-
Um. OK.

Can we kiss first? Introduce ourselves?
caroline: yes
Kim: reading is nice, I should read a book soon
Cymraeg: mmm, ty Cymraeg
greenheron: yes, dirty bad
Retablo: because it hurts so good
Amuse: Thank you :) :)
Boomer Bob: one of the finer things in life, no?
Dave Rickert: My favorite color is cream - you are doing great :)
David: no
thank you, Ella's Rose

Why, lickitysplitbycracky! That sounds sooo...awww, you know what it sounds like.
Um, yeah... short and sweet and hot.

Ahem, good job.
Open my browser, post your reply. For the fetishistis, just 'hit' reply.
OH MY! I go away for a couple hours and OS turns into a porn site! ;) I'm going to have to go look up what this open call was about!

Rated for brevity. And clever. And pull your hair? Hmmmm.
Michael Rodgers::) You look so innocent in that picture. Sounds like what?
Jay: ahem, thank you ;)
scotteasley: tap dat reply
Sparking: I love steaming stuff
Conrad: thank you, yes
Boreville: yes sir
fireeyes: thank you
delightful turn of events..os turning into an explicit
adult site....
thanks to the women..
Oh, my. Alrighty then...

I always thought Open Salon was such a nice way to meet people.
I elect you (Madam) President. Of everything.
mr. sunshine~you seem surprised. really. let your façade fade already...
I'm with bluestocking...keep it. Open my salon, indeed.
Don't even think of withdrawing your post now!!!
unusually short but hot
This will stay up long and ... Yick, this open call makes me think bad thoughts.

Fabulous, mija Amanda.
mr. sunshine: the men are pumping it out too
L in the Southeast: Hey L... :)
ladyslipper: it is :)
catch-22: *curtsys thank you
Beth Mann: ok, yes open
o'stephanie ok, I will try not too :)
Cap'n: play
di: hot is good, thank you
Fernsy Ferg in the house
Oh yes she is. Oh, yes she is. holla.
hey sweetfeet :) thank you
So that's what a picture's worth a thousand words means.
Oh...don't stop NOW!!!!!!
short, classy, clever, and hot -- R!
It's enough to make me want to become a hairdresser
Well, tie me down with your silk scarves, call me "naughty" and spank me. I go away for a weekend only to come back and see that the action was here.
this little poem stands wonderfully, succinctly,
as a testament to the erotic euphoria
recently released on os...

open my salon..
A.G. ... E R O T E C O N O M Y ... OS ... The New American Short Story!

I'm surprised it's still here. the ed.i.tor.gang must be having another meeting!

lets have an orgy!! YAY!
You crazy party animal, you!!!
So-o-o-o-o funny!!!!
Rated for laughter
@retablo: Some of us chicks like a gentle tug , while others (like our Ms. A. here) appear to like a little rougher yank. So to speak.
Um, okay. Gotta go water the ivy.
Oh my!!!! I'm in lust!! Ooohlaalaaa!! ;D

(Yeah, I did say the same thing to that spammer fellow Scott Whatshisface too!!! Sheesh...:D)
I am officially fucking jealous. I've never seen a poem get this much response....with nine words! I'm not jealous. I'm livid. As a matter of fact, I going to delete myself from this fucking website. I hate being jealous. Ugh. Who the hell are you anyway?


Sooner or later
Everyone must know
The salons we open up
Will close themselves again
Be sure you don't lose your tongue
Between the click and the lips.

(a la Art James)
Open your salon? Only if I can insert a comment.
Nothing exites me more than justified eroticism.
"Like a midget stripping"! HA....first official laugh of the day. HA...
This is smutty. How dare you copy my style. You can flick my Bic.

(̅_̅_̅_̅(̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅_̅̅_̅()ڪے~ ~ Smoking Kills
rated for sexy brevity, and the salon smile. now i wonder what it was in response to.
Excellent visual and word combo! I bit on the title, always wanting to learn more.
I am very surprised this has stayed up as long as it has. Your words are very evocative, and quite pleasing to the senses, Amanda.
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LOVE IT! Just nine words, but so f*#!+n' sensual, romantic and sexy! GREAT POST!
lets intercourse in your open salon :p
A multi-media almost-haiku! Nice!
Seems the logical sequel to How To Fry Peaches.
had to read it like twice before i got it *smh* Nice