Noodle Soup for the bowl

Amanda Gulledge

Amanda Gulledge
April 27


MAY 11, 2010 12:32PM

Time Machine Romance

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David Hume


“A wise man proportions his belief to the evidence”


My time machine worked.

Oh, my time machine worked!

I was courted by "the" David Hume.

Some might call him odd with that powdery wig.

One could scoff at his three-cornered hat.

GQ may not rate him, some may not date him

But I was aroused by his chat.


We had a fine date and to you I'll relate

the moments we shared ~ he and I

I must admit strangely, all this has changed me-

Progress is no longer defined.


He showed me his dictionary; I quoted Wikipedia.

We dabbled in cards and gin.

Oh, how he dazzled me with his gift of lithography

as we shared our thoughts on sin.


spinning jenny 


When he bragged about "Spinning Jenny"

and how she could gyre and perform.

I started to blush and giggled oh hush

and asked if she dabbled in porn.


He asked if we still use the guillotine.

I assured him that mindset we share.

but, we will inject you 'till the oxygen rejects you

or stop your heart in an electrical chair.




He referenced the Boston Tea Party.

I giggled and lowered my fan.

Smiling sweetly, I whispered discreetly


"The Tea Party will happen again."


He wore a frockcoat.

I wore a thong.

He donned, gold-buckled shoes.

I displayed my

stilleto ~

He replied with an

uh oh ~

and called me an infidel muse.


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No rates? No comments? What's up with that? I didn't realize you are a poet. Amanda the amazing.
It's a repost that I slipped in one day with a few others.
You made my night with your kind words.