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North of San Francisco, California,
November 16
I teach, I parent, I learn, I contemplate. I am constantly putting my toe in the water. I dove in, now I'm trying to keep my head above the surface.


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JUNE 21, 2010 12:34PM

Solstice Haiku

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early and late sun

nasturtiums by the window

summer in my soul


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I forgot about the Solstice!!!! Our family always marks them with a celebration...but today we got caught up with life...Thank you for posting this...Beautiful.
Lovely. I try to mark Solstice. Being present with nature in all it's seasons and how it effects us. TY
What a lovely solstice haiku! Blessed Solstice to you, sweetfeet!
I forgot too.
Thank you for reminding me.
Rated with hugs
Oh baby - summer's in my soul, as well.
Beautiful. Thank you.
Haiku, Schmaiku. I just love your words. Well done! R-
Happy Summer Solstice to you :)

wonderful rhythm to these words here sweetfeet.

TY so much for this.
Summer is in my soul today...
I refused to wear shoes for the first five years of my life...(or clothes) I feel this one...
You and Google reminded me that today is the first day of summer. Thanks to you more.
Feels so good, doesn't it...
A most beautiful haiku. "Summer in my soul" - lovely feeling. ~R
happy belated solstice!
(Don't tell anyone, but I had to look up "nasturtiums." Cool. Now shhh.)