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MAY 16, 2010 7:17PM

Dix Questions et Reponses

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Much of this will be extremely corny.

1.   What is your favorite word?

Love. My Kindergartners learn it right after they learn “I.”

2.   What is your least favorite word?

Motherf**ker – why would one take such a beautiful word and combine it with such an ugly one?

3.   What turns you on?

A combination of kindness, intelligence, humor and inner strength. In anyone.

4.What turns you off?

Lying, cheating and stealing. Negativity. Cruelty.

5. What sound or noise do you love?

My daughter’s laughter. And the words, “I love you, mom.” (Told you it would be corny!)

6.What sound or noise do you hate?

Jackhammers, leaf blowers, angry fighting families. The whine of fluorescent lights.

7.   What is your favorite curse word? 

I use “sh*t” a lot, but one of my favorite pejoratives is “buckethead.” I can use it in front of my kid.

8.   What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

 Artist. I want to paint. And I will someday.

9.   What profession would you not like to do?

President. Or any political office. Ugh.

10. If Heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the Pearly Gates? 

“Welcome! Mom, Grandma, and Cindy are all over there having tea. They’ve been waiting for you. Trisha is meditating in the garden.”

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Although, Trisha is Buddhist, so she'll be reincarnated. I still hope she's in my heaven, though.
I like to think it is how we live that gets us into heaven, not which God we believe in. She'll be there! Great answers, corny and all.
I love this. We are almost identical on #6. And to hear my daughter say, "I love you, Mom" is like music. So rated.
I would have answered the same thing on 8 & 9. Loved all your answers.
The whine of fluorescent lights. Exactly. That's the sound of cruelty applied visually.
Lots of great things here, but I was arrested by "the whine of fluorescent lights." So true.
There is nothing corny about loving to hear your children laugh or say "I love you." It's the greatest thing in the world.
I like "buckethead". You can secret swear when you say that.

After they fix the OS spam problem, I'm thinking of changing my avatar to a leaf blower in protest.
ah you are sweet, sweetfeet! i wouldn't want to be in politics either. not to worry though!
I have to credit my ex-husband for buckethead, he can be pretty clever. :)
Many roads lead to heaven...I might be meditating right next to Trisha too! And that sweet "I love you"" is nonpariel. Not corny at all!
ah, I bet you understand why I love "ripple" as a curse word :)
I bet you are a great mom.
Corny is one of my favorite tones so I love this list, sweetfeet.
down with cruelty.
I took basic training at Fort Dix and heard none of those questions.
What I heard most often was, "Soldier, don't you know nothin'? The correct answer was always No.
You don't speak French, Leon? ;)
I love this Sweetfeet! #10 is heartfelt; I can tell. #3 is good. I try to do that. Great post! Please check out my list of 10. Thanks.
"Buckethead" I love this as well. It's interesting how we alter our word usage when we have kids. When my kids were young instead of using the word fart I called them butt burps. They've outgrown me. ~R
My uncle used to call us kids clabberheads.
Love is all we need .Loved your list.
Corny is good.
rated with hugs
Great answer to #2 - why combine such a beautiful word with one of the ugliest. I never really thought of it that way. Eye opening.
Yes, cruelty is the no. 1 turnoff, and I'll add... wimpy-ness- as a lesser one.

The whirring sound of flourescent lights. Brilliant.

You do seem like a great mother.
oh, you're as sweet as ever, sweetfeet!
Well, who can argue with any f these answers?
You and I see eye to eye on some of these, don't we? I can tell that I would love being your friend, and you, mine. :)
Who would think some lights could be so LOUD??!! Great answers! -- R
I was gonna ask you about Trisha. Didn't think meditation was allowed in heaven.
Where is the corny here; these are cool answers. R
Don't we get to make our own heaven? If so,then there is definitely meditation. :)

Thanks for all of your kind comments. Love you all. In that funky internet way.
Wonderful1 I can really relate to your #2.