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JANUARY 1, 2010 4:10PM

Looking Forward to a New Year

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It’s a new year by the calendar and in my time on OS. Yesterday was my first anniversary on Open Salon. Like some others, such as Brian B, I started with 25 Things… I have not been a prolific writer, only a prolific reader who at times writes comments prolifically.


The year I had on OS and in other experiences was deeply intertwined. The big events of the year were things I wrote about. The very best thing of 2009 was quitting smoking after decades of thorough addiction and habit. January 2, 2010 marks six months smoke-free! I feel not only smoke-free, but free of the need to factor in smoking in any part of my life. That makes a larger impact on my life than most people can imagine.


I have been MIA since mid-October when I wrote a week-later follow-up to my other big event of 2009. I was fired after ten and a half years. Ten and a half years of long hours and total dedication.


I haven’t wanted to write about all that I have been going through in working through that loss, looking for a new job and financial challenges. The pain and trauma of being fired has elements that I need to think about in order to understand and to learn what I need to take away, but mostly it needs to be kept firmly in the past. I need to see it retreating in my rear view mirror.


As far as the job search and all the rest, it would be neither instructive nor entertaining if I wrote about it. Also, I’m one of those people who are not helped by talking/writing much about my “troubles”. I prefer to just keep moving, dealing with it all a day at a time, looking ahead.


Because I look to take something positive from whatever life hands me, there have been some benefits to being unemployed. I’ve had time to do things, like digging through belongings…culling out, throwing away, giving away, reorganizing, and cleaning out files. That stuff is terrifically satisfying. I took long walks, watching the autumn leaves develop and fall and studied leaves and trees. I’ve worked on some habits connected with working too much and making work too important.


2010 – I have a temp job that will go awhile longer. There’s a job prospect that I have hopes for. Now, I’ll just see where the year takes me. ..I will let you all know.



***I wanted to put in links to other posts, but though usually I can figure out that sort of thing, I’ve never managed to do it.***


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Welcome back! It's good to see you here again!
Glad to see you back! Your attitude seems right -- I brooded for far too many years on a career lost, and it was not productive. Best wishes for 2010.
Brian, Unbreakable and Emma - Thanks so much for reading and commenting.
Welcome back and BRAVO on quitting smoking! Just a suggestion, even if you don't want to discuss your job (those stinkers!), if you give us an idea of what you're looking for --accountant job?-- OS can be good for networking. Just sayin... Anyway, good luck and Happy New Year!
happy new year, glad to have you back, and congrats on quitting
Sally and Roy - Thanks! I'd written about quitting smoking way back when it was at 60 days and I'm pleased that smoking is in the past for me. Yes, Sally, I'm looking for an accountant job.
What a quietly powerful post. I'm so glad you wrote it.

Congratulations on quitting smoking as I hear that is a big big big one.

Best to you this year. The very best.
wakingupslowly - What a lovely comment. Thanks!
Glad to see you again.
OES - Thanks for welcoming me back!
Why are you have problems putting up links to other posts? You can always, at the very least, just cut and paste the URL.

Thanks for your frank and honest view on life "as it stands." Sounds like your making a slow turnaround. I just lost one of my most critical assignments suddenly a few days ago. I kept equating it to someone standing me up at the alter...I was so shocked and unprepared. But now, as each day passes, I just keep picking up the pieces and moving on and saying good the best of my abilities.
Beth - Thanks for this:
"I just keep picking up the pieces and moving on and saying good the best of my abilities."

This is so my philosophy!