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MARCH 2, 2012 10:21AM

The Truth in False Advertising

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When does providing false information cross the line from slight exaggeration to an outright lie? Before heading to the mountains, I check out the snow totals from the ski resorts. Sometimes the differences are negligible and other times it is like a huge storm just squatted on one ski area for the day leaving all the others high and dry. Rumors swirl like snowflakes and soon, through word of mouth, the inches of snow can pile up to feet.

Last weekend, I heard a lot of buzz about one ski resort retracting their snow totals after it was reported they received a mere 4 inches instead of the 22 inches in 2 days. Could it be that a ski patrol took the measurement in a snow drift?

This snafu got me thinking about what else is greatly exaggerated.

Job Resumes. I often wonder with the economy being in the toilet and so many out of work how many new employees have found themselves the hot seat. “Well I did say that I knew how to build a website. How hard can it be? What is HTML? I have no idea what all those little letters stand for. It’s like another language.”

Boobalicious Bras and Swimsuits. Talk about false advertising! Okay, I sucked into this one. I bought a swimsuit from a Victoria’s Secret catalog knowing that their bras have always fit me well. After I received the suit in the mail, the cups were so padded I started laughing. When I put it on, my cleavage was enormous. I wore it once and was afraid the rumor mill would start about a boob job I did NOT get, so I never wore it in public again. Since then, I have only brought out “boobalicious” to wear in the hot tub on my husband’s birthday.

Movies. Have you ever watched a movie trailer 6 months before it came out and it is already critically acclaimed? What critics? Their  Moms and Aunt Ednas? And how much were they paid?

New and Improved Anything. When was the last time you went to the store to buy your favorite product only to find that they had completely changed the formula, destroying it in the process? I recently bought my favorite skin cream and discovered that the company must have replaced it with paint stripper because afterward, it felt like 6 of my 7 skin layers had been removed.

Zero Cholesterol. A couple of years ago, the FDA changed the regulations to allow small amounts of cholesterol and trans fats to be classified as zero. Packages were redesigned to include their reduced their serving sizes so they could say that their product was cholesterol free!

Gas Mileage. If you have ever been sold a bill of goods this is it. Whatever the miles per gallon your car manufacturer promises will only be attained by going downhill for two hours with the wind at your vehicle’s back.

Commercials.  A very long time ago, commercials had to include disclaimers for anything their product couldn’t do, but that was back when food didn’t have to be food. Advertisers shellacked ham and used white glue for milk. Not anymore my friends. Now all of the food is real, but they would have you believe that if you drink Crystal Light, you can single-handedly take down the muggers that steal your purse. Or your neighbors will be jealous if you crack a window when you fry Farmland bacon. Okay, maybe they will be, but don’t get me started on miracle skin creams. Yes, snake oil is still being sold today.

Weather. When was the last time the forecaster in your area got the prediction dead on from a couple of days out? I would say about 50% of the time which would be the same as flipping a coin. I always wanted to keep track of the 5 to 7 day forecast just to prove it. My daughter took a meteorology class and the professor said no super Doppler anything can predict Mother Nature more than 24 hours in advance. I just look out the window.

Hey, it’s snowing again, but I don’t remember the forecaster predicting any precipitation today. I wonder how much the ski resorts are getting?


Where have you seen false advertising?

Have you falsely advertised or exaggerated something?

Click on Victoria’s Secret model for link to catalog

Nutrition label by Google Images


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I am sure you will have no problem adding to this list!
I can't tell you how many skin creams I have purchased that have not done one thing to improve my wrinkles, dark spots, skin tone or take 10 years off my world weary face. I don't care what kind of oil from the poop of some exotic animal they contain.
rated with love
I have a drawer full of those snake oil products and would actually have four if I didn't periodically throw them out!
Thanks RP!
Delightful read, Linda. Advertisers will find a way of getting around any rules to make their products seem better than they are and claim a lot more than they can do, I'm sure. Off hand I cannot think of products, but the titles I see next to some names in LinkedIn come to mind - and make me wonder. . . :o)
Of course, I meant Susie. Linda was a decoy to prove my point. No? You won't buy it? Okay. Apologies then, and your money back. :o)
So true Fusun! I hate being sold something that doesn't live up to its expectations. It can be so disappointing!
So true Fusun! I hate being sold something that doesn't live up to its expectations. It can be so disappointing!
Thank you for the link. That is the only way u ever gonna get me in there again. V’s secret. We have one at the mall, 16 foot women on the wall to advertise it, in their little panties exposing alarming amounts of flat unappealing (because so unreal ) belly, not much curves except for the breasts, which spring out almost in a 3d way…

The blonde pouty skinny well endowed gal on the site is zero in her appeal. It would be like a fancy smart chimpanzee in a dinner suit going up to that soccer player beckham’s wife, or up to Kate Moss, and trying out a line, in a bar. Where they allow chimps.

New and improved is fine with me. I hate old stuff. I especially hate that old kinda toilet paper they used to have, before they improved it. And also cheese popcorn. They improved that quite well. Smartfood.

You really gonna wear yr v’s secret bra in a hot tub? This will have to be filmed by a spy phone. It would go viral in virtually no time!
If most companies told the truth they'd go under... and we'd all be much better off. As far as seeing wrinkles on myself or others, I deal with it by only wearing my glasses when I drive. My little world is one big lovely impressionist painting...
I don't think so James! Hahaha!
still laughing at the thought....
I know what you mean. I am not even that comfortable in their stores every time I go in. It can be intimidating.
I agree about TP. The old kind throws paper dust everywhere!
Love this rant, Susie. BTW, you can wear Boobalicious in your avatar photo if you like. We won't tell a soul!
caveat emptor...
All advertising is by definition false. Nice post. I wish it would snow around here. R
You mean VS lies? No way. R
Amost all advertising is false, isn't it?
L'heure you are so right and I LOVE impressionist paintings. I don't think anyone gets that close up to see all of our flaws and if they do, my friends really don't care!
I am amazed at all the skin cream promises...
Thanks for stopping by!
How funny. Always remember what Big Daddy said in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof: "Mendacity is a system we live in."
You are so funny Chicken Maan! Don't you think anyone would notice? hahaha!
Oh, what was that movie....? "Volvos - Boxy but good!"
And I would NEVER embellish my resume. You wouldn't, would you?
Descriptions on dating sites--particularly height. Are there really no men under 5'10" out there?
My favorites are the prescription drug commercials, where in the last 0.1 of a second (and at one decibel) the announcer says, "Side effects include convulsions, coma, and death."
All over the city. Putin for a change and the future! or some such garbage. It makes me gag. At least they didn't put his picture on the posters. It give me bulimia.
Clever piece on a problem that has long roots in history and likely will be with us for a long time to come.
I thought I read this but it was somewhere else so I am so late as I am running around with my head cut off hahaha. Is that false advertising??
There is no such thing as any high profile advertising that isn't false or distorted one way or another. They don't maximize their profits by being honest!

The purpose of advertising is to make sure that the corporations can control all the information the customers get and maximize fraud.

I could and probably will come up with some truth in advertising attempts then perhaps I'll attempt to sell them.

Not that I would expect to succeed!
Thanks Jon!

Gerald - all of a sudden we are getting 60 degree days. I am not complaining! Thanks!
VS doesn't Trudge, we who wear VS do or at least give a "false" impression...
fake tan...no way does that orange mottled layer look anything like a real tan
Miguela - It is greatly exaggerated anyway...
Thanks Ash! So true, I mean false, exactly! Hahaha!
Kay- I would never pad it because with my luck they would find out my ineptitude the first day!!
The headline sure sucked me in to reading this.