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DECEMBER 23, 2011 9:45AM

What's Up with Susie?

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"Susie is such a nice Christmas name. Did you know it was originally Hebrew?"

As I perused today’s newspaper, it occurred to me that I have one of the most cliché names for Christmas. According to Wikipedia, “A cliché or cliche is an expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has been overused to the point of losing its original meaning or effect, especially when at some earlier time it was considered meaningful or novel.” The name “Susie” is cropping up in holiday advertising everywhere! “A toy for Susie” was on Santa’s list in a print ad along with “an iPod for Timmy.” What could be causing the sudden overuse of my name?

Is it because Miracle on 34th Street has been shown on every television channel and has played continuously on some this year? Susie is one of the main characters; a little girl taught by her jaded mother that there is no such thing as Santa Claus. Susie steals the scene in the end - spoiler alert if you are one of three people over the age of 10 who hasn’t seen it - when she sees the house she wished for Christmas. That girl rocked! Now that I think about it what kind of message is that? I could come up with an amazing list for Santa…

Is it because we are waxing nostalgic because of the frightening economy? Is everyone harkening back to simpler times? Susie was the most popular name in the late 1950’s. Not that I am going to admit that I am that old for God’s sake! I was named after my Great Grandma Susie Cain. Now she was old!

Is it because of the song, “Here Comes Suzy Snowflake?”

 Is it because this Disney cartoon made the name Susie famous?

 Is it because of this tribute to my name? But what’s up with another car reference? Eddie Cantor seemed to be hitting on Susie’s chassis!

Is it because the name Susie is becoming popular again? According to my research the name Susie has continued to drop in popularity while Isabelle is #1.

Then I remembered this ad for Verizon. She is the best Susie ever!

Move over Isabelle, the cliché name Susie is revving up for a comeback! 
 Do you like your name?

What name would you rather have?

Photo by lac.laconservancy.org

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Oh I loved this post. I am Suzie with a Z. My parents tried so hard to come up with something exotic to go with a last name of Smith. Suzanne worked well until everyone shortened it to Suzie. Now I think that is kind of a sexy nickname. xoxoxoxo Suzie
We have the best name evah Suzie!!! I thought about writing it with a z but cursive in the 3rd grade killed that idea! Hahaha!
Thank you and have a wonderful Holiday!
What names strike you as cliche?
I have a friend named Susie and she is wonderful. Funny how one never thinks of all of this when meeting someone. I used to hate my name because it was so unpopular. Not so much now. I prefer to think of it being unique like me. HAH! r
I love the name Christine and it is a bit more unusual. I know how old someone is if there name is some derivative of the name Susan! Hahaha! We always end up joking about it~
I was Linda of 1 2 3 4 in Grade school. I hated that damn song Linda in school hahahah
Good one Susie..
Thanks Linda! I don't think that I know that song.
I am looking forward to the day when Isabelle is in my shoes! Hahaha!
When I was a kid, I loved the name Susie. For several months when I was four I made my mother call me it. I still like it because it's pretty and happy-sounding. My name was hard to grow up with because it's uncommon and kind of ancient. Younger people who see my name or hear it look at me with wonder and say, "Never heard of that name."
Thank you!
Maureen - that is what makes your name endearing! Love it! Too me it sounds so Irish!
Great post! I always disliked my name growing up, I wanted it to be Veronica (after the Archies). In fact, a girl in my old neighborhood called me Veronica for years and I never corrected her. Merry Christmas to you and your family! Rated.
My name is Sue, how do you do.
Thanks Erica! You crack me up!! At least she got the end of your name correct!
Well, that's a fun name with a lot of history!!! I've always liked the name. When I was younger and studying the ancient Near East, I found that Susan goes way back, even to Ancient Egyptian
Leepin Larry it is so good to see you! Even my husband was concerned!
I asked my mom if she could remember any nostalgic Christmas songs with my name in it and she said the same thing! "A Boy named Sue!"
I used to hate Rita because only old Italian ladies were named Rita. At some point I began to like it.
But growing up, I would have loved to be a Susie. Cute post.
"What could be causing the sudden overuse of my name?"
That made me smile...*sudden*...Susie Q. : )
I always liked my aunt's name "Suzi" , but then I always liked that aunt (still do!), she's the cool one who sent gorgeous presents, had the handsome husband, was the one that my mother could barely contain her jealousy of, as Aunt Suzi was beautiful too...I adore her.

I have a feeling you have a niece, or will, who will feel the same way about her Aunt Susie : )

Merry Christmas to you!
Oh, to answer your questions back:
I really like my name: *Anna* even with the Annabanana nickname that lasted far too long : )
funny...my favorite boss was "Susan" and no real friend called her "Susie". We knew someone was trying to get in good with her when they'd call and ask for "Susie". I am now thinking of all the Suzys, Sue's and Susan's I know...lots and lots and lots. I changed my name to Shalom in college (the initials matched my luggage), but I'm okay with Sharon now.
Great post and videos, which I usually do not watch. Although this time I watched all of them, great fun.
Are you complaining or gloating? LOL I wish I had a popular name. To answer your question, if it were up to my grandfather, I would have been named Bartolommeo which is Spanish for Bartholemew. Luckily it didn't happen. I'm happy with my boring non-popular name. R
Awwww! Now that is a Christmas post. Beautifully done, Susie; love the vids. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year. R
I like the name Susie! I grew up with two unusual names, and wished I had been named Leslie for years (no, I really don't know why I picked that one). Now I'm ok with my names, but go by "cc" as a nom de plume because I always liked ee cummings' poems.
PS for anyone who's curious, I am Claudia Celeste Darling. For some reason I get called "Gloria" or "Darlene" a lot.
Plus "Susie Q" by CCR is a great song!!'
Cool! I love the sound of the name being Egyptian!
Can't say I noticed your absence since I was gone for sometime myself. Anyway, it's lovely to read you again.
"Wake Up, Little Susie!" Everyone I have ever known with that name has been fabulous -- no lie. Now, MY name has been problematic, at times. For example, the spelling. People see the Z and consciously or unconsciously "correct" it to the more common "s." As a kid, the name was primarily given to men, believe it or not. Leslie Howard was a well-known actor. I received mailings from tuxedo rental places during prom season and Greetings from Uncle Sam, aka, the Selective Service (Draft Board). Now, though, I have lived in it so long, I can't imagine having any other name.

Thanks Rita! I never thought much about my name growing up, but I hated when Johnny Cash came out with "A Boy Named Sue!"
Rita became popular with the Beatles when the song "Lovely Rita Meter Maid!"
How about Wake Up Little Susie" by the Everly Brothers. This was a top hit all through the 1950s. Susan and Linda and Barbara were the most popular names of my generation.
I'll bet you love the Seinfeld episode "The Suze"!
All of the above; and why not? Susie is a beautiful name. It sounds like Fusie, as my friends call me affectionately.

I'm glad to know you, Susie!
The only time I had trouble with my name was in first grade when Phyllis Diller was famous for being ugly. It didn't help that I had her hair...

I've known a lot of Sue variations, including my Mom's Yorkie, Susie, who was 4 pounds of total attitude and really cute. She could carry a full size Frisbee at a dead run and not trip.
I was the only Mathew in my entire elementary and secondary schooling. They called me Mattie Mattel or Paustie. Didn't matter, so long as they said it in friendship.
Thanks Just Thinking! That is true how my name has been used for a long time. I hope that I am special to some little one!
I know a few awesome Annes and Annies just like you!
Mimetalker it sounds like there is a blog post in the story about your luggage!
Thanks for reading!
Thanks Outonalimb! I just had to share!
Trudge I am doing both! I love the name Susie. I am complaining about how it gets used constantly for little girls at Christmastime along with Timmy. Maybe some day they will say,"Fill the stockings of Isabelle and Jacob!"
Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to you Thoth!!!
CC you have the best name!!! I call my daughter CC since she is Courtney Clare!
Thanks for reading and adding to the list of Susie songs!
Susie sounds good to me. I've known so many beastly Barbara's and sorry to Linda s-- some terrible lindas.

I knew a very cool Susan and a rat like Susie but the name still hasn't soured.
Names are wild. Thanks for this interesting take .
I would like to know a boy named Sue.
Thanks Bluestocking and have a wonderful holiday!
I went to Johnny Rockets with my daughters the other day and listened to Wake Up Little Susie on the juke box. Such a great name!
My very first friend was Lezlie! I love your name!
I am always asked if I spell my name with an S or a Z and I always say, "It doesn't matter." I am really a Susan! Hahaha!
Lea! Thanks for the reminder! I think that Santa really came into style in the 50's with several movies and the name Susie stuck!
I don't know if I have seen it Ash, but will definitely look it up!
I am very very glad to know you too Fusie!!
Phyllis that is so great! I had her hair too! I love the story about your dog. It kind of reminds me of me. A big personality in a small body! Hahaha!
Chicken Maan I love your nickname as I am sure your friends loved you!!
Fernsy names are so interesting. When picking out names for our kids, all of that history came into play!
BTW I hated that song!! Hahaha!

Thanks Ingrid! I love your name for the fact that it is so pretty and unusual!