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Susie Lindau
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April 11
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I am a Boulder writer who loves adventure both real and imagined. Come with me. It's always a Wild Ride! I finished a paranormal thriller based on my own experiences. Creepy, right?


NOVEMBER 6, 2011 9:56AM

Lingering Soul - 150 word Flash

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The snow struck the paned windows in continuous blows. Lizbeth planned to finish her novel before the holidays and would stay the week.

“I’d like to rent the Hartman cottage.” The agent had glanced up at her.

“Did something happen?” Lizbeth quickly dismissed the thought.

Latex paint lingered in the air. Something about the new overstuffed floral sofas and matching curtains seemed off.

As she padded into the bedroom, a floor board sprung back. “What are you hiding?”

She stooped and ran her fingers along the hickory plank then pried it up. An old pink diary laid on the dusty underlayment.

Her heart pounded as she unsnapped the clasp and flipped to the last page. In red ink it said, “I’VE HAD ENOUGH!” Then the lights went out.


“Did you know her?” asked the sheriff.

“We met when she rented the Hartman place. I should’ve warned her.”

“What a mess.”

Have you ever gone on vacation and rented a place that gave you the creeps? 

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 Photo by R. Woods

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I hope that the latex paint was of good quality - good enough to cover the mess. Good tale - give me more.
Thanks Wammer Jammer! It took more than a couple gallons...I post flash fiction every weekend so there will be more!
You grabbed me. Good job. It's not so easy in just one hundred and fifty words.
Thanks Julie! I am so glad you stopped by to read! ; )
I love your flash fiction! Another successful one craftily told that says it all with much left to the imagination.
That is so nice Fusun! I really respect your comments and advice!
Another great one "Flash in the Pan, or is it blog Susie"
This is more than creepy, it's closer to the heebeegeebees!
Another good one Susie
Well, no more long vacations for me! Thanks for the warning.
Thanks Outonalimb! It is Flash Susie's Blog, but you won't find any flashing! Hahaha!
Linda - Thank you so much!

Matt I will be wary too....ooooooooooooo!
What would have happened if she had opened the diary to the first page?
Trudge that is such a great question! -and what happened to the diary and what kind of "mess" was there to clean up and what was the history of the cottage....I have a few ideas, but I think you are left to your own imagination on this one! Thanks for reading!!
I can't say that I have but you, living so close to The Shining hotel...well! :)
I know Jon and I love visiting it for all kinds of reasons! Hahaha!
I know Jon and I love visiting it for all kinds of reasons! Hahaha!
I hope the agent will warn the next renter...or perhaps not. It would depend upon the commission, right?
Bellwether that is so true and in this economy.. ; )
Another scary piece that won't help me sleep. Excellent work. You really know how to bring it.
Such a shock in so few words. It is aiming toward poetry. You seem to be pioneering here.
R and a link shared on Facebook.
Thanks Mary! I really enjoy writing these!
Hmm, and they say it's a buyer's market in real estate these days! Well done, Susie!
Thank you so much Ash! That is so nice of you to say~
Seth - Hahaha! Thank you!
I know what you mean JR! You can't be too careful these days! lol!!
Thank you!