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APRIL 18, 2012 10:35AM

Lay off Jessica Simpson

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Considering that this is an election year, and that our country is in economic crisis, and North Korea launched a rocket over the Yellow Sea, it’s no surprise that there are so many headlines about Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy weight gain. At least we have our priorities straight as far as what’s newsworthy, right?


Now that I’ve complained about the amount of media attention her pregnancy is garnering, let me just add to it. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.


OK…Jessica Simpson has gained some weight with this pregnancy. Clearly. But, in her defense, she’s only about 5’2” tall; so it’s no wonder that she looks more, how shall I say, round, than the average pregnant woman. And, if she’s more round than the average pregnant woman, then she’s humongous by celebrity pregnant woman standards.


How do these celebs hide their pregnancies for so long? They're usually taller than average, start out way too thin to begin with, they wear baggy clothes, and carry suitcase sized purses that conveniently hide their midsection. It’s a wonder we ever find out they're pregnant at all until we see them months later, size triple zero again, having traded in the suitcase/purse for a baby, which, let’s face it, is the absolute best celebrity accessory there is, at least for getting photographed anyway.


I have nothing against these women who seem superhuman in their ability to carry a baby and look like they’ve swallowed an olive. But, I hardly think it’s fair to call Jessica Simpson fat, or declare her to be unhealthy just because she doesn’t carry that way.


She’s always had curves, and she’s never hidden that fact. She’s had some weight fluctuations, but lord knows most women do. So what, she’s pregnant and she looks pregnant. Good for her. Congratulations! If she's having a health issue as a result of her weight gain, I’m sure her doctor will monitor her—so the rest of us really don’t need to.



I am on the petite side myself, and had very healthy sized babies. As a result, I looked pretty darn pregnant when I was pregnant. Nobody dared tell me I was too fat—at least not to my face anyway. I hope that Jessica can tune all of the negative comments out and enjoy the rest of her pregnancy. I also hope she doesn’t feel the need to starve herself on some sort of cabbage soup diet in order to drop the weight at record speed after she gives birth. Although, if she does, I’m sure there will be a ton of headlines about that, too. I’m not sure how she will get the media to ignore her. Maybe if she were to launch a missile or something…


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Plus she's been pregnant what, ten years or something? Feels like it!! :D

Media likes to grasp onto subject and run with it. Weight gain in celebrities is one of the easiest subjects to run! It's like, HAHAHAH!! SHE GOT FAT!

Yeah, she's pregnant! Usually happens when you got a life form growing inside of you.


I've always liked that she defends her curves, too.
Im certainly not accepting the h8ters, but, there is a subtle point to be made/considered/glossed over in the essay... if she doesnt want comments on her weight or appearance, maybe she should avoid plastering her naked picture over the cover of a magazine.
OK, I've looked and looked and looked at that photo of Jessica...I swear, she looks fantastic. Somewhere along the line I really got out of touch with what 'fat' is. In my books, she ain't it! But, of course I'm probably just a dirty old man...don't care, she still looks gorgeous to me.