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NOVEMBER 28, 2011 2:07PM

OSers--OK and Star Magazines Like Me, Will You Please, Too?

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 Dear OSers,

I have been working on my book 40 by 40:  List it, Live it, Love Your Life for several years now and am happy to say that it's just about done! 

I have been fortunate and have had some great publicity from OK Magazine, and Star Magazine they are posted on the Facebook page for the book, scroll down a bit and you'll see them there.  

Also, there is a website for the book !

There's another article on OK's website.  I'll be featured in March's issue of Shape Magazine as well.

I am currently working toward building the membership of the FB site and getting traffic onto the website. 

If you like the message, and if you are interested on updates regarding 40 by 40:  List it, Live it, Love Your Life, please consider "liking" the FB page.  And comment, comment, comment.  I appreciate feedback unless it's mean in which case, never mind!

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  It's nice when writers can help other writers, and Open Salon is such a great forum for that I think.

 Susan Cross 




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Better get that book done or you'll be working on "50 by 50".
Actually...I have plans for that one already! :)
jramelle - Thank you so much!