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JUNE 14, 2010 11:45PM

I Stand Naked

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I Stand Naked
Angeliad of Surazeus
2010 06 14

I stand naked on hill of flowers
after stripping off social uniform
and throwing away my job title
to become normal nameless man
exposed to light of sun and rain.

I stand naked on ocean shore
after tearing off mask of society
to expose nerves of hungry desire
to fierce kisses of blustering winds
that tingle me alive before dawn.

I stand naked in gushing stream
spreading my arms like angel wings
and sing wordless hymns of faith
in my own divine nature of spirit
becoming only myself as everyone.

I stand naked under apple tree
breathing deep spirit of galaxies
while serpent slithers around me
hissing secrets even gods forgot
so I know why caged bird sings.

I stand naked with colorless skin
and silver eyes and sun-white hair
because I am all nations on Earth
in one eternal human body of flesh
sharing your blood in universal soul.

I stand naked as woman and man
dual nature of opposing forces
swirling around myself in dance
to merge two souls in one new soul
looking at myself in my own eyes.

I stand naked on One Eye Pyramid
holding brass scepter of wisdom
that gleams diamond eye of truth
one person encasing soul of god
who flows through us all as a stream.

I stand naked in cathedral of glass
holding divine scripture of revelation
chanting spells of universal faith
for every soul belongs to one church
combining all religions in one creed.

I stand naked without any belief
believing in every religion of truth
for all are dreams in mind of god
who speaks one universal truth
through a thousand languages of man.

I stand naked inside your eyes
reborn a thousand generations
mother to daughter in holy matter
father to son in sacred pattern
parents reincarnated in each child.

I stand naked reborn three times
first from womb of my mother
second from water of dream lake
third from academy of science
so I map geography of our world.

I stand naked on television eye
floating with Buddha in meditation
to dream history of every soul
in cycling myth of powerful gods
who rise and fall on wheel of fortune.

I stand naked before your face
releasing desire of my small ego
to see this world through your eyes
beamed into my mind from your words
so I sing song of discovered self.

I stand naked in rays of sunlight
that become drops of sparkling rain
that become tree with ripe fruit
which I eat to taste spirit of light
for stardust glitters inside my eyes.

I stand naked in wide open door
of White House where sun rises gold
and Black house where sun sets red
reuniting nation torn by civil war
for I am brother with every tribe.

I stand naked in grove of oak trees
singing visions that blossom bright
from ancient computer of my brain
to remember when we were one
while I stand alone on crowded world.

I stand naked holding bloody sword
in line with every king who reigned
struggling against rebels and thieves
to protect my people with strength
hidden terrified and safe in heaven.

I stand naked by deep water well
guarding Melusine my water nymph
who gives water to every traveler
while weaving images of our world
on tapestry that hangs in my castle.

I stand naked with Book of Dreams
where I scribe all our lost memories
that slither like water without form
preserved frozen in words of spells
we chant together in red rising sun.

I stand naked and chant Amen
to remember first mother of time
who taught me how to write words
that photograph chaos of dreams
revealing my soul long after I die.

I stand naked clothed in our bodies
one spirit uniting all people on Earth
who live and die in seething waves
so I evolve becoming universal god
who remembers your voices in dream.

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