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Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall
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December 02
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MAY 19, 2012 9:48PM

Impeach Obama – Demand Hearings on HCR-107

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Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) - sponsor of HCR 107

Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC) - sponsor of HCR 107

HCR 107 is a resolution of impeachment against Obama, based on the President’s history of circumventing Congress in launching wars of aggression, as well as Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s recent testimony that Obama doesn’t require constitutional authority to wage war.

Presidential candidate Ron Paul, as well as several moderate Republicans, have signed on as cosponsors.

If progressives are at all serious about ending government by corporation and preserving the last vestiges of our Constitutional government, they need to cut the umbilical cord to the Democratic Party once and for all and support the Republicans in this effort.

HCR 107 is currently in front of the judiciary committee. We all need to lobby the Republicans on the committee (they hold the majority) to hold hearings. It will be interesting how many of them are serious about getting their boy Mitt into the White House. As I see it, this is the only strategy that gives him a shot at it. I am also curious to see what excuses I suspect some of them will give for not upholding the Constitution. We need to make sure they get well-publicized.

Here’s the full text of the Resolution of Impeachment:

Here are the contact details for the members of the House Judiciary Committee:

If you live in a Republican District, you should also contract your congressional representative and ask them to sign on as a cosponsor. Forget the Democrats. Kucinich is the only one with enough integrity to support this.

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The only thing these days that seems to make much of an impression on any kind of official to throw him out of office has to do with sex. He can steal, violate the Constitution, be guilty of animal cruelty by carrying a dog on his car roof and nothing happens. Perhaps if Obama were caught running naked down a major avenue after a dozen naked prostitutes there might be some hope. I wouldn't bet on it.
Dr. I am surprised that you would be so naive as to think that there is any possibility of removing Obama from office through our corrupt legal system. They are the ones that put him there in the first place.
We’d probably have a better chance at defrocking the Pope; he's given too many of the elite our birthrights and they'll keep him there till we're 6 feet under and out of the way.
[r] re umbilical cord to Dems, we gotta cut that sucker ASAP!!! (am traveling and away from sustained cyber contact, but so glad I caught this one! impeachment is what Obama deserves, NOT reelection!!! thanks, Stuart!!!) best, libby
I don't support Barack Obama, but no way in hell will I support the Repugnican Tea Party traitors, either.

If they were so concerned about the sanctity of the Constitution, where were they to defend the founding document against George W. Bush's many, many assaults upon it? (Starting with his theft of the White House in late 2000???)

The Repugnicans' "concern" now is disingenuous and partisan, as usual.

Obama sucks, but supporting the treasonous Repugnican Tea Party hardly is the solution to the problem.
Yup...... dump Obama.

And then what?

Is it possible to leave the oval office vacant? How about congress? And the political parties that have sold out the American (and world) citizens - can we get rid of them?

You'll get better than Obama when I've finished emptying the ocean with this teaspoon. Oh, he's every bit as bad as you say. No question about that. But once you (as if you ever could) dump him..... then what? Then who? Who is it who is NOT owned by the $$$ elite?

This I want to hear......

How, oh how, can mature, sensible, knowledgeable, bright, well-educated people really expect that the cesspool of corruption that passes for a government, will ever do what is necessary to get things out of the control of the greedy elite that now owns it?

Dr. Bramhall, with all due respect, you're pissing into a hurricane. One thing, and ONLY one thing, can stop the wholly owned political system of North America (and other places too) from obeying its masters. Or rather its master's wealth; for it is the money they obey with no thought whatsoever for who is dishing it out or why they are doing so.

Sorry my good Dr., but inciting folks to impeach Obama is like hoping your plane, that is about to crash, runs out of fuel and stops. It won't happen. You know it, I know it, and many other folks know it. And IF it did? What then? Who is lined up with a new socio-economic system ready to jump in and be a White Knight?

In order for anything like that to happen, every nation in the world would have to find itself governed by decent, honest, incorruptible, politicians. I don't know about you, but I've been totally unable to locate even ONE such politician in over 50 years of seeking!!

Let's face reality; a fascist elite is in control. That elite is seeking to consolidate its gains and is well on the way to doing so. It has the money to do so. It has the brains to do so. It has the ability to do so; and most of all, it has the will to do so.

The citizens? All they can do is buy a good brand of KY, drop their pants, and bend over compliantly and hope that it might not hurt too much.

Or they can die.

All that's left for us to do is ride out the storm of fascism that swirls around us as we pretend that our writings have any meaning or effect. Our last hope is that the present crop of elitist masters-of-all will fall into disagreement and destroy each other. A forlorn hope, but they've done it before in our history.

Playing with impeachments is whistling past the graveyard......

(*Sorry Dr., but this time I see things very differently that you.*)

"than" you.
From the comments, I'm not sure if people understand the difference between holding hearings in the judiciary committee, the House passing a resolution passing a resolution of impeachment and the Senate holding a trial.

While the last two are unlikely to happen, impeachment hearings in the judiciary committee are definitely feasible and a powerful way to deliver a public message that Obama has violated his oath of office to uphold the Constitution.

Clearly Libby and I are outnumbered by people arguing for doing nothing. In 30 years of grassroots organizing, I have found that doing nothing is never, ever an effective strategy for change. I won't speculate about the psychological/sociological reasons why so many Americans - in contrast to the rest of the world - choose this option. However I suspect people already know deep down why they respond this way.

Robert, I have friends who are Republicans and Tea Party members, and I'm really surprised that you, of all people, would condemn people based on blanket generalities.

Kate, I was busy going to anti-Bush and anti-war protests, as well as participating in an on-line campaign to impeach him. Only to be betrayed by Speaker Pelosi. The first sentence out of her mouth after all our hard work to give her a Democratic Congress was that impeachment was "off the table."
Good point Doc, but impeachment, while it seems to be the favored tool by the political parties to tarnish one another has little real effect for you and I, the only real impact being Nixon stepping down to avoid impeachment.

Perhaps we need more ability to rid ourselves of government officials, such as a parliamentary government in which a PM can be removed
Boomer Bob, I know you are really busy with the Occupy movement, but I'm starting to to suspect a lot of other people on OS are just armchair politicos. I, too, am a heavily committed activist in my own community. I have never regarded activism as a spectator sport and feel no need whatsoever to play to the peanut gallery.

I wrote this post for two reasons 1) I think it's extremely important to begin to build bridges to libertarians who share our views on civil liberties and the war on terror. The corporate media is trying to convince us we are a deeply divided country. I think it's a real pity to see intelligence progressives falling for that lie - and 2) Holding hearings in the judiciary committee, which will be videotaped and which we can propagate on YouTube, will provide the opportunity to document in a public forum that Obama is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors that warrant impeachment.

If people have better ideas how to accomplish these things, I'm sure open to suggestions.
I agree the peanut gallery doesn't do much but at least we can throw peanuts. What's needed, of course, is dynamite, but all I can get out of the mechanical dispensers is coke bottles.
I'd rather impeach America.
That's the spirit, Jan. I like your attitude. Yours, too, CG.
We should be asking not to dump Obama, but with whom could we replace him? No name comes after straining my mind for hours.
Can you think of one - just one?
Oregami, I can think of dozens of honest politicians: Jill Stein, Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Lee for a start. None of them are millionaires like Obama or Mitt Romney. I think we should try electing a non-millionaire for a change. I think they would be more likely to support the interests of the 99%, instead of their millionaire and billionaire friends.
Obviously millionaires and billionaires have a stranglehold on civilization and something totally drastic has to be used. Evidently plagues begin with a "B". At the moment the world is being assaulted with bedbugs and bankers. I'm not sure a cure for bedbugs has been discovered but in desperation, the world has to get rid of the nourishment for both. Somehow we may have a problem getting along without blood but in desperation we might find a way to get rid of money - at least until the parasites are killed off. I don't know what we can use instead of money but obviously that's the core of the problem.
Good point, Jan. I'm really impressed with what's happening in Greece - because there's no money, people are setting up all kinds of bartering and mutual credit systems.
When I made the suggestion about eliminating money I felt the concept was rather far fetched since money is so fundamental to daily life. But when I started to thin about the nature of money, that it is merely a method of recording and transferring obligation, possibilities appeared. If you do a piece of work and someone promises to pay you later, that transaction is already accomplished and if you say to the receiver of your work, don't pay me, pay someone else because he has done work for me, that is, in efect, a money transaction without money. What is needed is a central recording system for the obligations and a computer network is now possible to effect that, without an actual transfer of cash or any illegal counterfeiting, substitutes for money. At the moment banks have something of a monopoly on these exchanges but I wonder if a useable system can be worked out between various groups of people without involving either banks or the government. It would just be a matter of recording and transferring obligations by a source that people could trust.
First, personally, why aren't we working to get someone like Kucinich taken seriously as a candidate instead of hiring people that need impeachment?

Second, wouldn't this barter system just devolve back into money? We would need to write notes for services rendered, and letters of credit for purchase of goods. Not all transactions are going to be large enough to warrant recording in this database.

Just wondering aloud...
There is one general wry comment that comes to me out of my suggestion. The general term for a commercial bank is a trust company. Considering their behavior, that is a rather nasty joke.
My suggestion indicated that a trustworthy central organization is necessary for this alternate system of credit. What is evident in almost all major organizations is that they have betrayed the social structure totally. Businesses, of course, from all evidence, are totally untrustworthy. They commit frightful unlawful acts of deceit, robbery, destruction of the environment and corruption of government and get away with them with a minor wrist slap and that seems to be acceptable. The Catholic Church has proved frightfully untrustworthy. The police are aggressively untrustworthy. The legal system that looks the other way for the wealthy is untrustworthy and government is notoriously untrustworthy. Newspapers and other media cannot be trusted. Obama requests our trust he will do better in a second term and the outstanding remark of any con man is to request trust. It may be that humanity is hopeless in all senses of the word.
OK Dr. you know you are one of my favorite people on OS and I have nothing but admiration for you and Libby's dedication. But when you are in a crooked card game you flip the table over and get to fighting. You do not reason with human devils you kill them. I am no arm chair revolutionary when the time comes I am ready willing and able to take the point and I have no allusions that I will be getting out of it alive. Don’t expect me to waste my breath on those who have taken the country away that my forefathers fought and died for. I know what needs to be done in America. I am waiting for you people to figure it out.
Doc - I apologize, you're right. I do tend to get a bit aggressive with my statements when it comes to politicians; I've grown far too weary of being cheated, raped and sold out, therefore often ink before I think :-)

It would be good indeed to show the blind Obamaites that he is nothing more than just another crook hiding behind a smooth voice.

Watch out for Jan though, his coke bottles can be hurled pretty damned hard, I've read some of his "tosses" :-) and I'm with him - simply by stop playing the money game and we could eradicate the blood suckers with virtually no bloodshed

Greece is looking pretty good to me too. Perhaps even a good place to become an expat.