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December 02
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MAY 6, 2012 7:43PM

Bank of America Turns Over a New Leaf

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Welcome to Your Bank of America


Dear Fellow American,

Welcome to your Bank of America.

Today, it’s time to acknowledge that our Bank isn’t working anymore—not just for the market, but for people, our real customers. We’ve paid $8.58 billion in relief to borrowers and $3.24 billion in fines. We face lawsuits and claims from citizens, companies, and state and local governments. There is even a petition with the Federal Reserve to break up our bank, adding yet more uncertainty to our position. Finally, we’ve found ourselves front-and-center in the national foreclosure crisis, and deep in unpopular investments like coal, at a time when climate change is a growing societal concern.

As a result, our company’s shares have fallen precipitously, and now trade at one-fifth their 2008 price. Our Bank may, in fact, soon need help keeping afloat—and much as in 2008, you, the American taxpayer, will be asked to provide that assistance.

The institutions you rescued in 2008 have continued much as they always were, engaging in the same practices that brought our economy so close to collapse. To make sure that this time around, things turn out differently, we at Bank of America are launching a forum in which you, the American taxpayer, can prepare for the time that you own us. By sharing ideas, and reading and rating the ideas of others, you can begin charting a course for this Bank—your course.

And when the day comes that you, the American taxpayer, own this Bank, you will be ready to make it a Bank for America—one that brings benefits not to the privileged only, but to all of our customers, and to all of our stakeholders too.

Welcome to your Bank of America.

Brian T. Moynihan
Chief Executive Officer


Brought to you by the same naughty men who produced the film The Yes Men

Go to to share your ideas how our new bank should be run.

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Well, I'll be damned! How very interesting!

This but 2 1/2 days prior to a well publicized nationwide "Move Your Money Day" in which the Move On organization is planning nationwide demonstrations (at one of which I will proudly be participating in Las Vegas, NV) in front of BofAs all over the country and imploring people to move their money from Wall Street banks to community banks.

This is activism in action; I don't care what this clown says.

This is just too cool!
"and much as in 2008, you, the American taxpayer, will be asked to provide that assistance."

Presumptuous jackass!!!!
Hopefully people realize this is satire. The Yes Men are notorious for putting up fake websites for corporate sociopaths. Several years ago they put up a fake WTO website and got invited to speak at numerous international meetings on behalf of the World Trade Organization.

You can see one of their WTO presentations in the free documentary The Yes Men at

A few years later they put up a fake Dow Chemical website and were interviewed (as representatives of Dow Chemical) on the BBC.

You can watch the interview, in which they propose (on behalf of Dow Chemical) to pay off all the victims and families from the Bhopal Union Carbide disaster here:
Ahhhh! And here I was getting all worked up.

Oh well, he's still a presumptuous jackass :-)
Great satire. The BAC stock chart does look scary
Is that brilliant or what!? Those naughty men are something.
fabulous... and affirms why I now bank at a credit union, screw boa
From the B of A, I think it's a "Go fuck yourself" moment.
Extremely funny post./r
Damn fat cat bankers…loaning people money so that they can afford houses and expand businesses! And who needs those 200,000+ high-paying jobs in an economy as robust as the one we currently have. Now that was sarcasm.
I have an idea. How about we just exterminate you and all your ilk. You serve no purpose here. You can neither grow, build, or fix anything. If you are dead you will no longer be concerned that you are only making one fifth of what you were making in 2008.
Ain't he a whiny fool!

Now B of A is shedding 2,000 workers in their high finance departments.

Great satire! I would never believe such an honest and open communication from one of the two most evil banks in the universe...tied with Wells Fargo.
Dr B, hope you don't mind - If anyone is interested in participating and in the area, Occupy Wall Street, along with and are holding a protest at B of A's very real annual shareholder meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina, this Wednesday, May 9th. Here's a link:

I'm a little bit too far away right now to get there myself. Do a dance for me...they really are a rotten organization.
Thanks, Boko for the link to the BofA protest. Mass action in the street is always preferable to spending time on the Internet.

I just watched The Yes Men Fix the World again last night. I had forgotten the part where they played an administrator from HUD and announced that HUD had made a mistake in tearing down perfectly good public housing in New Orleans after Katrina (only a small proportion of low income housing was destroyed by the hurricane - the rest was deliberately torn down by HUD). The overwhelmingly positive response - even from private housing contractors - was overwhelming positive. Only the mayor and governor had a problem with it.
[r] Thank you for this. Stuart, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Yes Men! Talk about brazen audacity. Are they still out of jail, God Love Them???? I remember seeing some Yes Men student volunteers get hauled off for handing out free faux-New York Posts in front of the Fox/Murdoch building in midtown. Remember that hoax a while back? It was very early early in the morning and the hoax was roughly nipped VERY early in the bud. No sense of humor by Murdoch and his thugs, as well as the NY police so enmeshed with them it would seem. COURAGE AND WIT as a weapon against corruption and evil. best, libby