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December 02
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FEBRUARY 14, 2012 8:06PM

The Covert US War Against Syria

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The body of Brig Gen Dr Issa al-Kholi

The body of Brig Gen Dr Issa al-Kholi

(This is the first of two blogs about the covert US war against Syria. The case Obama is making for sanctions and “humanitarian” intervention in Syria is a total fabrication. The US goal in Syria is regime change. The people Assad is attacking aren’t unarmed protestors. They are Islamic militants that the US and NATO have been funding and training for at least ten months.)

People may have noticed that the official narrative concerning Syria changes on a daily basis – except for continuing to heap contempt and scorn on the Russians and Chinese for their Security Council veto. To be frank, this veto makes more and more sense as events on the ground unmask US culpability in the civil war in Syria. Yes, civil war. That’s what you call it when an armed resistance takes up arms against a sovereign government. The interim report by the Arab League Observer Mission (although the Arab League declined to “approve” the report, it was leaked) clearly confirms the presence of an “armed entity” in Syria. Detailed descriptions of militants firing on government forces, as well as planting bombs and blowing up government and civilian infrastructure tend to support Assad’s claims that militant Islamists are attempting to overthrow his government. You can read the Report of Arab League Observer Mission for yourself on the Columbia University website

At first the Obama administration explained all this away by asserting that Syrian’s nonviolent protestors had become some frustrated with Assad’s intransigence that they joined forces with defectors from the Syrian Army. A day and a half ago, when two bomb blasts in Alepo killed twenty-five people, we were told the Syrian government had done this in a devious ploy to discredit the Free Syrian Army. This story wouldn’t wash after militants assassinated a Syrian general, a doctor responsible for running a military hospital in Damascus. Now the current line is that Iraqi members of Al Qaeda are taking advantage of Syrian civil unrest to cross the border and become Syrian Al Qaeda

NATO Support for Syria’s Armed Militants

The problem with this new version of events is that a number of credible Middle East analysts, including former FBI interpreter and whistle blower Sibel Edmunds, former CIA officer Philip Giraldi, British author and foreign correspondent John R Bradley, and Canadian economist and globalization analyst Michel Chossudovsky have been reporting on Syrian’s armed resistance for many months. Moreover all four also cite a growing body of credible evidence that the US, Turkey and other NATO forces, along with Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar are supplying these armed militants with funding, arms and training.

Edmonds first broke the story last November that the US and NATO were involved in arming and training Syrian militants. On November 21, 2011 sources in Turkey informed her of the presence of secret training camps at the US air force base in Incirlik. They were reportedly established in April-May 2011 to organize and expand the dissident base in Syria. According to her sources, these support activities included smuggling US weapons into Syria, participating in US psychological warfare inside Syria and opening a humanitarian/medical corridor between Syria and Turkey to assist opposition groups.

On December 11 she reported, based on Jordanian sources that included a Jordanian military officer, that hundreds of foreign speaking troops had been observed near the Jordan-Syria border. Her informants also revealed that NATO had established a second secret training camp near Mafraq Jordan to train the armed wing of Syria’s Islamic brotherhood. She was also informed, by a London-based Iraqi reporter, that an unknown number of US troops had been deployed from Iraq to Mafraq Jordan.

Eight days later former CIA officer Philip Geraldi essentially confirmed Edmonds’ assertions in NATO vs Syria. This was an article he wrote for the American Conservative, based on information leaked by CIA analysts concerned by the Obama administration’s apparent “march to war” in Syria. According to Geraldi, the CIA was refusing to sign off on the frequently cited UN report that more than 3,500 civilians had been killed by Assad’s soldiers. In their view, this information was based on rebel sources and uncorroborated. They also asserted that the Syrian government’s claims of being assaulted by rebels armed, trained, and financed by foreign governments were more true than false.

Unnamed CIA sources also informed him that NATO warplanes were arriving at Turkish military bases near Iskenderum on the Syrian border, with weapons from the late Muammar Gaddafi’s arsenals, as well as volunteers from the Libyan Transitional National Council. There, the latter, along with French and British special forces, engaged in training members of the Free Syrian Army. Reportedly the CIA and US Special Ops role in all this was to provide communications assistance and intelligence.

To be continued.

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I cannot help but wonder what the American population would think of all this were they to become aware of it. This sort of thing just goes on and on and on. I have little doubt but that the US is intent on world domination and control.
Again, thank you, Dr., for the great work. We have been engaged in regime changes--or what we call here the spread of democracy--for a long time. The big money--or the New World Order or the Knights of Malta or whatever you want to call them--will topple any regime that does not allow "free enterprise."

What the big money wants, the big money gets. The people in the White House and Congress have no say in the matter. As the Marines would like to say: "The white man cannot be denied." Excellent post as always. R
Thanks, Thoth, for the quote from the Marines. I never heard that one before. Skypixieo, I think more Americans than you think are vaguely aware of this stuff. They are just too apathetic to do anything about it.
Yeah...this doesn't surprise me at all. I think Turkmenistan is the only country that borders Iran that we haven't engaged in active military action against in the last 4 years or isn't already one of our allies. Now, we're fortifying our positions (or trying to) just outside countries that border those which border Iran.

I don't know what it is about Persia that we're so pissed about. They are, despite their president's ramblings, an historically defensive-only state.

We can't be prepping for another oil war, can we? Those have gained us nothing and are sucking the life out of our economy.

Maybe we're still pissed about the hostages. It's about all I can figure at this point.
Malcolm, it's neither about oil, nor about the hostage "crisis." It's all about the new american way - perpetual war.

Keep the TV screens occupied with "celebrity" junk, "War is Peace! Ignorance is Strength! Freedom is Slavery! All hail Oceanic Ingsoc," and by all means stifle independent thought.

Thank You for this, Dr.

Yes. Perhaps you're right. Apathy does more harm than wrong-headedness, doesn't it?
Marky Mark - yes, the Military Industrial Complex needs to feed itself to sustain itself, but we don't just blow shit up for the sake of blowing shit up.

This is a substitute for what used to be an actual strategic Foreign Policy which was meant to better ourselves and our position to increase our prosperity worldwide.

Now, instead of using our influence to force other countries to do what we want, we skip that step and use force to get what we want...except, it doesn't work.

It's not the Illuminati. It's a few people in entrenched power positions, and the ones in less entrenched positions that could stop them if they were willing to do so at the expense of their re-election who are so enamored with the idea of being re-elected that they don't do a goddam thing about any of it.

All the while, the people in the citizenry who supposedly oppose the ideas that eventually lead to this war without end that we find ourselves in now, only do so when those in power aren't from their party of choice.

Apparently the American People wants all of this. So, respecting the constitution (which can be changed to remove all the enumerated rights within it...just takes a 2/3 vote on a proposed amendment in both houses of congress to start the process), I say have at it.

Kill all the Arabs and Persians you possibly can while oppressing the rights of all Americans in the process. It is the will of the American People. American People are America.

I Love America. I Love Big Brother.

Goodnight, Julia.
Malcolm XY - brilliant analysis. According to Chossudovksy (I discuss his take on this in my next post), the power brokers in Washington (and London) have never forgiven Iran for overthrowing the Shah and nationalizing the Anglo-American oil company (it's called BP now). They still think it's their oil and they want it back.
it was more of a sarcastic rant based on the ridiculously paranoid ideas of someone else, but thanks.

This is why I love Economics for the analysis of all issues - it's all about choices and figuring out which choices people will make based on the incentives offered for either of the two options put before them (it only really works in 2 choice scenarios unless you understand chaos math, and I don't).

Money is simply the unit of measurement in most Economic models currently.

And, the only thing that makes all this crap that's going on right now difficult to analyze is that people used to act rationally (or, in a way they presumed to be rational, anyway, since sometimes one's most rational choices are counter-intuitive), and now that rational behavior has given way to dogmatic rhetoric and blind obedience, but once you know that, it's pretty easy to account for in the models.
[r] Stuart, so many fresh hells, and this is a horrifying one. Say anything government to cover its genocide and the stenographer media run by the corporatists. A lot of iran-war mongering going on in NYC now. It is disgusting. Thankfully there are intrepid people out there like you willing to communicate the truth. Someone wrote a compelling blog a while ago, Davidson maybe, saying that we don't need to tell truth to power. They already know the truth they are defying and defiling. It is to each other we must pass on the truth to and deal with the enormous glacial-ness of how long that sometimes takes, to get through to many of our fellows. The PTB just keep using the Iraq-war bullshit playbook. Over and over and over. DUHHHHHH. My country right or wrong still prevails. Collective egoism and exceptionalism. The tv reminds me more and more of those wall screens in that great movie and book, Fahrenheit 451!!! best, libby (hey congrats, I am seeing this blog on other sites!)
Let's step back and look at the logic behind the conspiracy theory you offer. To be sure there is a US lobby for dethroning the Assad regime, maybe old Cold Warriors who still resent Russia's plain support for him. Don't accuse the Israelis, who reached a stable accord with Syria decades ago. But if you connect the dots, where does all the regime change lead to, and from there where does it lead back to? Malcolm might agree that we must look at who gains and who loses, and the likely winners in Egypt, Libya (maybe), and Tunisia are the Islamists. Hopefully a moderate group but not exactly dyed-in-the-wool democracy lovers. And if Assad is killed or exiled, there is little doubt that Islamists will step in and slaughter a whole bunch of Alawites but the biggest losers will be the 1.5 million Syrian Christians who are seeing their worst nightmares become reality.

You may recall that in the late '70's when Khomenei returned from Paris and the outcome was pretty obvious, the USA suddenly realized that it had been supporting a dictator in the Shah. Oh, goody, there's a guy (Rafsanjani) who looks clean and is pro-democracy, so let's support him and maybe the nightmare of Islamic Republic will go away. My point is that the USA doesn't really know what it has been doing because it only listens to the loud establishment voices in the State Dept and Pentagon.

So, who is the big beneficiary of all the money and blood and populist rhetoric? I say it is our dear friends and allies the Saudis, supporters of every regressive cause and haters of Shia-led regimes everywhere. Oh, did I forget to say also having most American politicians in their pockets?

So getting back to everyone's favorite whipping boy, does it really make sense that Obama, who stands to lose an election bigtime if he is associated with pro-Islamic movements, is in that camp. I doubt it, which is why he is keeping quiet about Syria for the moment.
I'm skeptical of both the US government and Assad.

Without more reliable information I'm inclined we should stay out of it. the when in doubt start a war attitude seems insane to me. Sick of all the propaganda and think we need a whole new media watchdog organization with the resources to check facts and independence form the political and corporate establishment.

When I have more time I'll look closer at some of your sources including the boiling frogs, but I'm still skeptical of everything with all the misinformation going around.

Thanks for pointing this out, right or wrong it is worth reviewing, although there is only so much most of us can keep up with.
Ordinary Joe, I really suggest you check out the links in my posts. We're not talking about a conspiracy theory here. We're talking about about well-documented facts. Also check out my post for today (it's syndicated and should appear after about an hour). This has nothing to do with Obama. According to Retired General Wesley Clark, the Pentagon decided on this strategy back in 2001.