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October 17
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JANUARY 5, 2012 9:00AM


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An actual hot and steamy email exchange between the erotica writer and the erotica writer’s husband after he reorganized the laundry room (to create room for his cider bottles) and then went to work:

From: Wife
To: The Man I Married
Subject: Can I use the dryer?

BTW, nice change with re-routing the vent so it doesn’t block the storage door anymore.


From: The Man I Married
To: Wife
Subject: Re: Can I use the dryer?

Hopefully it holds- I can always use some duct tape for the dryer duct if needed.


From: Wife
To: The Man I Married
Subject: Re: Re: Can I use the dryer?

So I can use it?
And how will I know if it comes loose so that I can turn it off?


From: The Man I Married
To: Wife
Subject: Re: Re: Re: Can I use the dryer?

Yes, use it-

you will hear a rumbling right before it explodes- turn it off before it explodes


What can I do but laugh?

Speaking of The Erotica Writer’s Husband, my collection of short stories is now available as a Kindle e-book ($2.99). Thanks to my publisher Tod McCoy at en theos press for formatting it for the 21st Century.

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 “I laughed like a little maniac. I just loved it. Hilarious.”  —Mary Guterson, Gone To The Dogs

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