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NOVEMBER 7, 2011 3:45PM

The State of the Stim -- Three Years at OS

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One Personal, Sweeping Thought:  I think I'm kinda depressed, which likely explains the crap to come below.  Usually I have a healthy pessimistic outlook:  Expect the worst and you'll never be disappointed.

I suppose the title should properly read "The State of Stim."  I simply like the rhythm of "The State of the Stim," however pretentious it sounds to refer to oneself as "the Stim," or "the Jane" or "the John" [which leads to all sorts of fully deserved toilet-related guffawing].

Pretensions aside, I'm drawn to writing that enhances its topic with an underlying rhythm.  A long, lyrical sentence describing a sunset at the end of a lazy Sunday.  A quick franticness to drive home a fast-paced action.  The punch of a punchline.  However, as with most art, the underlying elements should stay mostly hidden.  An extra ingredient that subtly rounds out the flavor of a dish.

What does rhythm have to do with a blogiversary post?  Not too much. 

As I mentioned in my second blogiversary post [no link given, because who the hell would actually look this up?],  fewer OS bloggers had been writing posts timed for the anniversary of their OS start date.  Over the past year, I've noticed even fewer such posts. Why?  Don't know.  Just an observation.

Here are a few more observations:

  • Being at OS for three years really makes me one of the old farts.
  • Although most of the names have changed, I still get about the same number of comments per post as I did early in this blog.  Obviously, I've learned nothing about increasing my audience.
  • The complaints about the cover page content and editor responsiveness haven't changed in three years.
  • OS was a closer-knit community when I started.  I know that sounds like the geezer griping "back when I was your age," but it's true.  OS was closer-knit.  A fair number of personal friendships developed.  A couple business ventures were attempted.  During a short burst, meet-ups became the thing.  Someone from each meet-up would post about the gathering, including photos.
  • On the other hand, flame wars broke out damn near every week.  A lot of good writers left because of the flaming and personal vindictiveness.
  • I've never kept track of the number of OS members or what posts had the most readers and such.  Has OS membership increased or decreased over the last year or two?  How many people left during those recent months when it took a full day for a post to load?  I don't know.
  • I do know that it's been awhile since I've seen a post with more than 50 unique commenters.  By the time he left OS, Steve Blevins would occasionally break 100 unique commenters.  And deservedly so.  You can look up his posts. Go for it

I violated my general pessimistic principal when it came to OS.  This place gives me moments of hope.  Somehow OS keeps going despite the ugly stepchild attitude toward it from Mama Salon.  That's a tribute to the bloggers who show up everyday, once a week or whenever they can and continue to post, read and comment.  We the OS community deserve to pat ourselves on the back.  Cause any sane group of people would have chucked Salon long ago.

And that's the State of the Stim.

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I would go back and read your two year anniversary post, and I just might. You are, truth be told, one of the most supportive, unassuming and DAMNED funny people here. I raise my glass of very dry champagne to you, dear Stim, and to many happy returns of the day. You make this ugly stepchild look pretty hot, in the right light.
Happy three years, Stim. If you hadn't posted this, I wouldn't have remembered that my three years will arrive 13 days after you. I agree with your observations. Then again, I've almost always agreed with you which is why our cyber friendship has survived all this time... Here's to the next round of years.... And I miss Steve Blevins too!
The State of Stim, I like that, and I have always enjoyed your posts. Though not here the length of time you have been (only two years end of this month), I feel a comradery all the same.

Plus, you're fun to bitch about work stuff with. And you knew about the Head of Trent. Cheers.
regarding observation bullet point #1, if you are an old fart I must be a stinky poop. Oh well, been called worse. Congrats on hanging on for three years. You're one of the good guys with your humor and insights. OS is better for your presence here.
Three candles for The Stim!

I'm coming up on two years. I wish I had been here in the "old days" -- the start-up of any community is always a heady time. I also miss Steve Blevins, and many other of the writers that were probably on the way out just as I came on.
Congratulations on putting up with OS for three years! Your observations are right on. Your attitude is perfect for this place... I expect to see "SOTS IV".
Ann - Thank you. I love very dry champagne. I also have a fondness for ugly stepchildren. As long as they're someone else's kid.

cartouche - OS years must be calculated like dog years. It feels like we've cyber known each other for more like 21 years.

Scarlett - Definitely the comradery. Bitching about work is a bottomless well of source material.

Procopius - Someday ... someday I will get out your way, and we'll hoist a few.

BV - Three candles is about the limit of my lung capacity these days. As for the "old days" maybe we can start an OS version of VH1. Instead of old videos, we'll do Whatever Happened To re-posts.

Jeff - Thank you. I'm sure there will be SOTS IV. My OS momentum rolls along on its own these days.
Occasionally, the flame wars would break out BECAUSE of the meet-ups.

Ah, the old days.

I miss 'em.

Here's a great big pat on the back for you.
December will be my three year marker, lots of change since then, some not so much!! The drugs are still good, the spam is a lot more, but hey, without it, we wouldn't have dinner breaks!! :D

Happpppppppppppppppppyyyyyy 3 years!!!!!!!
Cripes . . . makes me realize I've been here about 2.5 years . . . where does the time go? I agree with your observations, too . . . a lot to miss, but somehow, some of us are still here . . .
Happy 3rd anniversary! I'm nearing it too, and just noticed I hadn't posted since Oct. Jeez. I admire those of you who do post more...I try, but it takes me soooo much longer to do. Oh well, I do still read!

I'm glad to be here on one of my visits for your anniversary. And I'm very glad you're still here... I love what you've written and oddly, it doesn't sound pessimistic...more nostalgic. And I'm grateful for that. And next year, include a link to this post, 'K?
Verbal - The number of times I'd log in, see the flamethrowers going full blast, and retreat to my bunker ....

Seer - Thank you.

Tink - Sometimes it feels like the spam is dampening the potency of the drugs.

Owl - We the few. The survivors.

Buffy - I hear you. Sometimes a month goes by before I realize that I haven't posted in ... a month.

OM - I'm happy that our posting/visiting timing worked out. You're right. This is more nostalgic. I save the pessimism for the rest of the day.
Nice "State of the Stim" speech...never to be confused in pretension with, say, "the Donald." Glad you're here. And you've got rhythm. Who can ask for anything more?
Stim--Here's looking at you sir!
dirndl - I like New York in June, how about you? I like a Gershwin tune, how about you?

Chicago Guy - I am shocked - shocked - to find that writing is going on here.
Well I'm glad to have made your acquaintance in the past year Stim. Nice recollection, but those closer early days must have been a creature of its time. A word to the wise though - instead of expecting the worst, embrace the general's aphorism of hoping for the best while preparing for the worst.
Happy 3rd anni! here's to many, many more :))
Happy blogoversary! I always love reading your posts - and your comments, which are both so full of wit, and intelligence, and so delightful. This place wouldn't be the same without you.

I'm sorry you're feeling depressed. I wish I could help with that, and if there's some way I can, just let me know.

I wish you many happy returns, and I'm happy that even while you see certain things that have changed since "the good old days", you still feel a love and support for the OSers - what you've written here is so altruistic and kind. I hope the love you feel here helps keep you going, and I hope things look up in real life soon, too.

All the best to you.
Abrawang - I've enjoyed meeting you, too. Hoping for the best? As Dickinson wrote, "Hope is the thing with feathers." We know how feathers trigger allergies.

Julie - Thank you. It's great that you've been around for most if not all of it.

Alysa - Thank you for your kind words. OS has been a better place since you joined. If you'd like to help, please fly over and help us pack. We move before the end of the year.
Oh, if I could, I absolutely would fly over! Crap, you got me - I am useless! But I hope it helps even a little to know I am there in spirit.
Pretensions aside, I'm drawn to writing that enhances its topic with an underlying rhythm. A long, lyrical sentence describing a sunset at the end of a lazy Sunday. A quick franticness to drive home a fast-paced action. The punch of a punchline. However, as with most art, the underlying elements should stay mostly hidden. An extra ingredient that subtly rounds out the flavor of a dish.

This is great, Stim. It strikes a chord with me; I appreciate writing (and try to produce writing) that can be read at different levels. My favorite writing doesn't demand a close initial reading to get something out of it, but if you think about the material or re-read it, you should get more. Like a painting, perhaps.
Rob - Absolutely right. If the writer is especially good, s/he will use an underlying rhythm that runs counter to the scene, creating a subconscious tension.
Three years? Geez, has it really been that long? Seems like the whole world has changed i that time. Oh wait, it has.

It's been way WAY too long since we've met you and Mrs. Stim for dinner. What are you guys doing later in the week?
Sex Ed is etched in my memory. Why? It must be the great writing. That's why I enjoy your posts.
bpb - Three years is like another lifetime.

OE - The great writing? Are you sure it wasn't just the topic? These days where can you go anymore to read about sex?
Watch who you're calling an old fart! Me, too, last August, was three for me. Some things just never change. Congrats for never flouncing or renouncing your connection to all the old farts of OS and beyond.
Cathy - No one could ever think of you as old. Or a fart.
I went away for a few months and when I returned, so many of the regulars had gone. I'm glad you're still here. Happy third anniversary!
Fay - I know. We need a monthly newsletter just to keep track of the comings and goings.
Frankly, I think being old is what makes you one of the old farts. Still, good to see you anyway.
Frankly, I think being old is what makes you one of the old farts. Still, good to see you anyway.
Sheldon - My natural, age-based old fartiness aside, I think that being at OS for three years in relation to when the site opened for (lack of) business makes me a relative old fart here, too. Always glad to see you.