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MAY 12, 2010 5:38PM

One Small Creature Finds a Home

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            I wanted to put something positive in the feed, a small bit of cheer to counter the angst I see and feel emanating from people living and writing in this uncertain world.

            My mom and dad adopted their cat Sheena from their local animal shelter and had her for nearly 19 years.  When she died, my parents agreed they did not want to go through the pain of losing another pet.

            It has been six and a half years and they finally caved... yesterday.


            This female, brown tiger with white markings is three years old. She has been at the shelter for nearly a year. She arrived extremely malnourished and has a bit of a wobbly gate on the back end, probably from lack of nutrition as a kitten – or from another type of abuse.

            She loves tuna. My parents will pick a good name that fits her personality.

            Trust me, this little cat’s worries are over. 

By the way, did you catch my response to Great White Whale’s Open Pirate Adventure Call? Oh, and I am working on another Maraj story. :-)


Photo credit: Chelsea-Bailey Butte-Silver Bow Animal Shelter

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Cool. I am a dog guy but like anything that helps pets.
FranksAndBeans: I like them all. I had a dog for 13 years. She was a collie/greyhound mix that looked very collie. She was smarter than some people I've met. Thanks for the read and the comment.
What a cutie! I save a cat from the streets once - I called her Penelope (from Dudley Dooright: "I'll save you Penelope!") She travelled the world with me. I had miss her dearly.

Nat, this cheered me up sufficiently. So happy for your parents. She's a real sweet looking girl.

Yay for anything fuzzy that likes milk.
Warm fuzzy feelings from that picture. Lucky cat!
What a sweet face! I wouldn't leave her at the shelter, either. =o)

I'll bet your parents will be putty in her paws.
Pavanne: You have a lovely name! I think Penelope was also a beautiful and appropriate name for your rescued kitty.

Sparking: I was thinking of you when I posted this, hoping you would read it today.
Hey, missed you N! That kitty is a cutie, may she live long. I missed your mentioned post, but am looking forward to the next Maraj episode. R~
What dya know? I had read and rated it. I must be the one "out to sea" ! ;o)
Ahhh! What a cute kittie!!!! RATED!!!!!
This is how the world ends, this is how the world ends, this is how the world ends...not with a bang...but with a meow.

That kitty is just too damn cute...which explains why it will help take over the world...who could resist it?
Andy has a point. Even Vladimir Putin would start cooing at that face. =o)
yay! so happy :) Thanks for sharing that
Cool and cute. R
Serious aw-factor here. Thank you. And if studies are right, your parents will live longer and happier with their new furry friend. Not to mention the good karma.
Awww. Thanks for sharing!
Bellwether: Lucky cat indeed. UPDATE: My dad called to say they ordered two Bengal kittens from a breeder in Salt Lake City, so my parents are going from zero cats to a zoo of cats by August!

Shiral: Putty. So true! I know you speak from experience with your own felines.

Fusan: There is EVERYTHING wonderful about you.

Tink: I thought a cat post might get your attention! :-) Thanks for reading and commenting.

Andy: I never thought of world domination by cute kitties, but then there IS Chaos Theory...

Shiral: You came back! Yay! I suspect that Mr. Putin likes cats because he seems very comfortable with his masculinity and probably would not feel threatened by a cat that did what it pleased.

hyblaean- Julie: You've got a have a good pet story once in a while. Thanks for stopping by!

Thoth: Cats can teach us so much about being comfortable in our own skin.

Sally: Ah yes. Good Karma as a bonus effect! Thanks for joining the cat party.

Deborah: I guess this little kitty will go home with my parents today. Everyone is happy. Awwww is right! Thanks for the read and the comment!
What a beautiful cat!! I am sure that she is in kitty heaven-on-earth right now.
Delia: I just learned my parents named the cat Candy because she's so sweet. When they brought her home, she jumped on the sofa and plopped down like she had always lived there. Nice...
How wonderful that she gets another chance at a good life!
mypsyche: If you will allow me a pun, a rescued animal is good for My Psyche! :-)
A cat that loves tuna - will wonders never cease?
D Art: I know! Can you imagine? Next they'll be discovering cats that love to play with ribbons!
Your parents did a good thing. If I could get out on the ocean in the lower latitudes, I would catch a tuna for this little beauty myself.