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APRIL 30, 2012 9:02PM

Sunday morning media circus

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sunday morning talk shows 

If it wasn’t for Up with Chris Hayes yesterday, the entire Sunday morning line-up would have been nothing but a beltway circus with rightwing pundits pulling unsupported “facts” out of their asses, and the moderators nodding “wisely” in agreement.  The makeup of the talk show panels lean so far to starboard that it’s amazing that they’re able to keep their supposedly balanced-media ships afloat.  As Think Progress pointed out earlier this month the panels are chaired mostly by white, male wingnuts:


But, there were a few small islands of sanity that were displayed in the sea of media nonsense yesterday.  Rachel Maddow on Meet the Press, and Paul Krugman on This Week presented their usual voices of reason in counterpoint to the vast rightwing echo chamber.    

I’ve developed a contra-measure to evaluate the success of progressive thought being presented on television.  When certain rightwing pundits get their knickers in a knot about something that was said by a liberal or progressive, it signals that the “correct’ message was received by the public. 

Whenever a Charles Krauthammer or a George Will publishes a rant about a liberal pundit or politician, it usually means that the “real facts” have been presented by that person, and the crazies are in agony because “the truth has been exposed.”   

Yesterday, Jack Welsh, the Galtian Overlord, tweeted this about Rachel Maddow’s panel discussion on Meet the Press.  Jack said that “Maddow’s screaming should be shut down. RUDE:”  

jack welch tweet  

Jack Welsh has been known to call liberals “screamers” whenever he realizes that the “real world” people are getting through to the populace. 


Take a look at his comments earlier this month about the alleged “Obama’s enemy’s list.”  I think you’d agree that Welsh was livid about something that didn't exist.  Then take a look at Rachel’s comments on MTP yesterday and tell me who it was that was “screaming” in this segment:  


As Digby so eloquently pointed out today, it was Alex Castellanos and not Rachael Maddow who was "the screamer" on Meet the Press.

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jack welsh is likely hearing impaired if he heard Rachel screaming. I saw a woman making valid points in a calm, yet passionate manner.

Thanks for bring me this, Steven. It's "reassuring" to know that the Sunday morning shows are still trash.

I read Jason Linkins' summary on Huff, which is a funny and mocking go-between.
How dare you accuse Jack the Ripper of bias toward wimmen? I seem to recall he married Sally Quinn. Of course by then, she'd done a reverse Ariana and decided she liked the well-buttered side of the bread -- and the bed. I'll say one thing for "conservative" wimmen, they know how to marry well -- or at least well-connected. Ann Romney excluded, of course, since the MSM has declared it officially off-limits to suggest she's led a life of privilege.

The one saving grace -- and I use grace hesitantly in regard to the MSM -- is that guys like Alex Casteloono make the case that there really is a War On Women better than any liberal ever could. And you know the wingnuts have lost it completely when gentle Maddow makes them come unglued. Maher makes their teeth and hair fall out.

Speaking of which, one of the best lines from the WH correspondents dinner was Kimmel's crack involving Maher:

“Just to clear things up for the extreme right-wingers, here is the difference between Bill Maher and Rush Limbaugh: The people who watch Bill Maher know he’s an asshole.”
Love the Kimmel quote Tom. Thanks.