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November 05
Steve Blevins teaches medicine at the University of Oklahoma. He enjoys reading, music, and travel. He is interested in American and European history, French literature and culture, and music for piano and chamber ensemble.


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SEPTEMBER 18, 2009 8:30AM

Gilligan's Island: Season 8, Episode 13 Recap

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I'm a selfish bastard.

When I joined Open Salon six months ago, I found literary freedom. No one questioned my choice of topics. No one restricted my hours. No one limited my space. No one charged me a red cent for the expensive technology that allows me to communicate with the world. 

And how did I use that freedom?

I wrote about classical music, poetry, health care and travel -- things I care about. Since its inception, this blog has been about me, me, me. That's right. It's been all take and no give. Why?

Because I'm a selfish bastard.

Not once have I written about transsexuality. Not once have I written about kitty cats. Not once have I written about ... (gulp) ... television

Well, my selfish days are over. Today's post is not about me or my interests. It's about the The Great Cause. It's about -- TELEVISION!!!

Yeah, I know. I haven't watched television since junior high, so I'm not qualified to write about Mad Men or I Love Lucy or whatever else is on the fucktube.  But that doesn't mean I can't contribute.

Today I'm giving it the old college try. I'm writing about the last show I saw on television -- Season 8, Episode 13 of Gilligan's Island.



The episode begins with Gilligan listening to the radio. He hears something that surprises him. I don't remember what. (It was thirty years ago!) In any case, he communicates what he hears to the skipper, who is equally surprised.


The skipper takes the matter seriously. He decides to act on the news.  I don't remember how. Anyway, a robot ... or alien ... or something appears on the island. This is unexpected.


The robot-alien is integral to the story. Everyone is engrossed with him. At some point, Mary Ann appears. (Or was it Marianne? Marian, maybe?) Well, anyway, she shows up in shorts.


She says something to someone. Probably the professor. All I remember is having a wet dream that night. Then Tina Louise appears. Everyone calls her Ginger. To me, she is -- and always will be -- Tina.


This is my favorite part of the show. Unfortunately, I missed some of it because I was crossing my legs and hoping mom wouldn't notice... well, anyway, at the end of the show, Gilligan ends up in a super-cool car! 


Ginger is standing by the car. She is hawt! She looks AWESOME in her long red dress! Almost as good as in her bikini!

And the story ends with everyone still on the island, and Mariane and Tina looking hot as ever!

Thanks, OS, for six great months! I promise I'll throw you a bone from time to time.    


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This is great, Steve. I sometimes think I'm missing out on pop culture, by not knowing what the kids are watching on TV, but this helps a lot. Thanks.
Enough with post-dated live-blogging of these so-called "reality" shows already. Flagged.
I don't remember that episode but boy did your recap bring back memories. (I used to watch that show as a kid all the time!) Like you, I don't watch TV as an adult. Too much to do. I love your humor!
I want to get down on my knee and ask you to marry me. Just for the tags alone. Please send someone to my house to clean up the coffee on my keyboard.
Is this show really any different from Fox News Channel? Bumbling dopes (O'Reilly, Beck, et. al.), a million(billion)aire (Murdoch), professorial types (Krauthammer, Rove), and plenty of dumb-as-stumps eye candy. I think if you recapped an O'Reilly Factor, you wouldn't have to change anything in this post but the names!

In the Fox News parallel, your engrossing robot-alien definitely has to be Obama.
This was a good episode and all, but it didn't come close to answering all the questions set up by Episode 12. I mean, how did the Howell's make all their money, what was the Professor really a professor of, and most of all, what the hell is that smoke monster??
GREAT post little buddy. I "lovied" it. For the record, I was a MaryAnn guy and still am today. When I come across most posts blogging on episodes of "reality" shows I choose to "skip her"!!!!!!!!!!

Dude, you gave up too soon! In the next episode they get off the island!

And I'll stack Buffy the Vampire Slayer up against Bach any day :)
Congrats on your 6 months here and what a post to mark it by! This was hysterical and for you claiming you don't remember so much, being that this was 30 years ago (how could this be?), you sure remember a lot!
I missed the end of the show because I had to go do something right after the bikini part, so thanks for the timely update.
I know this episode! If I were on that Island, there is little chance that there wouldn't be a Mary Ann has Mike's baby episode. The pickin's were pretty poor for those poor girls. Except for the one where to ape guy showed up in the Tarzan outfit.

Great Post, Steve. LMAO~
right up to the time of his death on every appearance Bob Denver ever made, he wore his Gilligan hat.
OMG Steve Blevins! I heart you! I might have to vie with Cartouch for your hand, though my husband might object...

Yes, that was the gist of the episode... well... all of the episodes. I'm partial to the radioactive seeds episode, but a close second is the one with the musical version of Hamlet... "Hamlet, dear, your problem is clear, Avenging thy father’s death; You seek to harm your uncle and mom, But you’re scaring me to death." Rated for Tina!
I always wondered how the laundry got done on that island.... hilarious! Personally, I think you would have made a fine character on that show. That professor dude always struck me as a little skanky.
Sorry to hog your feed, but I owe this "e" to the end of cartouche's name. Thanks!
Oh my. I like this.

I'm still gonna blog about Antonio on HGTV today ;0)
So that's where our car came from! Thanks for thinking of us first today, Steve.
Ah Yes, Ginger V. Mariann. I was always a Mariann guy. I hate to admit to impure thoughts as I strolled through the pics as well as wondering about a more x-rated version of that episode today with Mariann getting it on with the Robot and then walking around with sounds emanating from her body like one hears when a slot machine gets hit for a huge pay off.

Ah the beauty of childhood memories through the filter of a far more devious and experienced mind ...
It was a "three hour tour, a three hour tour!" WTF brings their entire wardrobe on a "three hour tour, a three hour tour?"
:-D Certainly not The Skipper, Gilligan or Professor.
Where exactly is this island, anyway?
I'm guessing somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to invade and take over.
Who's with me?
Steve, you are a true genius. So I'm begging you don't do anymore TV re-cap. It ruins you. I know. I'm still working my way out of that soulless rut...
I sympathize. However, Saint-Saens just can't pull off that short-shorts pose like Mary Ann.

Considering the placement of "wet dream," photos and comments of Tina, then ending with "throw you a bone," I fear the U of O Lit. Dept. will be drooling to deconstruct you.
"Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip, that started in a tropic port, aboard a tiny ship..."

Finally! A show synopsis I can get into!!! Thanks Steve!
Well, what a way to start my OS morning! This was hysterical! Thanks for throwing us a bone! I think??!
Damn, Steve, I'm with you on this one. I'm happy that people have found their niche on OS as the idiotbox critic or the I' don't-have-to guy, but do we really need them constantly affixed the front page? Is that how we want OS defined for the rest of the world?

And I'd throw Marian(ne) (sp?) a bone any day.
This is the best tv review EVER!
Rated just because there is a picture of Mary Ann. Hilarious.
We all crossed our legs watching the frivolity [Tina] on the island. rAted!
Dude, I know you're a doctor, but man are you good with the needle. :)

Even though I occasionally watch television (hey, they actually broadcast classical concerts on PBS), I loathe and detest fictional "news" and all reality shows. They just don't make *reality* like Gilligan any more.

Please keep being a selfish bastard. (And I won't say a word to Mom about that Tina Moment).
Ahhhhhh, MaryAnn!!!!!!
"Fucktube"? Really, doctor, I'm shocked. Otherwise highly amused, tho.
How in the heck did Mary Ann ever make those coconut cream pies??

Thanks for being here on OS. You give it style, class, culture, and the weird stuff to shake things up around here.

Ah Tina Louise... In my day every adolescent's fantasy. Thanks for the walk down mammary lane, Steve. But correct me if I'm wrong -- isn't it illegal not to watch TV? Do you even own one? A kinescope?

rated for "fucktube" and leg-crossing from Dr. Steve. Whoa!

That TV news woman in Carmel CA named Dina Ruiz (who is currently married to Clint Eastwood) was referred to for years by the local jealous Carmel old ladies as Tina Louise. Proof that EVERYONE watched Gilligan's Island.
genius!!! i tell you, genius!!!! it's lovely to know a man who's on top of things. shit, man. i'm thinking about Live Blogging the Emmys. it's something i do well because i'm a tv addict and a fashion follower too. but you won't understand a thing i write. please come by and comment anyway. tell me what Gilligan would think of the whole Thang. i adore you. love love love and gratitude!!!
Oh lord... the raft of memories. I always DID wonder how these people, supposedly on "a three hour tour" were marooned so near Hawaii, and so.... conspicuously well dressed. =o) Except for Gilligan and the Skipper, of course.

Despite years of effort, I haven't yet been able to get that inane title tune out of my head...
Are you kidding me? Season 8 was where GI (as those of us who are true fans of the show call it) jumped the shark. (Literally; I seem to recall an episode about jumping over a shark.) Now the one in season 6 where the Professor makes a radio out of coconuts but Gilligan falls on it and destroys it is television at its finest.

Dr. Blevins, I bow in your general direction. And were I you, I'd take cartouche up on her offer. She might have been the original Mary Ann, had she not been, like, a year old at the time.
It's good to see you getting with the program Steve; I'm surprised this isn't on the cover already. The pics of Ginger and Mary Ann brought back a lot of memories of youthful ardor, though I'm disappointed to find out they didn't get off the island.
I was into Mary Ann also. Her and the long haired blonde girl on the Koolaid commercials.
Didn't they end up being rescued, but the Skipper and Gilligan decided to stay?
I'd forgotten about the Kool Aid girl Paul. Susan Dey from the Partridge Family was hot too. Didn't she go on to star in soft core porn movies in the late '70s?
AH HA HA HA HA HA! Thank you.
Congratulations on 6 months...I am almost at 6 months myself. I have enjoyed your more cerebral musings, but the trip down Gilligan Lane was fun. And extra points for making up a new word :)
Has anybody ever noticed that aliens in the mid-sixties often had pleated foreheads?

And how did the professor keep that radio going for all those years?
Steve, You are a fave of mine....anyone who would choose that phot of Mary Ann has my vote for live (retro, old and faded) TV blogger of the year. And I am so proud you made the leap from selfish bastard, to selfless media servant!
You've done Gilligan proud!
hey wait...wasn't this the episode where the almost get off the island, but Gilligan screws it up?

...and for those who don't know, the theme for Gilligan's Island has the exact same wording cadence as Amazing Grace, you can interchange the words when you sing...try it next time you're in church!
ohmygosh you are so dang funny. like, funny on a gazillion levels.

do you make your patients laugh all the time? I'd love to have a funny doctor. can you teach the med students to be even half as funny as you are? please?
Funny as hell. Sorry you didn't make the cover:)
At last someone has written about a TV show I've actually seen!

You're a funny, funny man, Steve. Happy Blogiversary. You make my time here on the playground especially fun.
Anybody ever notice how Gilligan (did he have a first name?) strongly resembled Maynard G. Krebs?

A three hour tour. I'd go on a three-hour tour with you Dr. Blevins. We could discuss Crime and Punishment or Dvorak's New World. On the other hand there is that genius, Alfred Hitchcock who said, "Television has brought back murder into the home - where it belongs." How can a medium that brought us "Lamb to the Slaughter" be all bad?

I hope to read you for six more months and then some.
The car rules. Gilligan's Island rules. I'm glad to see you've finally gone high brow. :)
My life is divided into B.S. and A.S. (Before Dr. Steve and After Dr. Steve.)

I blame Ann.

(thumbified for six months of making me laugh)
I have always harbored a certain sympathy for Mr. Howell, who is of course not mentioned in your clearly less than thorough recap.
I was going to ask you to marry me but Cartouche came first and I am already married, LOL!
You are great, Steve, your are the BEST! Where do you get these ideas? Incredible; I was already laughing but when I read the tags, I laughed so loud my child came to see what was going on with a mom laughing alone to the laptop.