MAY 22, 2012 5:06PM

Oso Remote Gallery - 3rd Level - "Port-Land-Ear"

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The greatest fun in travel is discovering the unexpected. We lucked out with museums, galleries, restaurants, and sights. Rain and clouds that didn't break except for our two hours in the Japanese Garden never seemed to get in the way.
There's that show we've never seen. Yet we found ourselves in Portland all the same.
We'll have to see what all the "Portlandia" fuss is about.
In the annex bldg. of the art museum, you look down a long hall and see this.
We love the smell of Chihuly in the morning.
Alongside an exhibit of ancient Chinese art, the permanent collection has great contemporary Asian works.
Matsuo Jun's salt-glazed stoneware resembles glass. Amazing.
William Morris's construction, "Artifacts," took up two stories of wall space.
This is but a small detail shot. Portland's is a great museum.
There was an exhibit of John Frame, and though photography wasn't allowed, I did buy the catalog, the seal of which remains unbroken. There were no labels on the walls, in fact the room was blackened save for the works, and only this grand collection of what, for lack of a better word, were 'action figures.'
That will be some future stand-alone post.
You may think this Cezanne's.
It's actually a Rothko. He's from Portland and we caught the exhibit. 
Say it with me like Seinfeld said "Newman."
The lift at the Pioneer Sq. courthouse has been modernized only for safety.
Few do detail work like this courthouse staircase.
Few do seafood this well.

Downtown has its river features.
I'm guessing the hotel hoped we'd keep this to ourselves.
"Thank you; I'd love to take your survey."


If you would like to view any images in a larger format, click on them and you will be taken to Flickr, where under the "actions" menu you may select "view all sizes."

1. Oregon Postcard
Scanned receipts, maps, tickets, etc.

2. Burnside Bridge and Towers

f 5.6
1/800 sec.
180 mm
ISO 200

3. Dale Chihuly "Papé l'arbre, 2001" Glass

f 3.5
1/80 sec.
50 mm
ISO 500

4. Matsuo Jun "Salt-glazed Vase, 2000-2003"

f 1.7
1/80 sec.
50 mm
ISO 1600

5. William Morris "Artifact Panel" 2000 (detail)
Commissioned in commemoration of the Project for the Millenium

f 3.5
1/50 sec.
50 mm
ISO 1600

6. Mark Rothko "Untitled (Still life with pitcher)," c. 1926
Oil on canvas board - National Gallery, Washington

f 1.7
1/80 sec.
50 mm
ISO 800

7. Mark Rothko "Self-Portrait," 1936 - oil on canvas

f 1.7
1/80 sec.
50 mm
ISO 1000

8. 9th Circuit Elevator

f 1.7
1/80 sec.
50 mm
ISO 1000

9. Courthouse Staircase

f 1.7
1/250 sec.
50 mm
ISO 200

10. Jakes Famous Crawfish (b/w)

f 1.7
1/1000 sec.
50 mm
ISO 200

11. Port-Land-Ear "Russel No" (slight tint)

f 5.6
1/500 sec.
70 mm
ISO 200

12. Embarrassy Suites w/ View of Mechanicals

f 3.5
1/30 sec.
18 mm
ISO 640

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I like your quality photos! :)

What camera did you use?
Stacey, thanks very much for this wonderful look at Portland! That's a nice Chihuly piece the museum has and I guess only a very coordinated person dusts it off occasionally! Did you run into any OSers while in the city?
Thanks folks. That Sony a500 with older Minolta glass has turned out to be better for me than other choices. I was shopping right after Sony had gone through a slew of budget models. They worked extra hard on correcting some earlier issues. There were models for 4 times as much, but I feel like it's pro equipment nonetheless.

John - We didn't look up any OSers. I know that's something you enjoy a lot.

I'll be processing an ocean exhibit today. The 4th floor, as it were. Thanks for your visit and for signing the imaginary guest book.
We love to visit Portland. How can I send a link of your Japanese Garden photos to Terri from Portland? She always takes people there, and your photos are amazing!