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I am a woman. I am an African-American. Belonging to two minorities has shaped my viewpoint on life in more ways than I can count. It is not easy being a woman in a inherently sexist society. Add skin color to the equation and you have me. This is my world and my viewpoint. You do not have to agree with my thoughts but in the end, you will respect me.


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JANUARY 16, 2011 10:31AM

Statistically Incorrect – An Ode to Nu-Nu

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My Nu NuOn April 24, 1987, I became a mother at the age of sixteen when I gave birth to Noelle Dominique aka Nu-Nu. From the moment I saw her sweet little face, I made a promise to myself that she would not end up like me and that promise came true.  This marvelous child of mine was voted outstanding seventh grade student by her peers, graduated from grade school as valedictorian of her class, has been working since she was fifteen, managed to graduate from high school with a 4.0 grade point average while working, is currently working full-time while attending school full-time and on June 18, 2010, she will receive a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration!! 

My baby, my eldest baby, the baby I had when I was a child myself, is grauating from college!!!!  Absolutely mind-blowing considering, according to research, daughters of teen mothers have an increased risk of experiencing a teenage pregnancy themselves.  As stated in previous blogs, I could never sit back passively and allow my children to become statistics of the streets. Congratulations Ms. Nu-Nu.  I knew you could do it and that’s why I kept nagging you to stay in college and not drop out. Remember this:  Only 27.5% of the US population has completed college to the bachelor's degree level.  On June 18, 2011. you will become one of a small but elite group of individuals who has a college degree and do not let anyone tell you that having a college degree does not mean anything because more than likely, whoever tells you that nonsense, probably does not have one at all. It sounds clichéd, but nothing worth having comes easy and I am so proud of you!!  When you are established and running some large corporation, just remember to hire your momma as your executive assistant because she needs a job.

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You are right to be proud, spywoman. Raising a child requires relentless focus and vigilence, an almost complete suspension of self-interest. Congratulations to Nu-Nu and her mom!

This is a great and heart warming story. Thanks for sharing it. And when she becomes Ms. Big I hope she hires you as at least a VP!!
Congratulations and all the best!
Righteousness! Congratulations to you on a job well done and to NuNu for being that "job" well done. One day, about 16 years from now, I plan on bragging exactly the same way!

Only 27.5%? Who'da thunk it was such a small percentage!?
Yes, Congratulations Noelle on your hard work and determination, may it open many doors for you in the future. My warmest regards to you also spywoman, you have done an incredible job and should be proud of your accomplishments. My best to you and your family and to your futures......older/exasperated Stephan R++++++r+++++
There you go! May all your wishes come true and more.
Big congratulations to you and Nu-Nu! What usually gets kids through college is their parents or parent pushing them. Sounds like both of you worked hard for this and both should be proud.
Congratulations to you and your daughter! r
That is awesome. You are both excellent examples of determination and perseverance. Congratulations!