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JUNE 8, 2012 10:04AM

Seeing Through Illusion

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June 8, 2012

We move through time
Behind us, rising in its wake, our form
That to the next one coming in 
Becomes the norm that shapes the world.

We venture forward seeing through the past
Our lenses all configured by what's gone before
We see through all the residue of other lives
The pattern looms before our eyes as all that is.

Grab a rock and squeeze it till you cry.
Or smash a window. Anyway you try
The pattern must be broken
For your eye to open up and let you wake
And upright walk
Into the footsteps that you make
As you proceed to where the living
Clearly lighted, wait .

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This is beautiful and so full of meaning. You continuously tend to overload my poor one cylinder brain while I'm on my lunch break. This is a good thing.
Thank you, Rennis - I just revised it. Nice knowing we're doing lunch!
Oh gosh, still a great poem. If I may ask, why did you take out the last verse? I'm just curious what your creative mind was thinking.
Very true, especially the middle verse. Your wisdom rings through, Spike.
Rennis, again - special thank you. Last stanzas are always hard. In my re-write I think I bailed. "Really see" is a phrase I particularly dislike. So I revisited that last one, found its value, as I see it, and I think the whole thing's better...for your comment!

And yours, too Fusun. Always good to know you're reading.
────────────────▄████▄ This ROCKS!
Thanks, Algis, so do you!
Brilliant. Just plain brilliant.
Thanks, Poor Woman. Thanks for coming by.