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APRIL 21, 2012 9:34AM

The Loneliest Moment

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April 21, 2013

Of course we imagine
A welcoming God.
Look at the stars.

Out there just now
In the southeast view
Altair the eagle flew

Light years ago
And still is bright, as birds
Begin their morning song.

When we close our eyes
That final time and plunge
Down into endlessness

I wonder who will greet us?
Say our name and tell us us
Where to go?

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god, death, stars

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me too, I hope it's my dad.
I wish I knew, I have one I would like to be there.
beautiful poem
rated with love
lost in emotion there, forgot to say what an elegant poem this is When we close our eyes
That final time and plunge
Down into endlessness

I wonder who will greet us?
Say our name and tell us us
Where to go?

the thing I wonder most:

Of course we imagine
A welcoming God
Look at the stars.

The stars and moon, our beautiful perhaps gift, from god or what I like to call universe.
That is the real question...isn't it?
Nicely done.
Thanks, Rita...somehow, I know he's there for you.
And RP, how could your loved one not be, with as much love as you always give!
And, yes, thanks, J.D.
Deep as the stars.
stars? moon? grand things.
not as grand as the human soul, or consciousness...
we all will close our eyes
one final time, and take the Plunge.
i daresay the journey into endlessness
will be well- guided, for energy never dies, it changes form...
those who have gone before us, where else would they be?
Infinity...and yet this is not the end, they say...
we become One with the One....

do we lose our personal identity? Maybe. But...was
it ever real to begin with?

Good gosh, your elegant poem has stirred such thoughts in me...
Who will meet us? Someone who will comfort and befriend us. Great poem.
Right, Lea.
James, thank you for the resonance of your thought.
And Cindy, I hope so. Thanks.
Sρike,my thinking in the last days..I hoρe love...and my best friend!!Excellent work here.So rated..So sentimental...
Gosh I wish I knew...
love this...
Thanks, Stathi,
Thanks, Michelle
We're with you in that, trilogy!
[r] powerful, spike. very moving and haunting. i have a poem about dealing with the death of a loved one and that kind of existential betrayal having them leave our lives so bluntly and horrifyingly and what we assumed impossibly, and I allude to an almighty parent whom we HAD presumed protective! best, libby
And if those who do indeed greet us are not the ones we expect? Long forgotten friends who have not forgotten us, and consulting The List of Newcomers, decide to offer us their unshared tenderness.

Yes, this is a poem that forces us to find answers. Thank you.
Thank you, Libby and Alfred. I appreciate your thoughts and wondering.