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APRIL 4, 2012 10:18AM

On Beauchamp Point

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April 4, 2012

The waves roll in
As clear as glass
And pure as ice
On roasting rocks

In the harbor
White sails tacking
Slice through blue
On shining water

Heavy summer sun 
On burning skin
Calls you, dares you
Please, go in!

And then

A searing feeling
Heretofore unknown
Picture something
Frying in a pan

The hiss and sizzle
When you put it in
The tight constriction
0f the skin

The senses jam
The skin can't tell
If it's cold as ice
Or hot as Hell

Some conditions
Of the soul 
Can be
Like that.

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I was sizzling and freezing after feeling the beauty of the ocean.
The metaphor is perfect.
rated with love
I love this deep meaningful poem./r
Yes. To feel pain in all your being but not know if it is hot or cold is a limbo known to every jilted lover for certain. Likely to the rest of folks too.

Beautifully crafted imagery - a delight to read!

Thanks, RP and Christine.
Thanks Sky for adding another dimension of association.