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MARCH 27, 2012 10:12AM

Therapy Dogs Training Lecture (revised)

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March 26, 2012

The humans bustled in
Shaking off the rain
Settling into seats
Talking of this and that
What they didn't know
What they had forgot
Or that the trip was long
Or what they brought for lunch.

Oh, what is that?
Oh, sorry, I didn't know
We were not to bring them yet.
Down boy. Here have a treat
No, that's it. No more.
The woman, fussing, pushed
Two doe-eyed greyhounds
To the floor.

Amidst the people chaos
As the talk was set to start
There was a focussed silence
At the speaker's feet.
A fluffy collie mix
Expression quite subdued
Stood, or moved about the group
Like a guard at a museum
Or a butler who has seen
It all before and waits
Unobtrusive, unassuming
But aware.

What we're doing here
Said the speaker to the group
Though they hadn't ceased to talk
Is more than teaching dogs 
To do our will
Or to deliver therapy
It's more about what we
Must learn and how to be
With those who come to us
As pets but which
She said, are more
Than merely things
You walk and pet and feed.

They have whole dimensions
We can't begin to see
They are so much more 
Than what we see as pets
They come to us
Because of what we need.

Her little dog, alert
In the language of its dignity

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Because of what we need! Spot on. :D
Beautifully written poem. Quite up to your usual standards of excellence.

Yet I wonder if we humans are so important to the universe that those creatures we take as pets are here to fulfill our needs. Are our petty, and usually selfish, needs of such a high order that other living beings exist to meet them?

The humans that I know - and yes, sometimes even love - are not worthy of such care and attention.

Thanks, tg and dianaani.
Sky...perhaps that's the mystery.