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MAY 6, 2011 3:30PM

Get Well Soon Trilogy!

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On Tuesday, our own dear Trilogy, was visiting the Tulip Festival in the Skagit Valley and fell and broke her femur bone!  Yikes!

She is tentatively due home from the hospital today.  The Skagit Valley is about two hours away from where we live and I know she would appreciate the well-wishes on her return home.

So, if you have a moment, please leave a comment for our dear Trilogy and let her know how much she is loved and missed!



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You know Trilogy, you are not supposed to fall over anything.That is my job. That is my hobby!
But I would have gladly taken the fall for you.
Get better fast, we miss you already!
Oh no! I just sent her some good news in a PM before I saw this. I hope it cheers her up in a small way. Thanks for passing along the news. And Trilogy, hope you mend well and fast.
Tulips can be very dangerous.

Get Well Soon!
Oh my! I hope it doesn't hurt too much. Owwww! Holey Mole!

You're in my prayers for swift healing.
Tulips can be very dangerous.

Get Well Soon!
Heal well. Feel well. Be well. We miss you.
Damn those flippin' tulips! I feel the pain all the way over here, Marlene. Take the hydrocodone, rest and get well in 6-8 weeks. I'm so sorry this happened to you.

I hope you are feeling better soon! Be sure to stay on top of those pain meds...Maybe you will still be able to check in here while you recover..... : P
Get well soon! Healing thoughts to you!
Tulips are for tiptoeing.......alas.thanks for letting us know, a message will be on it's way.
Yeah, don't fall, it hurts!! EEK!!


Trilogy, my friend, I hope you get better fast.Hugs~
All best. Get well soon.
So sorry to hear about your fall! Do take good care of yourself and recuperate well. Gentle hugs and best wishes for a speedy recovery! xo
What Leepin Larry said.
What Leepin Larry said.
breaking bones
no fun
healing bones
no fun
a good friend
you are
be well
Oh please feel better soon! I hope that you at least had time to drink in a little beauty before you were hurt.
Ah Tril. So sorry to hear, hope you are feeling better soon. xo
Sorry to read this. Time to put your foot/feet up, be waited on and just write. Get well soon.
Dang Tril!
I tell hurt me just to read this!
Love you, and hope you feel better very very soon.
Next time, pm me and I'll send you tulips!
ouch!! get better soon Trilogy.
Lovely friend you are, Sparking. By the time you see these thoughts, Trilogy, hope you are able to smile.
Ouch! Heal fast! Sending good enegy thoughts.
Marlene, the songs says to tiptoe through the tulips! so sorry you are in pain. guess you needed to slow down and rest a while... hope you can enjoy the healing process....
Marlene, the songs says to tiptoe through the tulips! so sorry you are in pain. guess you needed to slow down and rest a while... hope you can enjoy the healing process....
Yikes. Heal fast, Trilogy.
Ouch! Sorry to hear this. Though Tiny Tim would be happy to know this occurred while admiring his favourite flowers. Get well soon.

Here is some Tiny Tim and his ukulele to cheer you up!
Thank you for letting us know. I will go send her my best.
rated with love
A femur is a strong bone, but you're a strong lady--and I know you will heal quickly! Wishing you well!
xo, Trilogy. Feel better!
I am so sorry to read of this Trilogy. I do hope it does not hurt too badly and the doctors patch you up.
Falling completely sucks. I know that too well....
Oy oy oy, Trilogy. That is not supposed to happen at a tulip festival! Get well. Healing thoughts directed right at your femur.
wishing you a speedy and full recovery, my dear
Those tulip festivals are so dangerous!
Get well, Marlene!
Awful news, my friend. I hope you heal quickly and don't hurt too much. Miss you. :(
I have missed your sensitive comments on my and others' work. Hope this healing time gives you something special you've been needing!
Well, a broken femur shouldn't keep her from writing.

Ahem. Sorry for the sarcasm. Get well soon Trilogy!
Thank you all for your wonderful well wishes. I have left Trilogy a voice mail and email notifying her of your gracious offerings of healing. Hopefully, I will get to see her over the weekend and will definitely try to post an update if she can't.

Thanks again everyone!
I'm new here and not sure who this is, but it's nice to see people takins care of each other, and taking note when someone isn't feeling well.

And I'm crazy for Kerouac.

GET WELL, Trilogy.

i heard those tulips in skagit are nasty

get well soon
Marlene, I am very sorry to hear about this! Best wishes to you for a rapid and comfortable recovery!!!!

Sparking, thank you for putting together this very thoughtful post!
Wishing you a speedy recovery and lots of patient self-care til then, Trilogy.
Sweet of you to let us know, Sparking.
Trilogy: I hope your pain is manageable, hope your body is flexible, hope your doctors are skilled, hope your medications are effective, and hope your patience can hold out.
Ouch! I'm so sorry to hear this. Be sure you get pampered and get well soon.
Get well soon. Now you have a great story to tell us I bet. -R-
Get well, Trilogy! Take care!
Next time send in your stunt double.

Femur's are big bones...Listen to the experts to get you well quickly. Healing vibes to you.
Oh Sparking, what a wonderful friend you are. I got home about 4pm Friday, by the time i got acclimatized to which chair i could even sit on in my house and where i could walk = with walker = i was too exhausted to get online. I'm looking forward to reading all the kind words from my friends. believe me, thats what i need right now. my kids are takimg real good care of me - thank god it's Mothers Day, huh? excuse the typing as I also hurt an arm/wrist. can't wait to see you Michelle, thanks for this.Love to you all
Boy, some people will do anything to get attention. Even on Mothers Day! Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery.
Oh no!! Trilogy, I hope you have a speedy recovery!
I hope she sees this and knows how much she is loved and that love helps her to heal quickly! Thanks for letting us know...
sounds like a job for the tulip police!
get well soon!
best regards,
Ouch! Get better soon!
Trilogy, I am so soryy I am late to this post but I am feeling for you with my heart and soul. Please feel free to write or call any of your free time. Julie
Yes get well soon and Thanks for this post .
Ouch! Who knew flower watching was such a risky undertaking? I'm so sorry this happened to you and wish you the most comfortable, restful, indulgent and fanciful healing possible:) Much love to you....Mwah!