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JANUARY 16, 2012 8:39PM

We the people!

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I've had a brain storm on how to start solving the whole gun control issue mess.

The constitution reads "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state , the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

We will never in one fell swoop make a dent in that constitutional granite .

However "O ye of little faith", we might successfully begin chipping away one infringement at a time at the troublesome parts that almost everyone on both sides of the issue can agree on by actual amendment.

I suggest that we start by trying to get agreement on the idea of requiring all future gun buyers to also have a safe for storage of arms not on their person or nearby (bedstand or the like) thereby negating for the most part the problem of weapons being stolen by and for criminal use and most of the tragic deaths of children et al by accident.

What sane, responsible person would object to such a straightforward, constitutionally legitimate amendment that would solve most of the problems of gun ownership while safe-guarding the principles of legitimate paranoia re: a defenseless people vs. an oppression minded authoritarian bent government?

I don't own a gun but do like the idea of keeping the government afraid of the people rather than vice-versa, so some safeguarding of privacy without a legitimate warrant might be incorporated as a sweetener.

I would appreciate commentary and suggestions before I  e-mail Prez O and the like and generally agitate for this reform.

Any ideas?

P.S.  I have little else to do while taking (yes) baby steps!

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Fred.. so good to see you here..
I don't like guns. Canada does not like guns and you are not allowed to own them for personal use except a designated hunting time and then they must be locked up with permits.

Of course there still is crime. But not like here where you can rob someones home and come out with a bakers dozen.
get well!!
FRED HALLMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome to see ya man!

This makes sense actually, except that I like keeping my guns where they're handy. My MPA30 is sitting next to me as I type this in fact, just in case some zombies come busting through the window.
Linda is in error. Canada indeed does not like HAND guns in the hands of untrained citizens. Carry permits are rare and hard to obtain. Those who want permits to own them must belong to legitimate gun clubs and have accepted "safe storage" for them; usually provided by the gun clubs. Some provinces also require that they have taken training in their use. If one wishes to keep a handgun or hunting rifle at home, one must have safe storage. Careless storage of a firearm is a serious charge up here.

Our percentage of crimes committed with hand guns is smaller than in the US. BUT our percentage of crimes involving OTHER weapons is higher than in the US. It is hard to really do a comparison because our crime levels and types are so very different. Also our methods of acquiring statistics in this area.
Not sure if it is funny, scary or very telling, that this Christmas, more guns were sold in the US than in any other year. I fail to recall the % of gun sales up but it is staggering. And more guns were given as "gifts" than in any other year, if you can trust that statistic. Many around the country are surely bearing arms both for personal protection as well as for hunting and being prepared for events we care not imagine. I have always thought I lived in a fairly "polite society," however, I now know far fewer friends, neighbors and relatives, who are NOT armed than those who are. "Yippy Ky Yay!"
Not to mention, "Neighborhood Watch groups." That has evolved some since home burglaries and "home invasions" have brought on a whole new breed of criminal behavior and concerns. Yikes, this is going to be a two drink minimum night!
Fred, are you crazy! There is nothing you can suggest that has to do with guns, that the NRA cannot or will not argue against. A simple gun lock that the states were going to give away was beaten as being unconstitutional. A gun lock? How stupid is that. A simple devise to keep kids from pulling the trigger, and they fought it and beat it. (by the way, I had a good breakfast on the menu today)
I never owned a gun and never saw the neccessity until the actual goverment showed up to terrorize and harrass, as you know. Now, I'm on the side of the gun owners and can see why such need was necessary then and now.
The safe idea is excellent. Easy to visualize and hard to argue with.

E-mail that Prez O!
The concept that the rapidly arising police state in the USA is trembling at the thought that a few macho citizens are packing pistols to overthrow the might of the US military makes a highly comic fairy story but the only reality it supports is the huge profits of the weapons manufacturers who are partial to effective propaganda in favor of their sales.
Agree with Jan. Personal guns keep the populace occupied shooting each other, but when the army or police move in, forget it.
There are over 200 million privately owned firearms in the United States, Jan, many millions of which are high powered, military-grade semiautomatic weapons. That's a little more than a few pistols.
Myriad, I own several firearms, as do many of my acquaintances, yet neither I nor anyone I know has shot anyone. The notion that average people who own guns are kept "occupied shooting each other" is nonsense.
I'm extremely farther left than a liberal but I'm an NRA supporter. Let them blow their money on lobbyists keeping the crazies armed. My money is on the Tea Partiers being first to go nutso, they might shoot each other, who knows they're a volatile lot.

I personally hate guns but if you were attacking me I'd fire until the you were still, or the clip was empty. I haven't forgotten Tiennamen Square, so I have no suggestions to offer.

Congrats on the steps!!!
When the president is free to designate anyone a terrorist on what amounts to his momentary whim with no recourse to legal defense the idea that a disorganized batch of furious gun owners with pistols, rifles and bottles of gasoline with wicks are a match for a concerted and trained response by the military or a police swat team equipped with drones, helicopters, and whatever high powered explosives available, gassing equipment, surveillance technology far beyond civilian possibilities, and now robots with military capability bespeaks of the total idiocy of the macho of gun owners. But, as I said, that lack of a sense of reality is precious for the sale of pop guns.
By your philosophy the US has "won" in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places where the population only has "popguns."

Reality says otherwise.
It's Fred! So glad to see you and here's hoping your baby steps will soon turn into giant strides.

(Which is more than will ever happen with regard to gun control, says this pessimist.)
Afghanistan and Iraq were invasions of a foreign power into a furious population well accommodated to the brutality of invaders. Aside from that, the establishment in both countries of governments by obvious thugs and gangsters dealing in drugs and all sorts of other corruption is not a loss by US forces. The pseudo retreat by official US forces in these areas leaving behind may thousands of private mercenaries and many US forces under other designations does not indicate a defeat.
The easy dissolution by brutal police action in the USA of the OWS movements indicates more the reality of the mind set of local objectors. People are not locally willing to die for decent political behavior and I'm afraid that the economic wreckage is not sufficiently dire to generate the type of movement necessary to effect real change. I do not wish it to become so but the progress seems inexorable and the final results will be horrifying and the end points totally indeterminate. As in Egypt, the refusal of the government forces to punish the populace at government orders was a critical factor. No such actions in the USA are evident.
I don't recall mentioning a "defeat".
Otherwise you are perfectly correct in your assessment of the mind set necessary for a populace to withstand the highly armed and well equipped forces of the governing body. Yet, all said and done, those popguns are lethal weapons and can be used to make the minions of the masters mighty cautious; and even, at certain times, win one for the good guys.
I'm a former gun owner mainly because I was involved with the Black Panther-led Rainbow Coalition back in the day. It was life during wartime with shootouts and cold blooded government assassinations. I never had to use any of my guns and for that I am grateful.

I think guns gave us a false sense of security and eventually internal l power struggles aided, abetted and encouraged by the government through COINTELPRO had people shooting at each other. The guy whom I helped delivered Black Panther newspapers died that way.

I got out and and gave away all my guns, pledging to never touch another one of those damned things again. If a revolution breaks out in this country (unlikely), sign me up as a non-combatant. They'll be plenty to do without having to carry a gun.

Meanwhile I'm sticking with the Occupy Movement of mass civil disobedience, at least until a better social movement comes along to replace it. Hopefully we can turn this country around before it collapses and all hell breaks loose.
Linda, Linda, Linda! Hugs and kisses to you too!
I'm not encouraging gun ownership.... just recognizing that the right wing is correct that (sorry scanner) the constitutional bedrock of infringement prohibition is there and any infringement including gunlocks therefore outlawed from the gitgo.
Yes, the NRA will put up a fuss, but Nana note that I allowed for personal possession to be more liberal if arms are in the legitimate owners reach.
My aim is to protect children and others from their criminal use.
Strap-ons aren't just for dildoes anymore.
And sorry Jan and Myriad, but our current impasse needs circumvention here and a baby step in the direction of rapprochement of the two intransigent sides on this issue may not be perfect but is good.
Gun control advocates must drop their insane insistence that the flaw in the constitution doesn't mean what it says and allow gun nuts to relax enough to lower their weapons or children keep killing children.
Ultimately Sky's outline of Canada's protocols seem very reasonable to me.
But baby steps work ultimately.
Oh, and Jan; the current version of the second amendment doesn't merely etch in stone the constitutional right to own "pop guns", but "arms" as in weaponry suitable for "armies".
We have to start somewhere.
Thanks for the comments all, especially defenses the "gunnies" might throw up so reasonable accomodations can be anticipated.
Hi Fred! Popped in to welcome you back when I saw your name. Keep on working those baby steps into bigger ones.
I'll stay out of the gun debate because as a "pinko" Canadian, I'm sure people can guess what I have to say. I just wanted to say welcome back to OS and I hope that you are well on your way to recovery.
I lubs my guns!! I haven't been hunting in years and I miss it, a lot!! My days of hunting were more like take the guns out for a hike in the cold ass winter days of Montana and I never got to shoot a deer, but came close one time.

I like keeping the government afraid too, so, I'll keep my guns(all of them BBs and/or water!! But shhhh, don't tell them that and yes, that's probably the reason I never killed a deer!! Have you ever looked into the eyes of Bambi and said, YEP, GOING TO BLOW YOUR HEAD OFF NOW!! I cried!! :( Wept like a baby!!!)

And baby steps are awesome!! I'd miss you if you know, went to the Great Kitty Box in the Sky!! (I ain't ready yet, got lots more years in my paws!! Maybe....:D)

I also believe, the rich and poor and in between should be hunted down like rabid dogs cause humans just irk me!!! :D

Just kidding, I love humans(especially with a nice garlic sauce!! Politicians are kind of gamey in most states!! :D)

Again, so beyond awesome seeing your smiling face!! Come here!!!! ~huge hug~
You are back! Wishing you well buddy! Oh and good blog.