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Somyr Perry

Somyr Perry
San Diego, California,
March 28
I love champagne. Well, I love alcohol, in general. Especially when I'm having a bad hair day.


SEPTEMBER 12, 2010 3:56PM

7 Places in the House that Should be Cleaned Way More Often

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1. Electric toothbrush holders or chargers. How does all that nasty yellow-white crusty stuff get there? I swear I rinse my toothbrush after every use!

2. The detergent and fabric softener dispensers in the washing machine. Whether you use powder or liquid detergent it always glops up on the rim and sides. Gross.

3. The coffee maker. I don't use the coffee maker so by the time I pay attention to it, there's some nasty brown build-up going on.

4. The rim of the toilet where it bolts to the floor. We scrub that bowl a lot but forget about the dust, hair, cat litter, etc. that sits on those little ledges. Ew.

5. Lamp shade rims. Have you seen how many inches of dust that those things can hold?

6. The soap holder in the shower. Even if you don't use bar soap anymore those things still get slimey.

7. Baseboards. I swear, they are a pain in the ass to scrub but your house will look like a million bucks when you get the baseboards back to white.

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FIRST oh Somyr you made me throw up a little bit in my mouth. Especially the toilet rim thingie on the floor. Yesterday i cleaned my son's room I MEAN REALLY CLEANED IT. We are getting new carpet and I'm pretty repulsed by what I found, including at least eight prs of really yucky tennis shoes that don't fit him anymore. WHY did he keep them? Great list. R.
I subscribe to the view that the onslaught of new diseases and allergies is due to the recent trend toward overcleaning. In the past, our ancestors codified the healthgiving properties of dirt by proclaiming "Everyone needs to eat a peck of dirt in their day." And obviously, if you don't, your immune system will not get the exercise it needs and will become weak and slothful.

I am truly sorry to hear that another poor soul has fallen victim to the myth that having everything clean is a good thing.

Good enough IS good enough, and relaxation is close to godliness.
You forgot to mention the electrical cords to appliances like a Cuisinart, mixer, blender, etc. I'm fastidious about them. Nice to see you around!
I've solved the yucky toothbrush thing - my toothbrush is in a cute deer-head holder (the cute deer-head part is optional) instead of, as before, putting it in a glass where yuck accumulates, and I put a folded piece of paper towel beneath. It gets replaced periodically. Voila, no cleaning...

The other problems I haven't yet circumvented...
My baseboards are unpainted wood, so no, sorry, I'm NOT going to scrub the little blighters. =o)

I vacuum, I sweep, I mop, I wash the dishes and scrub my sink, bathtub and periodically the toilet. I dust and sweep down cobwebs and clean out the lint trap after I'm done drying my laundry. For anything more, sorry, either I'm moving out, or you're pointing a heavy duty shotgun at me. =o)

What Shiral said.

As for dusting lamp shades and the such? Hahahahahaha! Yeah, like THAT'S gonna happen!
Come to my house when you're done with yours. I'm still holding out for the self-cleaning house. My favorite thing for the bottom of a toilet? Clorox and a (dedicated for that purpose) toothbrush.

I'm funny about light switches and faucets, two places that frequently get overlooked.
Don't forget the remote. It gets handled lots and cleaned not lots. And the computer keyboard. And under the bed. I'm aware, if not fastidious.
The flusher handle. Many people don't think of that, but I just may be the grubbiest spot in the bathroom.

@David--I agree to some extent, but no one needs an abundance of dust bunnies or toothbrush crud. I think you have to balance this view with a basic standard that is comfortable for you.