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Somyr Perry

Somyr Perry
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March 28
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MAY 27, 2010 6:48PM

The Training Wheels Are Off

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I'm officially a mother of two. For the last two weeks I had a slew of family around to help with the laundry, the dishes, the dusting, baths for The Girl, and all the other tasks of daily life. I've been fortunate to be left to focus on my newborn.

Yesterday was my first day all by myself with two kids, one needing all my attention and one wanting all my attention. The training wheels are off. Family has gone home and husband has gone back to work. I'm a working gal myself, on a generous maternity leave, and after two whole days of The Girl at school and me and the baby home alone all day, I keep wondering: What the hell do stay-at-home moms do all day??

I thought I would be overwhelmed. But I'm surprisingly underwhelmed.

I can only clean the kitchen, dust, vacuum, wipe the bathroom, water the flowers, walk the dog and do laundry so many times before I'm bored out of my mind. I'm trying to come up with a list of things to do doing the days when it's just me and The Boy: Go shopping (yay!), take walks on the beach (need to lose a few pounds anyway), blog (it's about time), read, work on the kids' scrapbooks, have lunch with my best friends EJo and ANTM. This list will only last for so long, though. Got to make it through September ... any other suggestions?

I have a home improvement project in mind, too: remodel my guest bathroom. Problem is planning the money part; disability pay isn't anything to write home about.

I have been catching up on some interesting TV lately. The late '80s film "Alien Nation" was on today. I remember seeing it as a kid. It has some pretty famous actors: James Caan and Mandy Patinkin (who plays one of the aliens called "newcomers").


It was a good blast from the past. Now an Eddie Murphy movie called "Metro" is on. Eddie's pretty funny, except that I saw him on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" a couple days a ago and he doesn't come off as funny as he used to.

Clearly I'm watching too much TV.

So, now I'm brainstorming what to make for dinner tonight and one of the chefs on the Food Network made mushroom risotto. That sounds like a winner.

Ha! More TV. You know, we recently got one of those huge flat panel TVs, which is super fun to watch, but I understand they use a significant amount of energy. All this staying home is going to jack up my power bill. Need to expand that to-do list ASAP.

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Somyr, congratulations on this wonderful news of the birth of your son!!

Regarding: "I can only clean the kitchen, dust, vacuum, wipe the bathroom, water the flowers, walk the dog and do laundry so many times before I'm bored out of my mind."--there's always putting together a new post like you just did here!
lots of mommies like to hang out together eg at playgrounds etc maybe you can find one.
Designanator: thanks for the well-wishes. I'll definitely work on getting my blog going again. Thanks for reading.
vzn: Preciatcha reading! And thanks for the congrats.