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April 01
I unwittingly stole this dead,imaginary, crewman from Heller's novel, who will undoubtably fly me into a mountain soon enough. So it goes. Unlike Snowden, who spilled his guts while killing others, I am a lover of nature and art, I have been blogging OS since 2009. If Snowden gets me killed before Salon crashes and burns ....shot down by fools far older yet no smarter or wiser than a mosquito, this blog will be my only legacy. It is as raw as recent road kill, just the way the crows like it.


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NOVEMBER 17, 2011 1:56AM

Occupy 'merika: Get it?

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      Hey - we paid our rent - and that includes broadband. We good to go for a few more weeks in our bloomberg free zone. We sold everything - and so we might make even make it through the winter. We holding the ground!  yea!  With an oceanview! ...and a few fleas.

        Activism here continues at the usual snails pace. One voice, one post, one teachable moment at a time: What we were, what we were not, and what we are. Three topics we all need to discuss. I have been trained to believe that history is fluid not fixed. Fixing history is not the historians job; teasing out truth from  data, myth and legend  is.

       The past is contested - and can be a dangerous place to make noise in. This activist - a die hard Zinn fan, is a historian for one reason: I wanted to know how things got so screwed up when I was a kid.  One thing I learned that all activists need to know is that - now is bad, but the past has been worse, much worse.

          Anger is not activism - anger is a poison. Greed and Delusion are not useful components of   acitivism either. Activism, sustainable activism, is a practice, and a commitment to truth.  Managing ones own poisons is hard enough - impossible almost. But most of the worlds problems that are human born could be solved if we simply fixed our own brains. Slow activism -  involves lots of introspection. I get it wrong all the time, and have to remind myself that I have won a few over the decades.

           So Occupy 'merika goes on. Stringing teachable moments into change. One day at a time. First I listened to the idea that caused my introspection: if i could fix myself, and everyone fixed themselves - the world would heal itself. My anger subsided. I got a decent grip on greed and delusion, and then my life changed. I have not fixed myself - or the world, but I am not as broken as I was. And not as angry.

            I am rooting for justice, freedom and health care for all. I like to think we all are. Slow activism is pretty dull, but its the best I can do. I am here and I occupy 'merika, a place that came close to being free and just. I was there. I remember it - and the future looked good. Heh.



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Well, it's good to find your morale is cheerier today ;-). I'm delighted to meet a fellow "diehard Zinn fan"! Maybe a bunch of us should start up a shared "Whose Diehard Fan are You?" thread?

I want to thank you especially for this one sentence of yours: "Anger is not activism -- anger is a poison". Maybe the OWS-ers will start adding that to some of their signs? And maybe a few OS-ers could 'sign on' to or with it also? :-( ;-)

I'm in one of my increasingly frequent perverse time slots of what I euphemistically like to refer to as my "creative insomnia"; episodes I more and more these days address by coming to OS. This works "jes fine" for me and my morale but isn't that good for posting anything constructive but before trying to finish out a night's sleep I did want to tell you I've been more and more appreciating your work as I only begin to find it. Who knows, maybe your wife'll start reading your blogs again soon? Hope so!