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January 01
Snarky is my elusive muse. It is grasping for the unobtainable that causes anguish, and in the anguish and negative space, creativity can flourish.However, I am afraid that Snarky has given me very little to chase after lately....maybe...if I'm really lucky, he will send me a picture of his poison ivy.



SEPTEMBER 28, 2010 11:34AM

My First Visit to a Psychic Fair

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Last Saturday, my friend Wendy was volunteering at the A.R.E. Psychic Fair in New York City.  She was going to work from 12- 6 for the duration of two shifts of practitioners. I have never been to a psychic fair but have always wanted to, so how could I resist?

 The practitioners at this fair do it for free. The proceeds that are collected benefit the ARE Organization. I got there early so that I could get spots with the practitioners. I signed up for a psychic reading, Intuitive healing, an Ayurvedic massage (with oil), meetings with a palm reader, tarot card reader and a Feng Shui practitioner.  

 The private rooms were filled with the body workers and the auditorium was subdivided by rice paper screens for the others. While I was waiting, I could ease drop on a clairvoyant, Frank Antonetti as he did his thing. He really sounded great and I got to speak with him before I had my session with another psychic. Here is Frank Antonnetti's picture.


My meeting with a different psychic was interesting, although I don’t think he was good. I told him as much- in a nice way. However, many people do rave about him. The essence of our conversation went like this:

 “There is something about a job” said the Psychic

 “Yes” I said. (Well that is a safe bet in this economy and for a person in my age group)

 “ You will make a transition. You are going to help people.You will get a job in a bank and people will love you. You help people and give them advice about their finances”

 “I have always wanted to help people to find their purpose in life. ..Well I did used to work with Bankers ... but I don’t see my self working in finance” I said  “ I have math phobia and I do not balance my own check book.”

 “No That’s what I see. You will meet a man with the name that starts with D….maybe Dennis”

 “ I don’t want to meet a man with the name Dennis…I hate the name. How about my husband? What about my male friend and true love Snarky. A tarot card reader said that he will be my next in line? “ I pleaded. Oops I did not have my wedding ring on.

“Forget about this Snarky. Snarky is just snarky! Forget about him I see no future with Snarky.You will stay friends with your husband. No! You will meet a man named Dennis.” He said. “Do you have a brother?” He asked

 “No” I said

 “Yes you do! Is he dead? You have a dead brother that wants to give his love to your family.”  He said

 “Well I don’t have any brothers that I know of. I suppose it is always possible. I’ll have to ask mom” I said

The rest of the day was far less controversial, very healing and very interesting. I would need to post in segments to cover it all. I am still trying to convince my daughter to paint one wall red and figure out what two "mind" lines on my palm means.

As for the man with the D name…I am on the lookout.I have decided to keep an open mind. I have noticed that I already know a couple of cuties with D names but no Dennises.

ARE Bookstore Me In Bookstore ( I am very healed )One participant told me that A.R.E. in NYC is the largest spritual book store now that East West Books has closed.


Paul and Alice two volunteers.

Veronica Pent

 Gentle, positive, Veronica Figueroa teaches people to develop their psychic potential. She had just come back from giving a workshop at the Pagan Pride Festaval. I asked her to hold up what she had bought.

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I love it, sounds like you had fun. I went to one once and enjoyed the people and the energy.
rated for fun
RP- the energy was great. Some of the participants had angry energy but Wendy and I figured that it was good that they were get healed.
Needless to say, they must have known you would be attending ;)
Black Jack- How funny. But young children do remember more. My son used to say that he played football and base ball and had a baby and his wife left him because she was scared of him. I asked him what he did then and he said played ball. He was 21/2 years old...he doesn't remember any of it. He used to love balls and now won't play anything unless pushed.
OOOOH Black Jack your name starts with D.
The committee requests evidence that "snarky" (obviously a nickame of some sort) might not actually be named dennis or some other "d" derivative name.
You never what the fates have in store for you. Keep an open mind.
Sarah- You are right.

Blogreview- Snarky has a non-D name...I think...unless...well I told you that this psychic was bad, The tarot card reader told me two years ago that Snarky was my next in line...unfortunately she also changed her mind. In any event I have my sights set for Snarky and no one else will do for my next in line. He is my pot bellied dreamboat.
Kateasly- I think we all have intuition that can be tapped from some other place. I do keep an open mind. Some of the other practitioners were very helpful...Feng Shui is seriously considered in China and Hong Kong and she had very good logical things to advise. My ayrvedic massage was great. The palm reader was right about things. It will be a lot to digest in the next few months.
What???!!!??? East West Books closed? I hadn't heard. What a shame.

I don't like the dennis name either.
It must be you lucky day. I, being a physic, have a feeling you have a dark and sexy side to you. You will find your true love, not Dennis, but it starts with an S. Am I good or what?
David- Yes I was surprised as well. But I found some very good books at this one.

Scanner. Hmmmm. Yes I do but could be Snarky or Scanner.
Oh no not Dennis the Menace. Just what you need!
Christine- That's what I think when I hear that name. Poor Denises all over. I am sure Snarkys name is really like Denis just with different letters. The psychic must have heard them garbled from the other side. At least my husband knows that I have serious otherworldy back up if he trades me in.
ms snarkychaser ... somehow i knew that while i was lying by the cool, spring-fed stream with ms molly in maryland that you would be a psychic event ... but it was just a feeling ... ldh
Beta- I still have not determined your identity 1)57 years old 2) reads tom Friedman in the bathroom.3).would rather exert than read the latest book 4)does not capitalize i (s)...5) Reads SI probably not in the bathroom for the swim suit issue 6) wants to go shopping with me. I suggest you read Black Boots latest post about shoes...see if you like shoe shopping.7) Is your name really Dennis?
ms s-chaser ... nah! ... d for "Davis" (southern boys were often middle- named "Lee", "Jackson", "Stuart" or Davis) ... in 2011 it will have been 150 years since the commencement of the ... "Late Unpleasantness". p.s. don't tell anyone i like to shop with ladies ... ldh (lew)
oh, and ... NYC is such a hip, cool place ... is it called a Psy-Chic Fair up there ? i ask because i went to Psycho-the-rapist ... lew
Beta- Oh no a good ol boy!
No mention of me? :-0
rated...sounds pretty cool.
Razzle- Check out the link on my links. I fate. You can pull a card on that question...or a love I ching.
I mean really if he says you have a brother , you have a brother... Nothing worse than a bad psychic. funny.r
Intuitive as I am, I do hope you hang on to your healthy skepticism while on the lookout for Dennis.