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SEPTEMBER 11, 2012 9:31PM

The Doctor Is(n't) In....

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The doctor says "Up yers! We ain't gonna fix OS so just freakin' LIVE WITH IT!"


Nope. Not gonna fix OS. CAN'T fix OS. Got no money to fix OS.

Take twelve aspirins. Now bend waaaaay over, and Kiss yer OS good-bye.

(cut to the chase)

OS is fucked because they ain't gonna spend the money to fix it. And they CERTAINLY ain't gonna pay any attention to any suggestions from the suckers whose writing has made OS the best site on the interwebs - FOR FREE! - Who allowed OS to arbitrarily put ads on their personal blogs and have offered much help. 

"Suck, suckers! Suck! we don't have to listen to you and we won't! So there!......."

It is to weep.....L


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Yeah that sums it up
We're all in an abusive relationship here. OS problems drive us insane, Jake (or whomever) says the fix is in progress, we smile, or sigh appreciatively and say OK thanks so much, and then it fucks up again. And the cycle repeats, endlessly.
yah,but,on the plus side,after e-body leaves,i can get on the cover cause i'll be the ONLY left here.....
The only doctor that's in around here is Kevorkian.
I'm hoping that Jacob responds to some of the suggestions made on his blog. While it's a wan hope and things don't look good, I'm still reluctant to throw in the towel.
And I love the Christian Mingle Dot Com ad on your page right now. "Find God's match for you (registered trademark)" - that's something, right?
OS has the best writers on the web: damn right it does, and nowhere else comes even close. I hope those in charge know that. R
I'm a doctor...OF CHOCOLATE CAKE!! :D


I'm getting an ad to use Tylenol Responsibly!!
@ Cranky Cuss -- heheh!
Welcome to un-sanity!

Yeah, we're such pussies.....

Whatever they need if it costs more than a latte..... forget it!

Wanna borrow my hanky?
Wait! It's wet already.....

But, if you're the only one left here you'll be the only one reading you "on the cover."

Nah, Kevorkian (a hero of mine) would have made it simple and painless. We wouldn't be experiencing this long, drawn-out, miserable, death by inches, lying in our own poo kind of end.

Don't do that!! They'll soon start selling towels!

Waaaaaay back when I first came to OS (under another name), they didn't have advertising on blogs. When they informed us that they'd be doing this - no discussion WITH us, of course - I objected strenuously to the idea. My main objection was that we could end up with ads on our blogs that express ideas we find objectionable or offensive. This is a prime example of that.

Had this site been managed right the whole freakin' world would know that. And if they'd pulled writers from here based on ability instead of how brown their noses were, even Big Salon would have prospered much more than it has.

You'd better talk to Freaky Troll about that!

Tylenol makes me sick - literally - I'm allergic to it!

Heheh, indeed!

I'm thinking you hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head...again.
Some "nails" are pretty easy to hit!

Where's the money in fixing OS ?
This is just a play ground and not a money producer.

"Press send FRed(tm) then play the video Boy."
skypixiezero, in case you didn't hear, no writers are paid anywhere. For anything. Writing is not a profession, it is a hobby. And like any hobby, there will always be people trying to sell you crap you don't need. So what's the big problem?