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Freedom of Speech Doesn't Ensure Freedom After Speech
MARCH 11, 2012 10:12AM

My 10 Lessons of Life - What Are Yours?

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1-  People are equally human, not equal.

2-  Propinquity and Murphy’s Law always combine to produce disaster.

3-  More crimes are committed in the name of obedience than rebellion.

4-  Those who would help you to be warm by setting you on fire are not your friends.

5-  When atrocities become legal, legality becomes an atrocity.

6-  Learn to distinguish between wisdom and luck for only one is earned.

7-  Those who want power over others are unfit to have it.

8-  That which is legal is often illegitimate; that which is legitimate often illegal.

9-  Allowing another to have power over you guarantees that he will abuse that power.

    10- That which is not also good for others is not good for you.


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Good points Pixieo
Good list. I'll have to think. I don't have pithy sayings, though.
1. Expect nothing and you will never be disappointed.
2. Smiling is a cheap face lift.
3. Never blame yourself deeply.
4. Read as much as you can because that is where knowledge lives.
5. Be an appreciator of both big and little things..
6. Try to lighten the loads of others.
7. There is always room for improvement.
8. Waste is wrong.
9. Don't be afraid to change your mind.
10. Help yourself.
good list.

1. I'm always learning.
2. I know a lot now.
3. I forget lessons learned.
4. people are better than they know.
5. they're worse than you could ever imagine.
6. keep your eyes open.
7. life is contradictions.
8. children are forever hungry and need to be fed.
9. dogs and horses are better than people. BETTER. really. cats might be too. but I don't know. they could be like us.
10. always buckle your seatbelt.
11. expect the unexpected.
12. pay your bills.
I have learned only one solid lesson so far which is that to give up is not sin, but to say you love life and yet stay neutral is the sin.

Some of what you say here sounds like maxims.
Some of what you say here are frightening.
Some of what you say here directly answers Libby's stand, not as in they corroborate but as in, they warn against losing sight of the real wrongs.
About giving up, I meant that I may at some point choose to give up, but not bec am apathetic but bec that is also a step in the war, when you step back and reorient. But you do not ever give in or let yourself fall in with, if you are sure of what it is against which you fight.
Thanks bobbot!

Well that's three........

Good ones!!

You went over.
There is a 39¢ fee for each overage. I'll send you it in the morning.

Knowing what it is that you fight AGAINST is worthless if you don't also know that which you fight FOR!!!

You had me nodding a lot.

1. Never eat prunes when you're famished.
1a. Apply that logic to nearly everything.
Loved all of yours. But this once was too true for words," More crimes are committed in the name of obedience than rebellion."
I would add, " There is no knowledge. There is only assumption based on redundancy and vague suspicions."
There's a story behind that one... I'll be posting it in a few months.
Another lesson learned, "Hope for the best, expect the worst!" - Mel Brooks from "The Twelve Chairs."
Strong lessons, Skypixie.

Mine are more prosaic:

1. Listening is often best done not with the ears but with the heart.

2. It costs nothing to be kind.

3. Patience is not always a virtue.

4. To declare your love is an act of incredible bravery.

5. Sometimes the act of letting go is a show of strength.

6. Stupid things you do will come back and bite you on the bum.

7. When in doubt, don't.

8. Life is too short to drink bad wine, spend significant time with people you don't love,
or keep up with the Kardashians.

9. Saying “no” will not cause the earth to stop rotating on its axis.

10. Smart guys are sexy.
ooops sorry, "if you are sure of what it is against which you fight." this is to be read as "if you are sure of what it is for which you fight". was that a subconscious slip or what??? am sure that's what I said in my mind! Thanks, Sky.
1. Karma is a bitch but sometimes she is slow to deliver.

2. Expect more from yourself than you expect from others.

3. People will disappoint, learn how to forgive.
disclaimer: Forgiving doesn't equate to forgetting.

4. Let God fight at least some of your battles.

5. When you stress about the small stupid stuff the big shit bits you in the ass.

6. LOVE trumps hate

7. Fight the good fight, never reduce yourself to dirty fighting and yes, know what your fighting for!

8. Talking to strangers won't kill you but getting in their car might.

9. God gave you one mouth and 2 ears so you can listen twice as much as you talk.

10. whew... and to paraphrase one of my dead dad's favs: Never let anyone tell you what you can or can't achieve in life. Follow your gut but make sure your brain is on board.
Sky, yours are great. Mine aren't so profound but they're not bad.

1. Don't confuse drama with passion.
2. Be the one to speak up, but don't be surprised if no one speaks up with you.
3. Look out for the people who work for you.
4. It's true, no kindness is too small.
5. No one should tell you what to do on your birthday -- always take that day off work.
6. Buy yourself flowers. Never wait for someone else to do it.
7. Sometimes asking for strength is a true sign of bravery and wisdom.
8. Rid yourself of toxic relationships, not matter how painful that may be.
9. Tell dirty jokes as long as they're not hurtful.
10. Sometimes it IS just dumb luck and not anything brilliant or smart. Learn to know the difference (see Sky's #6 above).
you can not just "blindly trust" anyone, you have to see that the trust is deserved

people often see what they want to see
denial is very bad
I was hypnotized by the graphic! I thought I would never get up from my chair again! Now that I have come to my senses:

1. You can't change people.
2. Ciminals usually look like the rest of us.
3. Most of the time, people just want to be heard.
4. Judge not, as it is not your job -- and pisses me off.
5. Never pay retail.
6. Take the time to become well versed in personal finance.
7. Pretend you know what you are doing until you do.
8. Take time to be still.
9. Work on achieving your dreams even if you spend merely a few moments at a time.
10. Love like you would like to be loved.
I love this.
a quick list:

Do what you say and say what you do
Like what you get
Stand for something
Travel light
Pay attention
There is always one more time
Look people in the eye
Volunteer for something
Wealth has nothing to do with money
Honor the past, but live in the present

I love yours but also all those that popped up after yours.
Aye... yes sir, or meow
I have one that encompasses it all. Believe nothing you hear, half of what you see and when you get tired, sit the hell down, no matter who tells you different.
Your graphic was excellent. Your points are taken to heart. But, in the words of Dr. Driftwood's ABJECTISM:

Ideas are the means by which we misinterpret reality.
Corollary IA
Given a chance, people will make the wrong choice.

I think, therefore I am miserable.
Corollary IIA
Every solution is the next problem

All personal information is eventually used against you.




"Hope for the best, expect the worst!" has been around a heck of a lot longer than Mel Brooks has!!
I do enjoy these thinking arcs! Nothing new or profound about mine ~ just hard-earned experience and a helluva lot of practice!!

1. We teach people how to treat us.
2. Worrying about it won't change it.
3. One cannot sit in a closet and pray for a hot dog; action is required.
4. We need to use our judgement but not to judge.
5. The only thing one gains by being "right" is the right to be right.
6. No one was made in my image and likeness; allow people to be who they are as they are.
7. Dear (insert your name here), I will not be needing your help today. Thanks. Love, God
8. Just because we don't agree doesn't make me wrong and you right or you wrong and me right.
9. The longest distance between two points is the distance between the head and the heart.
10. Life is short ~ eat cake.

I can add nothing but applause for the truths contained in your list (esp. #6), and the wonderful additions that followed!
Yours are excellent! I specially like #4

some good, some bad, some just silly!

Re your #10 and my #6
One of life's ironies is that sometimes you get by pure luck that for which you busted your butt for years and never got.

Your first one is perfect!
2nd - I think People ALWAYS see what they want to see
3rd - Untruth should ALWAYS be "denied".

Good ones!!

LL 2,
Thankee muchly. Some of them are really great!

Tr ig,
That's three, you only need seven more!

I presume that means what you said too.... ;-)

Absolutely! But until we each have our own world on which to reside......
Oops! Missed a couple.

Very nice indeed!

Thanks and much of the lists contributed by others are just amazing!

I got back anything I might have given, twentyfold!!
Chocolate should be free.
Wow! It took you a while but then you came up with our only 10 in 1 perfect list!!
No one mentioned wearing clean underwear in case you're in a crash.
True, but then if the crash is so serious that your undies will be seen, I've no doubt that you'll have made a very recent contribution to their condition.....;-)
Ah Gary,
What a fine example you are of what happens to how people view each other when born and raised in a greed-based socio/economic system. You just automatically assume that any other person is more likely to be a potential enemy than a possible friend.

Do you too look at others the way a cat looks at a mouse?
Okay - here goes.

1. You can have the power of love or the love of power, choose carefully.

2. No one here gets out alive, just get over it.

3. If you're digging your horn's sound more than the other guys' sound, you are out of tune and you are sucking, play softer and listen.

4. The day you become resolute is the day you stop learning.

5. Common sense is not common.

6. Avoid any conflict where you can't win anything of value.

7. Giving rational advice to an irrational person is not rational.

8. That cliched glass is half-empty, and it's probably dirty.

9. The surgeon may save your life but he is not your friend.

10. The morality of work is the morality of slaves (Aristotle). Work is a means, not an end.
Fantastic. My favorite is #9.
My addition to the list: "Don't be an observer of your own life"
Everyone who is in love with Obamacare should memorize point 9. They should also remember that, when they want to tell others how to live - for their health and to save them - the left - money, sooner or later someone on the right will do the same.
Loved the post and loved all the comments. Wish I could contribute some but am on my third glass of wine and nothing comes to mind. How about this: Don't mix drinking with writing your life lessons. R
Re #9: which came first, the chicken or the egg? How about we all quit trying to control each other if, as BJ suggests, we're only doing it because "they did it first." Sheesh.
another steve,
I'd suggest, as I have to others before this, that one answer to that old half glass adage is: "You're using the wrong size glass!" The right sized glass is always full. i.e. if you match your ambition to your ability and opportunities, you can't go very far wrong.

Another great one!

I'm disappointed at your political oriented comment. This isn't about "left" or "right" wing politics. Both damned "wings" need to be clipped big time. This is not the right forum for that though.

Or if you do; don't post the results until you've sobered up!

Actually the egg came first...... (it's true!)
But politics comes before either for some folks......
I've read all the lists in the Comments but I like the one in the post best.
@another steve s and Gerald:

Work is the curse of the drinking class.
1...Don't pee on the electric fence
2...When you start waddling, it might be time to eat less healthy food!
3... Baseball!
4... Random acts of fun
5... Don't answer the phone, nobody wants to talk to you.
6... There is only pain
7... Sometimes the mail brings you candy!
8... Pool party!
9... Sex?
10... Eat dessert first, life's too short for icky veggies!!!
For most of my life I've been all of those except balding. I was in my mid 40s before I got lucky enough to "hit" financially.

You said, "".........and lets face it, the way people treat others is based on what they think the other person can do for them, and how much of a competitive threat that person is.""

You REALLY need to get out of the US for a few years. I so often see Americans assuming that "the way things are in the US is the way they are everywhere." Definitely NOT SO!

Those who are prospering under this system of greed capitalism have gone to great lengths to inculcate that idea among the population they prey on. They even go so far as to indicate that it is "human nature" to be that aggressively competitive. Bullshit! Yes we have an element of competitiveness in us and yes it is strong. BUT not to the degree that it exists in the US. There is no reason to compete for every crust of bread. We can easily assure that the population has its reasonable wants and needs met by co-operative means BEFORE we begin to compete for the extra goodies.

Also, getting away from the financial side, you and I have interacted before this. You know perfectly well that people can offer a helping suggestion without seeking a way to "profit" by it. It may not happen much in your country but it happens in mine! And we Canucks are still waaaay behind most other nations in having this attitude - just not as far behind as the US is.

Open your eyes, my friend, it's a BIG world out there and your nation is not considered much of an example of how people ought to treat each other in this life. It could have been much different but y'all got hijacked by some truly greedy bastards who have rigged both the financial game AND the social attitudes, in their favour.
No, Phyllis, I guess I am not being clear - if you give power over your medical care and health to others, they will USE that power. Both sides will use that power. On the left they will try to tax and regulate what we eat, drink, smoke, etc., and on the right they will refuse to pay for abortion of birth control.

MY POINT is that if we all pay for ourselves, no one is able to say, "I PAY FOR WHAT YOU DO - so DO THIS" like nagging parents or, for the most part, the left.

If you can't get this, fine. But remember, the desire to control what you do with your body will come round to annoy you as well.

So, stay out of my life and, trust me, I'll not go near yours.
Sorry Sky, I didn't realize that commenting on point 9 in a political vein was out of order. I'll butt out, but I don't get what is so annoying.
No problem. Your comment makes a specific point. I just do not want, on this particular blog, a general proselytizing of left vs right political philosophies to take over. This blog has a different intent - a personal intent, rather than a political orientation.

It was my hope that people would express some of the things that they've learned in life that are important to them in a personal sense. I do not think that such learning is exclusive to any one political philosophy.
Okay, got it. Thanks for the blog.
My new OS name choice would be "Always Tuning In Late". [? ATIL?].

Sorry not to have found this thread when originally posted! Much enjoyed it -- as well as (as always) -- appreciative of the seriousness embodied in such a cheerful chat style.

Thanks, Sky, for a nifty post and all comment-ers for your equally nifty comments!


ATIL ;-)
#1 - Don't talk to the police-especially if you are innocent.
#10. Unless it's your dessert. r